Wednesday, December 17, 2014


In line with keeping it low-key and laid back and all that jazz this year, here is a little slice of my life today in the run-up to Christmas this year.  If you don't really care, just look at the pictures and move on.  This is typical of our everyday tables this time of year.

Dishes and mugs - PB, chargers and candleholders - Ikea, napkin rings - Pier 1, table linens - Home Goods, flatware -- Tuesday Morning.

I have been mixing up batches of cookie dough off and on, and then baking them off later at my leisure.  This was one of those days when it was overcast and quite chilly.  While Sweet Husband was cleaning up the front gardens and laying out fresh pine straw, the house was smelling sweet with the aromas of Christmas cookies in the oven.  I still have one batch to bake off, and I am looking for ingredients to do two other kinds before I call it quits.  

I am thinking about making a little booklet of my holiday faves to share with you.  Of course, I think about a lot of things, so who knows if this will ever come to pass.

My game plan is to give some of my neighbors a tin with a nice cookie variety this year.  I do this some years, but didn't get much done last year, except a smallish tin over to some new folks who had just moved in a couple of days before Christmas.  (They said their boy home from college ate them all and no one else got any!)  We have gotten to know them, and they are a delightful family from Philly.  It must be fun to call your home town something like "Philly" -- maybe we could say we are from "Hammy" or something.  Actually, some do refer to Birmingham as "The Ham" -- but I digress.

Sweet Husband just discovered someone hacked his credit card -- not good.  I have done most of my shopping online this year, as I do not like crowds.  However, you do open yourself up to attacks every time you do it, I suppose. 

Yesterday, I made a chicken pot pie -- so easy and so good -- while I also baked off some of the cookies.  Thank heavens for two ovens, even if they are crappy electric ones.  We have been having some discussions here on the homefront about making some change$ in the kitchen.  I want a biga$$ gas range and a biga$$ counter-depth French-door fridge. Go big or go home, I always say.

I also want to remove all these cabinets, all the granite, and the tile floor I have to whitewash every six months.  I am thinking cork.  Something easy on the legs and back.  Any one have cork floors?  How do you like it?  The cabinets would get installed in the garage for a lot of storage there, and I would use mostly furniture in the kitchen, not acres of builtins.  I like an unfitted kitchen, and I have always wanted one.

So, how are you doing at your house on this home-stretch to Christmas?  If you don't do Christmas, well then, Happy Chanukah!  I think presents every night for eight days sounds like a swell idea!   

P.S.  Thanks be to God (and everyone else involved) for the release of Alan Gross from a Cuban jail today!  

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Sunday, December 14, 2014


Now that we have had a little intermission, we can continue this little three-act farce to it's logical conclusion.  What exactly is a farce you ask?

  Definition of Farce: 

 "a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.

  •  This sounds a lot like the state of blogging today, doesn't it?  While you ruminate on this astute observation, carry on.  My "Divine Holiday Home Tour" continues.  

ACT THREE, scene one

Setting:  the kitchen and back porch

Cue the music.  

��We got a reindeer thang goin' on...��

This little shelf/prop works as a pseudo-mantel where we can hang the stockings.
Just two this year.
Reindeer motif, natch.

Nordic reindeer guard the sink while a wreath from PB's clearance last year rests on the lantern.

Little red birdhouse found in Santa Fe a couple of years ago

Even the dishtowels sport reindeer!

As does the ribbon...

What good are reindeer without a snow person?

Of course, all that snow means we need hot tea and some goodies.

Ikea continues the Nordic look on our table...
And moving onto the back porch -- 
We'll see more of some little crafty doings next time.
Here, old bottles with interesting shapes got some metallic spray paint and some fun little greetings.
"Wait, we're not reindeer -- how did we get in this scene?!"

"No, but we're cute!"

"We were rescued by this nice lady at an estate sale."

"She also rescued the placemats from another sale -- $1 for all four."
The wall basket got some copper spray.

~~~~~End of scene~~~~~

ACT THREE, scene two

the setting:  the entrance foyer/hall

Things are Wintry in here, too.  
More reindeer and snow -- rustic little fellows here on the shelf.  Not the elf.

'Girly Santa' is keeping an eye out for any shenanigans.

The larger blue and white pieces stayed here under the shelf, and the footbath got a little tree.

On the hall tree, one of two wreaths I snagged at HobLob last year on clearance.

Aren't you impressed?  I have hit the high spots just like I said I would.  (There seem to be more of them than I realized, though.)

~~~~End of scene~~~~~

ACT THREE, scene three

the setting:  the living room 

"Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker!"
The bar.

Gold is all the rage again, after a decade in the closet.  This is the first time I have used it to decorate for Christmas in absolutely eons, dahlink.

My iPhone makes better photos than my camera!  Who knew?

This large pinecone tree/topiary thing was my big purchase this year from Pier 1 -- using a coupon and free shipping.  I tried to make one, but it was a lost cause.

The small hall between the powder room and LR got some glitzy magnolias in a basket I found in Franklin, TN a few years ago.  

The wine table, recently relocated from the DR.  These are the old Speigel lamps I redid in gold.


     ��cut to the dining room��  

The wreath on the window is the other one from HobLob last year.  

This round tray propped in back?
An early Christmas present!
I found these icy wreaths last year, but I forget where.

 Rustic candle holder was another Santa Fe find.

More Christmas presents --   silver tray and pair of candlesticks.  We hit a couple of great estate sales a few weeks ago, and I announced that this is what I wanted for Christmas because I already have my two front teeth.  I love silver!  I don't even mind polishing it.  The silvery beaded cones were found in Santa Fe year before last.

~~~~End of scene~~~~


All's well that ends well.  (Wait, is it plagiarism that I said that?  Sorry Will.) The house is as decorated as it is going to get (nothing Christmasy in the bedrooms, but I did put out some holiday candles in the den upstairs), the presents are bought but not wrapped, the packages are sent to those far away, visits have been made to the elderly and shut in, and the cards went out last week.   It is time to sit back and just enjoy Christmas.  All the best to you and yours.  I hope this one is meaningful and the best one you ever had!


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