Friday, April 18, 2014


From me to you...
a virtual Easter Basket, and it won't even make you fat!

A photo I took recently -- the old iron nail was found in a board that washed up on a beach many years ago.  It is thought to be from an old ship which sank very, very long ago.

I don't know who to credit -- this is downtown Birmingham in 1915, I think the caption said.

I made this salad with pears and bacon and candied pecans which Jenna at The Painted Apron published on her blog last week.  I made a spinach quiche to go with.

The viburnum (or snowball as we call it down South) is blooming full blast.

I found this fun shot of Bill and Hilary Clinton when they were in law school.  Cute, huh?
And now they will be grandparents.
Lucky creatures...

The glamourous Tallulah Bankhead, an Alabama beauty of long ago.
Was there ever a more fabulous face?  

A glorious painting of a flamenco dancer, but I don't know who painted it.
I wish I did -- I love it!

A room that makes me smile every time I see it.  From the archives of BHG, I think.
I like it so much it is my current screen saver.

So, while I have no Easter bunnies or chocolate eggs to give you on this Good Friday, I hope this little Easter basket of goodies at least made you smile!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Today was gorgeous!  Always loverly to see the sunshine, isn't it?  I thought you might like to see my Lady Banks as seen through the WC window -- isn't it gorgeous?  Almost in full bloom, it was planted a couple of years ago.  This past Fall we planted some more on the back of the pergola. 

We have finished tweaking the bath -- Sweet Husband caulked all around the perimeter tiles of the room, and I lengthened the shower curtain by adding 18" to each panel. I couldn't find a third one like the first two, but I did find another by Cynthia Rowley at HG which has the same colors in a complimentary design.  I think it works, and I have a piece left to do some other project.  

A little bitty tip from me to you:  if you are hanging your curtains  with any kind of hook, set the first one back on the return bracket (behind the finial), and the next one on the front in between the bracket and finial.  Do this on both ends.  

This creates a professional "return" on each side, with no gap between the curtain and the wall.  To get this full look, use two shower curtains, or in my case three, because I have hung mine higher than intended and needed that third to lengthen them.  Even very cheapo curtains (or sheets or tablecloths) can look great if they are nice and full and installed correctly. There is a bit of decorator wisdom that says if budget is an issue it is better to use an inferior fabric where you need a lot and make it super full and lush, and then spend your precious $$$ on fancy fabric for small items like pillows or other accents.  I did a project for a client once where we bought about three yards of a very expensive Scalamandré fabric and used it for the "face" of the pillows for her LR.  We put a lesser fabric on the back, and still got that luxe look we were after.  Just another little tip from me to you.  

I am liking the necklace knobs -- this is a very scientific, scholarly term, you know!

I couldn't resist one last shot of the sunshine hitting my bedroom today.  I like it a lot, although I still need to paint the nightstands and armoire.  On the project list for this summer is a waterfall bedspread and shams out of a fabric that is probably vintage by now because I have had it so long -- stay tuned.     
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Spring bedding out of storage
(this has nothing to do with this story)

To begin this epic tale, let me begin by saying that many people have had a far worse mess than we did to contend with after the flooding in the last couple of days.  Ours was NOTHING in comparison.  

All the heavy rain did precipitate (no pun intended  -- well yeah, maybe there was a little pun intended) something new here at little old Scribbler's Cottage.  That something?  A new sump pump.  I wish I could tell you we got something fancy and glamourous  for the house at another estate sale, but that is not the case.  

In May each year, although somehow the company has moved it up a month, we have to have a termite inspection.  This house has had a troublesome history of water underneath, and we have fought it tooth and nail, thinking it was under control.  Termite-wise, it is.  

About a year ago, the old sump pump quit.  Sweet Husband, who likes to pretend a problem doesn't exist till it beats him over the head and bites him in the gonads, just ignored it, in spite of the fact that sometime last year when we were gone, some of our neighbors' basements  got seriously flooded.  We didn't know anything about it till way after the fact.  

When the sump pump conked out, it made a dreadful noise right under our bedroom much like a dying cow, and so he crawled under the house and unplugged it. Problem solved.  (To his way of thinking, that is -- out of earshot, out of mind.)

Au contraire, mon frère, the problem was still there.  Just there more quietly.  When the man came recently to give me the bad news about the exorbitant cost of moving the washer and dryer to the garage, he asked did we know that we had water under the house.  This, in spite of a Herculean effort to ventilate, etc.
Little knobby thing hung up in bath

see previous post

Then, when we woke up yesterday to messages from neighbors begging for fans, (we had some and loaned them), Sweet Husband decided to take a look.  He came back to report that there was indeed some water under the house.  I painted dire mental pictures for him of black mold, fertile breeding grounds for not only termites, but roaches, mosquitos and rodents. Then I did as he asked with wide-eyed horror:  I found him a highly rated plumber on Angie's List.   Bottom line:  we now have a new sump pump, and there is more rain in the forecast.

New door here...
...for nighttime privacy.

So, all these lovely photos have nothing whatsoever to do with a blooming sump pump, and everything to do with a bit of Spring-time life here in Alabama.  Maybe you could also think "peace of mind." 

Notice the pollen everywhere -- Claritan season is here. 

Has the pollen done a number on your area, too?

observe the yellow glass tabletops

The out-takes...

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