Wednesday, October 22, 2014

THE CURIO IS FINISHED (and loaded to the gills)

All done -- finally!

I painted the curio I got from my cousin's estate --
I used ASCP --
2 parts Pure White to 1 part Emile.
(two coats)

The painting process was quite a sight.
I practically had to crawl in to get to all those little areas inside.
Very tedious.

I accented the hardware with Warm Silver from Modern Masters Metallics which you have seen me use before.

I then made a wash of the Warm Silver and used that all over, then went back and dry brushed some of the high spots with it.  I lightly outlined some of the curves with a small art brush.

The clean up on the glass was easy with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and Windex.
I waxed the curio lightly with Clear Wax.

Here the glass is back in place.

And here the silver is loaded in.

I polished silver all afternoon today --
then I arranged it in the cabinet.
I was really shocked that the square footage held far less than I thought it would!

Well, most of it fit.
And it is VERY HARD to photograph.

I am very happy to have this curio cabinet from my late cousin's estate.  Now I have made it mine, and it works very well in my little dining room.

One last look at how it looked before:

I can't leave you without mentioning this elegant man who loved to dress women beautifully -- the late Oscar de la Renta.
A class act.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Last time we visited I was in a fine snit.  Nothing around here was going to suit me, nothing at all, but I lost myself in a creative project so now all is (mostly) right in my world. (If only I could knock out that front wall and make the DR a few feet bigger...)

We switched the table for this one

I have now draped the dining room table in, first, a king size white quilt for heft, and then topped it off with the same silk as the curtains.  I had two lengths left so I sewed them together to get full coverage for the table.  On each end it does not come all the way to the floor, but it is OK for now.  Never fear, no one will get the chance to spill gravy on it.

Joni Webb, Cote de Texas Pinterest
I was inspired to do this drapey-thing by Joni Webb of the Cote de Texas blog.  In her own dining room above, she has her table draped with beautiful silk.  Of course, hers is finished  to a perfect fit and beautifully bound off on the bottom -- but hey, I got the look, and anyway I want a new table.  This is temporary!

The light is making this look blue -- the fabric is the same as the curtains.  

I have been painting the little curio cabinet I bought from my cousin's estate.  I custom mixed the color to blend with what is already here in the room, but you will have to wait and see what that color is.  You know I like to mess with you!

Meantime, there is another event to look forward to -- The Chapel Market in Pike Road, Alabama.  This show and sale is the brainchild of Layla at The Lettered Cottage, and this is the second year.  Last year was a rousing success by all accounts, but I couldn't go because I couldn't walk well enough.  Since I have a new knee, I am able to walk very well, and I am looking forward to covering it all

You shouldn't be surprised if I come home with something wonderful!

Will I see you there?  It's next Saturday, the 25th.  Some of your favorite bloggers and antiques purveyors will be there.

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Friday, October 17, 2014


I want I want I want it!
This French draw-leaf table!
My house is driving me crazy.  It has ever since we bought it.  I didn't want it in the first place, but it was close to Sweet Husband's work.  (He has since retired.)  I gave him three years.  That is all, I said, and then I am moving on, with you or without you, I am moving on.  Then Shrub and his henchmen effed up the economy, and we were stuck.  So, I said stoically after I moped a couple of years, I will bloom where I am planted, and make the best of this Plain Jane little house I don't like till I can get out of here.  I have now made all sorts of improvements and accommodations, and some of those I like.    

for example, the porch

However ...
This place has no big closets and little other storage.  I have had to conscript the garage for a studio/storage, and I have stuffed everything I was determined to keep SOMEWHERE.  We have given away all kinds of stuff, and never had a garage sale here.  We have donated a ton of crap.  No more sales for me.  (Our last sale at our previous house was a little scary.  Three illegal immigrant types kept hanging around till there was no one else there.  They were there for over two hours, handling everything, jabbering away in a language I do not understand, cutting their eyes in our direction.  Very unnerving.  I locked up the cash in the house and stuck a pistol in my belt. I made sure they saw it.

But I digress.)   

Our dining room is kind of dinky. If you are Southern, you know that "dinky" means ridiculously small.  I have to have lots of storage in there.  If it was just the table and chairs, I suppose there would be room. 

However, I am Southern, after all, and there is crystal, silver, boo-koo sets of china, a thousand napkin rings and candles, and lots of other "stuff."  It has reached the point of having no room for people.  My dining room table that I love is posted on this blog for sale, but I really needed to get a move on.  The holidays are coming, people!  Doesn't someone need this table?

We have looked around, and I found one table I am just crazy about. I also found a couple of others I could make do with if the Apocalypse was upon us.  

However, the hubs does not want me to buy another table till I sell the one I have.  In the garage, I still had my ancient one, the one I painted with ASCP Emperor's Silk, that I have been using for a work table in the art space.   

In the upstairs littlest bedroom, I have my old kitchen table painted black that I use for a cutting table for my sewing.  There is a glass top table under the pergola and another one on the screen porch.  And -- a two-top in the kitchen.  So I could feed the multitudes if I had to.  But I have been so bummed about the state of the crowded DR with the holidays coming. I walk by and I curse it.

Then I brought home that little curio cabinet from my late cousin's house a couple of days ago.  I have been airing it out, because weird as it sounds, the  inside smells like their house, and that made me sad.  So -- I have not begun to paint it yet. I was planning on pale green, replicating the finish on these antique Italian chairs I saw in Fairhope a couple of weeks ago.

Today over morning coffee, we had a conversation about the DR table situation after I had a major meltdown last night about all the shortcomings of this house.  Sweet Husband agreed to help me swap the table in the studio/garage with the one in the DR to see if it would work better because it is only 44" inches at it's widest point instead of the 60" diameter of the pretty white one.  Since he had to do the hard work, and all I had to do was be the supporting player, I thought, why not?

The size works a little better

The red color in here?  The jury is still out.

So -- this is what we did this morning.  Probably this will get draped with something till I can get myself that table I really really really want.  

Somebody please buy my pretty little white scallopy top table, won't you?  Scribbler needs a new DR table.(whine)
Here's the teensy little bit of the red in the wallpaper...

And now the color to paint the little curio has to be rethought.  I have about a gazillion pieces of silver hollowware which has been tossed in the garage cabinets that I am going to put in there, so I need to get it painted pretty soon. It is going to take me a year to get all that mess polished!  No wonder the younger girls don't want Grandmama's silver anymore...

This oxidized finish has got to go!
I might run away from home...  just all out of sorts.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014


Recently I saw this photo and totally flipped out.  

Aerin Lauder on her fabulous leopard sofa
I don't know who to credit for the photo.
It is everywhere you look these days.  It comes and goes in and out of fashion every few years, but really, I think it could be put over into the "classic" column.  Some people love it (me) and some people hate it.  

the same room as seen from the sofa

The years when it is hot stuff, I inject a little here and there.  When it is not, I put it in the closet.  Once I had a computer station in a closet in our last house.  I painted the walls bright red, used a black and gold and cream acanthus leaf border around the wainscot, and papered the ceiling with leopard.  I had a leopard director's chair, too.  The floor was parquet.  My personal little bordello computer room, and I loved it.

I should have had one of these in that office.
I found some leopard sheets at Steinmart yesterday.  Thinking I might buy them.  My little step stool to get on and off the bed is leopard, too.  

Isn't this a cool chair?

I was so inspired by Aerin Lauder's sofa that I started looking for a ready-made slip for my sofa.  Alas, nothing but ticky-tacky crap which no one in her right mind would waste a nickel on.  I need to find someone to make me a winter-time slip, and I have been looking for fabric.  I think a corduroy in a leopard print would be nice and comfy.  I suppose it will be an investment.  Meantime, I found some fabric pieces I had used in the adjoining library of our previous house with the bordello computer closet.  

I would look pretty cute in this wouldn't I?

I decided to make some big Euro-size pillows out of it for our LR sofa.  I have some more pieces left, but I could only get five large pillow faces.  I used another fabric for the pillow backs. The trim came from my stash, scored long ago at a wholesale resource.  This weekend I have sewn up three of them, so two more Euro-size to go.  Then I am going to sew some smaller ones to use in other spots.  You know me -- go big or go home!

Never too early to start a little Fashionista out on the right feet!

I like these better than the flats.

I guess I need to get my other knee fixed before I risk these.

I am in the process of making a few changes in the LR till I can redo the room in its entirety.  It seems kind of silly really, to decorate for Winter, since it has been in the high 80s most days.  I have a few new things coming into the LR in the next couple of weeks which you will see very soon, and they have to work for all seasons.  

I am wearing leopard, too.  (But in case you are wondering, I am not the model in any of these photos!  LOL!  I stole all these photos from Pinterest.)  My new tote bag for Fall is leopard, too.  Last year I bought some Michael Kors skinny jeans. Two years ago, I bought a faux leopard coat at an estate sale.  It came with a pillbox hat, too.  I want some leopard flats, but so far I can't find any that are comfy.

I like turbans.

Leopard is definitely my thing this year.  I will show you my pillows, etc. when I get them all done and all the stuff together. Here is one little sneaky peaky:

What about you?  Love leopard or hate it?

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