Thursday, April 24, 2014


We have been out gallivanting again for the last week and a half, this time out to San Antonio, TX, and then back home again via Baton Rouge and Fairhope (my home away from home).  

I will bore the crap out of you pretty soon with some more photos of a pile of fancy stuff I didn't buy, but in the meantime, I did want to tell you about a pleasant little event I was invited to by Jenna at The Painted Apron, one of my favorite bloggers. Kim at Cozinest has organized a group who all blog down in LA (Lower Alabama), and Jenna is a member because like Kim, she lives in both Bham and the Gulf Coast area.  

Spanish Moss is abundant.

We had the meeting at the Page and Palette's upstairs room over their coffee house which is called Latte Da.  Cute, n'est-ce pas?  You must try the Almond Joy latte.  For those who don't know, Page and Palette is a very well-known independent bookseller, just like The Booksmith here in Birmingham. They sponsor lots of book signings and literary events.

Anyway, I meet several very nice bloggers, and we had a speaker (a publicist with impressive credentials) who  told us how to work it, girls with Facebook and other social media to get your blog OUT THERE.  It was very interesting even though I don't aggressively pursue a large audience.  I have never accepted advertising, and unless I fall upon hard times, I don't expect to, because blogging for money is very hard work, not fun and games.  I am retired.  'Nuff said.

I reconnected with my favorite beautiful, witty redhead LeslieAnne from Fairhope Supply Co., and I met Linda from Coastal Charm.  
I love this house which faces the Bay.
This one, too.

Several bloggers were taking photos, but I forgot my camera (par for the course).  I do hope they didn't get me in theirs because I was having a very bad fuzzy hair day.  That's what happens when I get up early to be somewhere before noon, and have to work on my hair. I am not a morning person... 

Most of us went to lunch afterwards at Gambino's Italian Grill down on the Bay (facing this park area) for a very fattening but tasty buffet where the vegetables were cooked with ham hocks and there was peach cobbler that I was too full even to taste. 

Sweet Husband joined us for lunch, the only man, and he introduced himself to the group, "Hello, I am known as Sweet Husband."  We all enjoyed getting to know each other, including Emily from The French Hutch who had to get back to Tuscaloosa after lunch. 

After a fun interlude, we all went our separate ways, and they graciously invited me to come back for the next meeting.  However, I don't know when I will get there again because I hope to be able to get going with my knee surgeries pretty soon. If I could just convince the aforementioned Sweet Husband to move to Fairhope, I would be in like Flynn. 

The other bloggers at the meeting were Lorraine from Clamco, Karen from Swim Team Lifestyle, Debbie from Flower Child Designs, and Beth Anne from Eat Beat.

I do hope you have enjoyed my latest visit to my favorite beautiful little town down by the Bay. 

That's the city of Mobile on the other side of the Bay.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We have been traveling again.
And traveling to me always means hitting the antiques shops, particularly those specializing in good European pieces.  I have them staked out all over.

For today, just feast your eyes on all this gorgeousness which can be found at Fireside Antiques in Baton Rouge.  
This is one of my most favorite stops, ever, any time I am passing that way.
Well, well, look who got into the frame.  Sweet Husband!

There is so much gorgeousness to see in this place, such finery to behold, that I am not going to distract you with chit-chat. 

Just look and absorb.

There is some of the most beautiful wood here that you will ever see.
This is the stuff you don't paint.  

This piece is one of my favorites...

...a close up of that detail on the front.

Many beautiful mirrors... and the store is beautifully styled.

Many books on French design.

I love this painting.

There were some painted pieces, too.

A French balance. 

Several really pretty bamboo pieces ...

In the back room there was a new shipment from the latest container waiting to added to the floor.

Loved this one.

A companion bookcase to that little chest you saw above.

A huge chandelier made from a bottle rack and bottles.  There was a smaller one, too.

Pretty wine table.  

Fabulous, exquisite, priceless!
(No, we didn't buy them.)

Really neat, huh?

We did buy something, but you will have to wait to see what it is.

Did you see anything you like?  Do tell.

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