Sunday, September 21, 2014


Why in the world it took me so long to do this, I do not know.  A couple of years ago when I was in Pottery Barn one day, they had some pieces up front reduced for clearance, marked "Floor Samples."  (They weren't really Clearance by my standards of clearance prices, but it was better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.)  You already know I have never met a Frenchy-style chair that I didn't like, so it came home with me for this little desk where it now sits in the Master Bedroom.

You also know I am a constant furniture shifter, so it has also been everywhere else in the meantime.  Now it is back where it belongs.

I am not crazy about dull neutrals as you know, and the fabric did not read as light as it looks in these photos.  It was a most definite shade of greige.  Not hideous, just not my thing.  

All summer while I was getting over the knee replacement, the little wheels were turning in my head for this new look in here.  Should I try to recover the chair, slipcover it or paint it?  After all, I had painted the fuchsia chairs in the LR, and they turned out great.  I knew that I wanted to keep the frame in the wood finish because everything else in this room has a painted finish!

It involved a lot of taping as you can see, and that took about 45 minutes or so while I watched yet another Castle re-run.  Aside:  I have spent the last lazy month catching up on Castle -- I had never watched it before, and when I saw a couple of the old episodes, I got completely hooked.  Not unlike crack addiction?

The most important first step is to vacuum or thoroughly brush the upholstery before you start to paint.  Once again, I used Design Master spray paint which works on fabric.  REGULAR SPRAY PAINT WILL NOT WORK!  This paint was originally made for florists and designers who use it for both real and silk flowers.  Another Design blogger made me aware of this product:  Lynda Quintero-Davids of Focal Point blog.  She is a master stylist and decorator, and she used this on some outdoor cushions a while back.  She also said that she had used it a lot when working as a visual merchandiser in retail.

This stuff is very smelly, so do it outside or open up your garage or wherever you are working so you  don't asphyxiate yourself.  In between coats, when the paint has dried -- and it won't take very long -- brush the fabric again, in all directions.  This softens it up and keeps it from getting too stiff.

The fabric will probably not be quite as soft as it was before, but with time and use, it does get softer. I know that because the fuchsia chairs are pretty soft now, and we don't even use them a ton.  When the piece is ready to come inside, give it one last good brushing.

When I was picking up this paint at Michael's (HobLob does not sell it) I noticed that Design Master has something called "spray tint" now.  They did not have a lot colors, but I am going to investigate that, and I will let you know what I find out.

The shade I used is Turquoise, and I think it looks a little darker than I really wanted because the fabric was not white to begin with.  I had previously bought some white Design Master to try out on another chair, and it does not work at all.  I am going to try it on some light lampshades that could use a lift.  I will let you know how that works out, too.

Here is the chair in the room, and you can see bits and pieces of some of the changes I have made so far.  I still have a couple of pillows to do and the armoire and nightstands to paint, so we won't talk about any of these other things today.

So how do you like my chair?  It is amazing what a jolt of color like this can do, the hue picked up from three other fabrics in the room.  The Master Bedroom is also starting to relate nicely to the Boho Bath and the Living Room which was the object of the game all along.

The paint is actually quite even.
I think there is a glare from the overhead lights which makes it look like it is not.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014


Mums are blooming over in NoMan's Land West...

It's that time of year -- early Fall when the annuals are mostly dying off and the weeds have gone crazy again (in spite of Sweet Husband's valiant efforts at keeping them pulled), and the shrubbery has gone all leggy.  Time to clean up. are the weeds!

impatiens still going strong

Sweet Husband planted some ornamental grass in front of the scraggly old azaleas --
anybody know if this stuff will winter-over?
I hope so.

We always plant our mums from the pots we use on the porch in the Fall after they finish blooming.
My mother always did this, too.   She had a huge bed along her carport wall.  At our old house, we kept them in a bed all their own, too.
Invariably they will bloom every year, then we cut them back, and next year we will see them again.  They do not all bloom at once -- don't know why.


all the shrubbery is getting way too leggy

Mornings are finally a little cooler down here in the Heart of Dixie, and today, there was no need for a fan blowing right in our faces as we drink our coffee on the back porch every morning.

All ten of those Leland Cypress trees are growing like crazy.
They were about two feet high last year when they were planted.
I can't wait till we have a forest!  

Both the snowball bushes grew a LOT this year!
The other one is in front of the kitchen sink's window.
Finally I put away the seashells I had filled up bowls and pitchers with, my only contribution to a summer look for the interior.  After all, I had a rather momentous summer this year, what with getting the new knee and everything.  Plopping a few shells here and there was all I had the inclination to do.

The shamrock plant has done well under the pergola, so I will find it a place in the garage soon.  

This little plant will spend the Winter in the garage, too.

Our basil didn't do diddly this year  -- I am perturbed because we enjoyed great pesto all Winter long, only finishing the last package last week!  This batch has looked scroungy from the get-go.
See the pink pavers?
Overspray from when Sweet Husband painted the porch furniture...

I have pulled out a few Fallish things, but honestly, with it so green and still so warm outside, I just do not think it is time yet for pumpkins and dead stuff!

The KO roses are still sort of blooming...
soon it will be time to cut them back.

On the back of the pergola, we have had to replace some climbers that were killed during last Winter's harsh blast.
Some of the new ones are supposed to have big purple flowers -- can't remember what they are called.  The white jasmine was replaced with the yellow kind.

We disposed of these little cushions I tried to paint.
The yellow ones are still OK.  These were just awful!

We practically had a "lawn" of weeds out here!

...and here is Mr. Wonderful with this side pretty well cleaned up.
At this point he still had a few plants to pitch out.

So far I have lost the battle of the ground cover here in NoMan's Land East.
It needs it.

My Darling is out there working on the "dining side" now that I have fed him lunch.  A growing boy has to eat, you know!  This morning he hauled our generator over to the repair shop, getting us ready for hurricane season and our secondary tornado season. Fun with weather!

BTW -- anyone know what is wrong with Blogger lately -- it is as slow as the Seven-Year Itch!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


You will probably remember this ottoman if you have been reading my blog for a while.  I found it at Home Goods several years ago, thinking it might work as a vanity seat.  It didn't -- too low.  My chin was about level with the vanity top.

It has been all over the place including the attic in this house.  It started out with very dark brown legs and this faddish fabric that is so oh-vah.  I painted the legs ASCP Old White a few years ago, which I thought was a vast improvement.  

When I started brightening up the bedroom recently, I needed an ottoman for my big wing chair because I not only watch TV in there at night, I read a lot there at all times of the day and night.  Soooo...

I began considering what I wanted to do with it while I did the chairs first.  Here is what I decided on ---

First, I had Sweet Husband remove all the oversized upholstery tacks and save them.  Then he removed the black cambric on the bottom (which I threw out) and the button tufting.  I had decided I wanted it to be cushier and a bit higher.  

The old memory foam egg crate mattress pad had been set aside for such projects, and so I cut off some of that to cover the whole thing first.  Then I covered that with high-loft quilt batting.  Next I laid on a layer of flannel-backed drapery lining.  Now I was ready for the fabric.

Since there are a gazillion tutorials out there for DIY ottoman recovering,
I will spare you the step by step.

I found this fabric as a 2-yard remnant but I don't remember where -- maybe Hobby Lobby.  It is a nice weight for light upholstery or pillows.  I think there might be enough left to do a couple of throw pillows.

It is still almost a hundred degrees out, so I had to work in the kitchen because the garage/studio is too hot!
I reused some of the upholstery tacks over the area where the legs are attached.  It was a little hard to get them in because of all that extra padding.  At first I thought I might finish it with a skirt or a ruffle, but in the end, decided not to do either one.

I think it works -- the legs will get a fresh coat of paint soon, as I will be breaking out the Old White again to work on the armoire and night tables.

Here is an easy way to hold your tacks -- a long hairpin will keep you from smashing your thumb with the hammer!

So, on to the next little project. I am making two sets of shams for the bed, one king-size pair and one Euro-square pair.  Come back soon for the next installment.

It is very cushy under the feet now.
Plus it is a little higher.

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