Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Are you old enough to remember when ladies got dolled up like just to go shopping?

Raise your hand.  There are more of us than you think!


  1. So cute! I am not sure that I ever dressed up that much, but I do remember ladies dressing that way. I would always see them, when I was lucky enough to visit Rich's Department Store in Atlanta. Years later, I was lucky enough to work almost next door to Rich's - so, so miss that beautiful downtown store!! Merry Christmas, Ellen!!

  2. (Waving my hand) Yes! Yes! The adult ladies in the 50's. Yes, especially at the nice department stores, before malls!

  3. I absolutely remember!!!!! I don't see many out there these days, though. Everybody dresses for speed & comfort rather than style. I admit to often being one of those. It's just easier if you're "dressed down" instead of dressed up to try on clothes. I also hate to wear makeup when I know I'm going to be trying on clothes...don't want to get any on those things I have to pull over my head! Sometimes, though, when I'm really feeling good (which hasn't been in a long while with all my body break downs!), I'll get all dolled up and hit the outdoor shopping places. It really doesn't work as well if you're in an indoor shopping mall! You have to "strut" on the streets between stores, of course! Oh...and you just MUST lunch at a very visible cafe! :-)

    I was born in the very late 50s, so I only have a vague memory of the ladies dressing beautifully for shopping or going to the store (a la June Cleaver!) going to play bridge. By the time I was old enough to really put the world into context, the hippie movement had begun! :-) Fond memories, just the same. Whenever I need a fix of those grand times, I watch a Doris Day movie! :-)

  4. I just happened on this photo! That's my mum! She had the exact same outfit! Even to the sables and purse! And the pearls, oh yes, the pearls! The really amazing thing is that on Dec 23, I was finally forced throw away those sables because, while searching fo Christmas stuff, I opened their bag and found something had been nibbling on them. My mum was 90 last May.

  5. Ha! I love this! Those were the days! I must say, I get really tired of seeing people of all ages in their work out clothes out in the stores all day long~really, you work out, get sweaty and don't bother to shower, yikes!