19 February 2017


What a week that also included Valentine’s!  I put all that Happy Valley stuff away the very next morning.  We are now in full-on Mardi Gras mode.  Laissez les bon temps ruler!  I could use a few!  Good times, that is...

And what about that crazy so-called midweek "news conference" that nearly made my head explode!  I should have just buried my damn head in the covers last Sunday and never peeped out.  The whole week just snowballed downhill after that it seems.  The narrative that follows describes JUST ONE of those DAYs!

And what a day it was -- Freaky Friday!  

First, off to the Y --- and I find the cardio room is completely torn up again!  It has been a mess, but usable, for the last couple or three weeks.  They are apparently replacing the floor with some kind of spongy mat covering, or trying to.  No working machines Friday -- at least the ones I use.   Nothing but treadmills, and they were all full.  No idea when everything will be functional again.  They just “want it done right, this time.”   Ugh.  Looks like I will be visiting Planet Fitness this week with Sweet Husband.

He was intrigued by this globe we saw one day at Z Gallerie,
speaking of the planet...

My Mardi Gras decs are sparse 

When you enter my house, a minimalist little Mardi Gras tableaux sits on the hall tree.

The current state of the coffee table.
Those are the glasses I got from Jenna last year,
in keeping with the green, gold and purple thing for Mardi Gras.  

Next, on the way home, I saw that Trader Bob’s is still undergoing a paint job.  Now it it will be known as “The Mercantile” at Greystone.  The SHE-WOLF in charge has posted all over her FB page that everything is just hunkydory and great and wonderful and fine and they are they next greatest thing in Greystone!  I had seen painters over there a couple of days before, and now ALL REFERENCES TO TB’S ARE COMPLETELY GONE!  I am definitely filing a claim in Small Claims Court in the coming week.  Monday is a holiday, and Tuesday I am busy all day, so maybe on Wednesday.  Dragging my feet all week, I still haven't trekked down to Columbiana, the county seat where the courthouse is located, because I was still waiting to see if any money turns up.  (I noticed on another FB page that the consignors in Gadsden had received some checks.)  I didn’t get to it Freaky Friday because we were off to lunch when I came home from my aborted workout. 
Hot Asian Shredded Chicken made in my slow cooker atop couscous with fried okra!
Yum!  True Southern Fusion!
Trust me, "The Mercantile" is the same old SHE-WOLF wearing a new set of lamb's clothing!  Don't go there, don't buy anything, and for heaven's sake, don't try to sell anything there!

In restrospect, a trip to the courthouse probably would have been more productive than going out to lunch.  Pappadeaux’s was absolutely awful!  😞 Hubs took me there for lunch to assuage my hurt and angry feelings over the Y and TB's, and this is what happened:  

The food looked pretty as always,
but it was cold the first time.
The replacement was only lukewarm.
Beware "grilled" shrimp which are drowning in butter and Cajun seasoning!

Chefs will tell you this treatment is a coverup for shrimp that is less than fresh --
even though this was Friday,
presumably the safest day to order seafood in an inland restaurant.
    1. Nasty silverware  -- which we even had to ask for in the first place when the first go-round of food finally showed up.
    2. Nasty napkins -- so we asked for replacements on those, too.  
    3. Cold food  -- when it finally arrived.  Let’s don’t even mention the spoon I had asked for to put some ice cubes from the water glass into my wineglass which took 30 minutes to arrive.
    4. The replacement food was only lukewarm
    5. The server had a major attitude -- and she got NO TIP!  
    6. The manager apologized and comped the food after we demanded to see her and complained.
    7. Last night and twice again Saturday morning, I had what we can politely and euphemistically call in this blog forum an extremely upset tummy, and it was definitely from that awful food.  The rest of Saturday was just a time to read, read, read as I lay around, because I felt like a dishrag all day long after that ghastly digestive upset.  

The fun just kept on coming.  You have had days like this, I am sure...  A letter was waiting in the mail when we got home -- from the Attorney General's office -- the former AG, dear old Jeff, is now the big shot AG in Washington, as you know -- and now the sitting AG Luther Strange is taking his place in the Senate (I think, it's very hard to keep up) -- so nobody is minding the Alabama AG’s office, I suppose.  Who cares about my little problem?  They say they cannot help a little consumer like me.

This again is the Asian Hot Shredded Chicken I made in the slow cooker last Sunday -- the second time around.  It was very tasty!
Recipe soon.
5.  Next, an email from Cynthia Gould around dinnertime (the TV reporter who first broke the story about this bunch the link to which you saw last week), apologizing for not getting back to me sooner.  She said they have been overwhelmed and have a very limited staff.  She, too, suggested filing in small claims court, and that they planned to put some pressure on the AG’s office because they had had so many complaints for which the complainants are always told that they can’t do anything about some of these dishonest business practices.  Like the Sheriff the week before, she suggested talking to the tax office and the business license office.  Looking into these nefarious businesses is the job of the AG's office, and they are not doing it!

What next????  It wasn’t even Friday 13 — is Mercury still in retrograde???

This was only one little day in my life, people!  

So if you were thinking that little ole Scribbler down there in Alabama leads a really charmed life — think again.  My life is just like everybody else’s — a roller coaster!  Right now, it is just experiencing a few bumps.  This kind of mundane aggro probably doesn't make for the most entertaining blog post you ever read, but it is pulled straight from Scribbler's diaries, with a bit of minor editing for colorful language, you understand.😉  

Since we all like to end a meal with dessert, here is a sweet little tidbit to close.  My son has a great new blog post up over on CRAZY IN A GOOD WAY!  Check it out.  Who knows -- he might even start telling you all kinds of stuff you never imagined about the Scribbler that I know you are dying to hear.  Brendan has lived a fascinating life so far in his 49 years, filled with a lot of experiences, stories  that you will find told in a thoughtful and insightful way.     

I saved the blurry photo of the front hall till last.
Aren't you glad?

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