15 January 2017


After our little "ice storm" last weekend, this past week turned rainy and then warm, very sunny and even downright hot a few times.  That, of course, leads to False Spring Fever, which leads to lollygagging outdoors, and some coveted January porch sitting.  On Friday, we raided the Summer side of the closet for clothes and went out to enjoy the eighty degree sunshine for the day.  We had lunch out a few times this week, too, something we don't do usually more than once a week.  Deep Dish Chicago style pizza and Chinese food -- mixed Mandarin -- (which I ate with the red chopsticks offered) were our little treats on a couple of those days.  My son told me the red chopsticks are for Chinese New Year and asked me if I took them home.  I didn't, but I should have, maybe.  I think they would look kinda cool crisscrossed through my silvery grey curls.  Maybe I will go back and ask for a pair because I think Chinese New Year is basically celebrated all through January.

Saturday afternoon found me checking out an estate sale of mind-boggling proportions, then recuperating with  more porch sitting with a glass of Simi Chardonnay and the latest Harry Bosch mystery from Michael Connelly.  I have had the book quite a while, just not reading as much as usual, but I am definitely back into it now.  I have read till past midnight twice and finished it two days.  Connelly never disappoints.

The birds were singing their little hearts out, and one neighbor a few doors down likes to play his mandolin or banjo, I can't quite tell which, on his own back porch on nice weekends.  It is a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  The blooming Canada Geese, which populate the lake areas around here, fly over the neighborhood now and then making a royal mess while squawking to beat the band, their momentary cacophony interrupting the pleasant dueling concerts between the birds and the banjo player every now and then.  


Fancy ice bucket


The estate sale was held in a very heavily wooded area that was developed probably thirty years or so ago, quite spiffy in it's day, and some of it still is.  I remember going over there a few times for decorating appointments.  

There were two of these, as well as many other gilded pieces.

I chose to take the second alternate route offered by GoogleMaps, and I relished the solitary ride through the countryside, populated with horse properties bookended by forests, blessed with glorious sunshine and pleasant temperatures.  Sweet Husband elected to stay home and do his laundry interspersed with his football watching.  To each his own!

Arriving about one thirty, I had to park at least half a mile away, so I definitely got my exercise for the day.  Then the house itself was so enormous, three stories and a pool house of two stories.  I took a few snaps as I walked through, but the items I had my eyes on in the preview slideshow were not to be found.  I did see a couple of things I might possibly like to have -- at the right price.  I was so exhausted I had to rest after my first trip through.

I really like this huge painting...

I didn't buy a single thing, although there was certainly a lot to see.  Who needs at least five dining room table and chair sets?  My life must be lacking something.  Maybe I will go back at the end of the sale and get something for half price, or maybe I won't.  I am resolved not to buy stuff that catches my fancy this year, just because it does.  I have decided to save my money for a trip to China, and I am not buying anything I don't (a) NEED or (b) LOVE AND CAN LIVE WITHOUT.   


On that note, I have to tell you that Trader Bob's told me they sold my two antique chairs right before Christmas.  I haven't seen the money, yet, but I did buy a silver-plated lion single bookend over there for fifteen dollars when I went over there to check.  I am a Leo, and that reclining lion just had my name on it. 

Pretty Limoges--
pretty china often does not get more than a cursory look at these sales
On the way home from the estate sale, I saw a dead raccoon in the middle of the road.  It's one of those things we don't cry over down here, but it struck me that I had seen quite a lot of roadkill on this little outing.  I think ALDOT is falling down on the job.  Speaking of roadkill, are you following what's going on in Washington?  Unbelievable.

On the culinary front, this week I made ham and beans and rice and coleslaw for supper one night when it was cold and rainy.   Not an epicurean marvel, true, but very good, as was the egg salad, pizza, chicken soup and some other stuff like hamburgers and hot dogs I made this week, too, but I suppose none of it is terribly fascinating.  Just January comfort food.   (Yes, we had a homemade pizza the same week as the pizza outing:  we like pizza!)

We did go out again to Big Bad Breakfast for an late brunch/early lunch one day, and it has gotten very good again after sort of a slump there for a while.  

Sweet Husband bought me a signed copy of their new cookbook!  I had not realized that John Currence of Oxford, Mississippi restaurant fame (City Grocery), was connected with this place.  Cool beans!  The book looks wonderful, and our lunch was really very tasty.  I had the Big Bad BLT with avocado and a spicy Bloody Mary (which had some tasty pickled green beans stuck in as a garnish), and Sweet Hubs enjoyed the Breakfast Burrito and a Bloody Mary, too.  


I will make another post sometime this week showing you some updates of my son's Beijing apartment, now that he has his wing chair and the art has come back from the framer's.  He has made a nice little home there.

Off to Costco, earlier in the week.
Silly me, ready for Valentine's a little early in blush jeans, red boots, bag and top.
I figure I am old enough to wear what I like, 
what makes me happy.
Who cares what anyone else thinks?
Not me!

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