25 February 2017


First, the books for this week:

I really enjoyed this one, set in the Civil War in South Carolina.
People survived tragic events in those days with a toughness that we don't even know the half of today.

This writer always tells a great twisted tale of a police procedural while solving a murder or two.

I will not forget this one for a long, long time.
The hype did not disappoint.
Human relationships are complicated and can be very wonderful.  

It has been another incredibly busy week for me.  Many appointments, some good books to read in between, good things to cook, places to go, people to see  -- just life.

Here I am below on Tuesday last, anticipating one of my least favorite things --  the knee shot of Orthovisc, the third in this series.  It does help with the knee pain, and buys me a little more time before I HAVE to get my other knee replaced.  You can see that I am dreading what is to come:

Waiting for the dreaded needle...
pants leg pulled up and steeling myself for this:
The ultrasound machine which helps Dr. Bones guide the needle where it needs to go, with the freezing spray and conductivity gel right next to the SYRINGE.
I always close my eyes and think of England...


Seen around town this week:

I think these large vases would look swell-a-gant on my mantel this summer, don't you!
West Elm.

This coffee table I saw also at West Elm has two shelves --
lots of room for books and mags!

Probably just ideas, because I am really not up for buying a new table.  The vases, maybe, although at $89 (?) each, maybe not.  Although that table would save me space and get some books off the floor.  Hmmmmnnnnnn....

I have been giving some thought to Spring and Summer decor -- have you yet?  Since we painted the LR "Fresh Sprout" (think Pantone's "Greenery") summer before last, I like putting a lot of white and yellow and pink in there for the warmer months, all the while trying not to make the joint look like a big fat Easter egg, just very fresh, you know?   It was a freaking 82 degrees out Friday while we were out enjoying the sunshine!  I nearly died!  We went to the Summit to walk and window shop after a stop at Big Bad Breakfast (which I sorely needed to do after that).  I should have pulled out my Summer clothes.  I was still dressed in my workout gear.  Who knew that would be so blooming hot????  The hubs was in his cargo shorts, as usual.  In February...

Some other goodies I saw today --

--little side table at West Elm, 
as seen through the store window--
And then on down the sidewalk to Pottery Barn, where there was something going on.

Pop-up artisan at Pottery Barn!
Who knew?
Little old German Silver purse on this necklace⬇︎

The one in the center --
I didn't get it.
Hubby offered, but I was nice and said maybe later...
The artisan told me I could keep my digitalis in it!

I told her thank God I don't have to take that one yet!

(How old did she think I am, anyway?)

PB's take on Easter plates

Another surprise at PB -- this large platter -- 
it looks like an antique, almost.

Some cool white PB lamps

Lotsa blue going on in this store.
I am partial to that little buffalo check.
I noticed it comes in many bedding pieces, 
not just the pillow sham.

I did find a real bargain for the summer version of our bedroom.  A duvet in green and white cotton, it will be perfect for our room where some of the furniture is now painted green and/or green and white.  The best part was the price:  $19.99 for a king size duvet cover!

Another new store coming soon at The Summit --
also ARHAUS, opening soon

I guess Alter'd State will be giving the Anthro adjacent store a little competition.
I like this little boho dress on the photo covering the front store window.

No idea at all about this one.
I need to look it up.


Seen around the web this week:

I like this one.

Guess Who?
Is that baby buggy solid gold or merely plated?
Inquiring minds want to know.

One of my favorite rooms ever from Michelle Nussbaumer's WANDERLUST.
It is her own Living Room, I think.


I spotted some GREAT blog posts on the web this week, including one from Tobi Fairley at her blog where she posts about keeping only what is ESSENTIAL in your life close to you.  Find it here:  


She is so much more than just an innovative designer with a pretty face.

Our favorite bon vivant/raconteur/science teacher Ron at The Uptown Acorn published a hysterically funny take on The Muses' theme for Mardi Gras this year -- a riff on Dr. Seuss called Dr. Meuss!    Click over to it or you will miss out on getting your good belly laugh for the day!  Laughter is the best medicine, you know.  In case you don't know this factoid, The Muses are an all-female Krewe, which is great, because the all old Krewes were traditionally only open to men.  It's a very old sexist NOLA thing...

And, for little more fun --

Lana Del Ray known as the Moon Queen wants all witches worldwide to put a hex on You-Know-Who!  I'm in!  (or I would be if I knew how)  It has something to do with waning crescent moons and spells ...  You can read all about it by clicking on her highlighted name which is the link to the piece.  

And one more little funny that I saw:  Wanna buy some Chinese Sanitary Pads?    Guess who the face of the brand would be?  
(“yiwanka” is how the characters 依万卡, which spell Daughter of You Know Who’s name, are pronounced) 
The Chinese public is totally crazy about her looks and her style, according to this article.  I'll have to ask Brendan if it is true...  


Off to lunch with Sweet Hubs another day.
Why do Selfies taken with my iPhone always make my nose look fat?
It isn't.

This is what happens to a woman's neck as she ages?!?!?!?!
Ever read the late Nora Ephron's book,
I refuse to wear a big scarf to hide it unless my neck is actually cold on the one or two winter days we have down here in the Heart of Dixie.
Those giant scarves so popular the last few years -- the ones which look like a curtain panel draped around your neck a few times -- when worn in Summer look ridiculous as do UGG boots with Daisy Duke shorts 

(a practice which is guaranteed to give you toenail fungus, my Little Dears).
I used to have one old friend who went around with a scarf literally wrapped up to her chin, even in Summer.
Not me.

I belive in comfort.
Can elastic waist pants be far behind?

I am actually pretty irritated about my neck, though, but I guess I am just more philosophical when you get right down to it.
I figure I have survived this long,
and I don't want any unnecessary cutting.  

I hate cutting.
Just so you know.


And in closing, my congratulations 
to George and Amal --
everyone should have twins when they are "mature" enough to be good parents.  
Only good things ahead for those babies, right?
Supposedly there are no photos yet of her "bump" --
like that's any of our business (not) -- 
but the lack thereof is causing the entertainment press to lose sleep apparently.  

I gave the gloom and doom a rest this week -- I have decided to move on because I have more important fish to fry, although the AG's assistant did call and tell me they are serving the She-Wolf with a copy of my complaint.  Looks like the TV reporter might have made an impact.  

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