31 October 2011


Sweet Husband in a precarious position, priming the last of the crown moulding.

I decided on Friday that I was going to finish this kitchen this weekend, come hell or high water.

We didn't have either hell or high water, and I did get it finished.  I now need about a week of rest and relaxation, but Thank God it is done at long last.

Preparing the rest of the unpainted portion of the breakfast nook.

After a spill (by SH) of primer onto my slipcover and some testy exchanges over same, the slip went into the wash and the dropcloth went over the sofa.

Primed and ready to paint.  My job.

Late Saturday night, the walls and woodwork are all done.

The furniture is piled out of the way in the adjoining LR.  

So happy to see this painted overhead.  It took so long!
Being ordered to stay off the ladder really kept progress at a snail's pace.

Time to put stuff back where it belongs.
Notice that we now have a TV overhead.
The kitchen has become a favorite hang-out spot.

Nice clean, paint-free slipcover, and some new padding, which is actually old pillows and duvets in the cushion!

Disgusting yukky old tile and grout!
Say goodbye!

Nice whitewashed tile and grout.
Don't know how long it will hold up, but anything would be an improvement.

Weird shadows...

Painted the backboard of the new addition above the oven stack black --
think I 'll do the other one over the hutch, which is currently dolled up for Fall, before I
put Christmas up there.
Wish I had a light up there.  Hmmmmm....
Come see me again for a complete post on the whole kitchen redo which only took a mere six months.  I just had one occupational injury this weekend:  My arm got pinched in the ladder when I was trying to move it.  A nasty bruise, but it will heal.  

Next time, I will have everything fluffed and puffed, the furniture put back, maybe even a little tablescape, so I hope you will come back to see me.  

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25 October 2011


I finally got around to taking down the summer whites and aquas from the display area we made atop this hutch section of the our kitchen cabinets.  A few  fall-ish things have taken their place.  All but the red plate are old or vintage.

This corner of my kitchen counters is the bane of my existence.  We moved the TV to the top of the cabinets just overhead, but I still couldn't get the receiver box up there.  Hence, the blue light.  I keep trying to find something to cover the mess of plugs and wires in this corner, and so far, this seems to be the best I can find in my stash of junk.

I like the pop of bright color up there -- it makes the kitchen seem cozier.  I am not quite done with the painting on the back wall and the floor (in my never-ending kitchen re-do), but Spring has folded into Summer, which has now turned into Fall.  It seemed to be necessary to add some brighter color, even though I haven't crossed the finish line.  

I am still totally in love with this wall color I have chosen, but I do like the warmth of the bamboo shades and touches of wicker and wood here and there.  This color scheme could seem cold, I think, if there weren't some colorful and organic elements present.  

I painted an old lamp which had been stashed in the attic for a while.  That Old White Chalk Paint has proved quite versatile, even if they do charge you an arm and a leg for it.

I am contemplating the addition of some red pillows on the sofa and perhaps the chair seats for winter -- but I'll play it by ear.  

As you can see I have added some red over here on the industrial steel rack which stores the copper pots, and there is also some wicker.  

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20 October 2011


True Blue by Metlox, a California pottery from the 1960's
 If you have read my blogs for a while, you may remember when I talked about my jailbreak marriage at the tender age of 18, and how my mother and the bridal consultant pooh-poohed every choice I made in tabletop accoutrements.  They assured me that, of course, I didn't want red, that I would be so much happier with blue and white.  This is what they thought I needed for "everyday china" which was also sometimes called "breakfast china."  Metlox was a division of Vernon Ware, and these companies no longer exist.

Fostoria made the goblets, Jamestown Blue, and they no longer exist either.  Now even the great names still actually in business make their stuff in China.  This is just wrong.  

I collected a service for eight with quite a few place pieces and serving pieces at the time of the wedding.  It didn't take long before the set was chipped, pieces broken, some got left here and there, and the whole thing looked very tired and ragtag.  I moved on, both from the jailbreak husband and the dishes.  The remainders were packed away, and a few wound up in a yard sale.

Occasionally,  I would pull out some of the serving pieces and mix them with other things.  After I became so enamoured with all things Country French, it hit me that these dishes look as Country French as all get out.  Of course, I decided right then that maybe I ought to start looking for some to restock the set.  

Ha!  You could buy the finest French porcelain for what they charge for this now, assuming you can find any, that is.  When I was acquiring this in 1964, I think a dinner plate cost about $2.75!

I never had a teapot or coffeepot but I did have a cream and sugar.  My very own in-house Bull-in-the-China--Shop, a/k/a Sweet Husband, broke the creamer right off the bat.  I replaced it through Replacements in North Carolina, which was a new thing twenty years ago.  I started looking on Replacements regularly over the years.  Sticker shock!  They didn't always have any, either.

This year around my birthday, I was checking my patterns on that email I conveniently get from Replacements listing all they currently have in my patterns, and I noticed that they were well-stocked in this one.   I kept looking at it, and finally ordered two place settings.  Just two.  And this coffeepot!  Isn't it cute?  I looked at the photos, and I just really, really wanted it, so I bought it.  

One last thing.

That flatware is my mother's silverplate, 1847 Rogers "Reflection," and I would love to get some more salad forks.  If any of you experienced Ebay shoppers can tell me why, when you place a bid, you are immediately outbid by .50 or a dollar.   I would really just like to know why.  The price gets run up out of sight, and I always just quit.  Actually I have given up.  I need 7 salad forks, and if any of you know where I could find some, please let me know.


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17 October 2011


This $5 glass pumpkin jar from HG was going to be painted a faux mercury glass finish, but like a lot of things in my life, the plan radically changed when I suddenly made a sharp turn in another direction.  I went to Michael's the other day, actually in search of some fake pumpkins to paint white, and when I was moseying through the Martha Stewart Craft aisle, my eyes fell upon a selection of craft paint bearing her name.  This color, Jet Stream, jumped up into my hands, and after I retrieved my glasses so that I could read the fine print, it went home with me.  I just love the silvery pale aqua!  I found one big fake pumpkin for half off with my coupon, and that one got painted, too.  You can paint on glass, or practically anything with this stuff.  I am now officially proclaiming it the best craft paint I have ever used.  The label says that if you let it cure 21 days on glass, it is top rack safe in the DW!  Quick, I need some glass dishes to paint!

I am going to put a candle in this pumpkin later.

This big fake one looks a little more silver than aqua in this photo, and maybe I should have primed it first, but I thought it was kind of interesting with a little of the original orange showing through.

I am looking around for something else to paint Jet Stream ...  

Meanwhile, I did move a few things around this week.  What a surprise, right?

This little wine table came down from my office last summer.  Actually I have two, and they have been with me a long time.  

Once again I am on a purple kick for Fall, and so I placed this little tole tray with the purple flowers on top.  It does a great job of covering all the dings this thing has acquired over the years.  

Some purple mums went into my favorite white pot

and ...

One of the purple table runners + a dried wreath + a hurricane with mini-pinecones and a purple candle + the birds = what I call a Fall dining table.

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12 October 2011


The table this week really is at the beach, although I shot it last week while we were there in LA (Lower Alabama).  

While the kitchen and other aspects of the condo this time were extremely well-equipped, the tabletop selection was lacking a bit.  In the past, when we have rented these condos short term, we found that some of them have had quite a selection of nice linen napkins, etc.  The basics were there this time, all except napkins, but there were a couple of odd things.  First, there were only FOUR table knives in a drawer full of nice flatware.  I guess you don't need a knife to eat seafood.  There were steak knives, but who visits the beach to eat steak?  Second, there was no barware or scoop in the ice maker there.  Although some people do this, it is very dangerous to scoop ice with a glass -- don't do it!  I found a little mini colander in the kitchen with a long handle, and we repurposed that for the duration as an ice scoop.

What was there, however, was a beautiful set of Reidel wineglasses.  These things don't come cheap, and I was quite surprised to find them in a rental.  A beautiful wineglass always makes the wine taste better, don't you think?  

The table in the DR area was a modern piece with an espresso wooden base and a heavy glass draw-leaf which would easily seat 12 if fully extended.  Since I wasn't planning on entertaining 10 extra people (this was a VACATION after all), I decided not to set up a pretend table for 12.  You might recall from the last post that I contracted "epizooti," a scientific medical term for a really cruddy respiratory bug, a couple of days after arriving.  I did well to put a plate on the table at all after I shot these photos.

There was a bar-height table and four appropriately sized swivel chairs out on the terrace.  Two Adirondack "observation" style chairs were also out there as well as a lounger which would go completely flat if a sunbather desired a nap.   I chose to use the bar table out there for a tablescape for two, and we actually ate our evening meal out there this night and nearly every other night.  That is, unless Sweet Husband was so glued to baseball that he couldn't turn loose!

I miss the coast already, and October really is the nicest time of the year at the beach to me.  Most of the tourists are gone, and the beaches are almost deserted, just the way I like it.  I don't do heat well, and with my very fair skin, it is useless for me to go to the beach in the summer because I have to stay indoors. We could not have had better weather -- not a drop of rain or a cloud in the sky all week.

As you can see, there was a pretty set of seashell themed stoneware and a full set of these grasscloth placemats.  The fancy napkins are paper towels, but since we were eating peel and eat shrimp and green salad, that was dandy.

I bought a bouquet of sunflowers to make things more festive, but candles are not encouraged for obvious reasons.

You should really pay LA a visit!

If you have never visited The Emerald Coast, as it is sometimes called, please do.  Many of the fisherman are really having a hard time since the oil spill.  I was very leery of eating seafood from the Gulf again, but it was absolutely fine.  Only once did I find one  shrimp that tasted "off" but that can happen anywhere.


My husband's original (patented) toast:  "Cheers a moi!"

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