28 November 2011


The 4th Incarnation of my old $10 lamps!

I have two little projects (out of the FOUR MILLION I have either underway or on the tarmac waiting for takeoff!)  to share with you this week.  Most everyone is probably burning up their credit cards today on Cyber Monday, but so far I have exercised supreme self-control.  Of course, the day is not over yet ...


Dowels for dish towels!

I bought a dowel from Lowe's and cut it to fit, then secured it with a hot glue gun onto the apron of my butcher block.  I was desperate for a place to hang a couple of dish towels.  Pretty clever, huh?

When I find the wax which came with the butcher block years ago -- pretty sure I still have it somewhere -- I will give the dowels a coat or two.


Remember these?  Ten dollar lamps from Home Depot about a hundred years ago.
 They were originally white, then yellow, then pink...

First I tried the Graphite Chalk Paint, didn't like it, too flat, not dramatic enough.

Then I pulled out the tried and true
Benjamin Moore Semi-Gloss AquaGlo in Black
Two coats did the trick

Much bettah!

Two coats and some new bling later...

Here they are being assembled.

I found two new shades at Home Goods, perfect size and shape.
Then two new harps at Lowe's
as well as two black finials.

TaDAhhh!  "New" lamps for the console table in the DR.
I really have a thing for Black and White at the moment,
and I think Christmas in the DR is going to be black and white this year.
Do you think it's too morbid?
I am going for sophisticated,
NOT the Addams Family look.

I don't know what that white line is across the photo -- looks a little unearthly doesn't it?

So what do you think?


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20 November 2011


Satellites are little moons that spin around the big moons, assisting in the business at hand.  Something like that.  

I have a nice big PB desk upstairs in my office.  The only thing wrong with it is that it is upstairs.  It seems that I spend most of my life downstairs, unless I am drawing or painting or sewing or writing -- all of which I have to fight for time to do.  My big desktop computer crashed, so now I have to rely on my laptop.  I like the freedom of using it anywhere I want to be, upstairs or down.  I find that I also need some of the other functions of that room -- the studio stuff -- in other places of the house.  I have a small writing desk in the LR, but the only writing I do there is birthday cards, thank you notes and the like.  Sweet Husband has his own desk in the Man Cave, but I don't ever invade his space, just like I would not like it if he invaded mine.  We respect each other's boundaries.

I like having a satellite "desk" in the bedroom.  It is not really a workhorse of a desk, but more a place to keep things organized and plan decorating adventures and maybe blog a little.  A place to pile up baskets of favorite magazines.  Another little basket for my sketching materials and the room planning kit.  A place to store books to be read.  I also need a place for my crosswords and reference books.  A lot of these activities I like to do late at night, and I don't like having to go out of my inner sanctum to do them.  We all need a place to be completely relaxed and safe and exposed.  This is mine.  

The cool thing about that little mirror I found at Pier 1 years ago is that I can see the reflection of the TV while I use my computer.  I like to multi-task.

I had made a little "desk" of sorts from my mother's old baker's rack where she used to keep her african violets.  You have seen it -- it has been in here a while.  I had been using my mother's old quilting board on it for a work top, but it did not fit correctly.

I have swapped places with the bergere and ottoman, moving the rack to the window corner, and I changed out the top.  Last weekend I made an offer and crossed my fingers on a secretary desk at an estate sale, one that was eight feet tall, with lots of book storage at the top.  They didn't take my bid (boo hoo!), so I will still be using this little baker's rack for a while.  

The new desk top was a painting I had made on a board years ago of a rooster and a hen that I had in my last two kitchens.  It just fit the rack with some not so gentle persuasion (with my Daddy's old rubber mallet), so I flipped it over and painted the back side.  If I ever want to see the roosters again, or use the rack out in a future sunroom, I will just take it off (probably with that mallet).  

The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was called into play again, along with frog tape and "Geranium" red paint.  I dug up a fleur de lis rubber stamp, but couldn't find my stencils, so I just made do.  I have some other changes for the winter going on in the bedroom, but for right now I am only letting you see these two things.

I also painted a little lap desk I found in an estate sale a few years ago, and I think it was someone's little "shop" project.  It fits perfectly under the rack, and holds all my crossword crap puzzle stuff. 

I am pretty pleased with the result -- what do you think?


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16 November 2011


I am cheating here -- these photos are from last year.  I am up to my eyeballs on some projects, and I just flat ran out of time!  But, since I really hate missing Tablescape Thursday and Seasonal Sunday, I am doing a re-run.  If the major TV networks can do it, so can I.

Enjoy the Pumpkin Praline Pie and the Chicken 'n' Dressing, etc.

This was pre-redo in the kitchen, but I am not nostalgic for the old look.  I love the changes!  I can't believe I cooked all this food -- it makes me tired to think about it! (Also, somewhat hungry...)  

The side dishes were green chili-corn casserole, lemon-garlic-bacon green beans, sweet potato casserole, peach pickles and homemade cranberry sauce.  

I will gladly supply any recipes you might like.


Linking up to Susan at Tablescape Thursday, Michael's Foodie Friday  and the mysterious "A" at Seasonal Sunday.  I'll betcha there are many  beautiful tables and lots of beautiful food, too.  Go be inspired!

13 November 2011


The day began auspiciously enough when my hyperactive husband began reciting his list of chores that needed to be done in the yard before I ever had my eyes open.  He does that, talk too much when I am not awake.  Eventually I opened my eyes and interrupted long enough to suggest coffee.  Then I asked him how long he thought all this would take.  One hour, he guessed.

My hero uplimbed all these trees so the KO roses would have a chance.

Five hours later, I asked him if he was going to clean up before dinner.  Since he had decided about an hour into the job that he didn't need his usual Sunday hot breakfast because he had had his regular daily ration of about nine pounds of fruit, I told him that I would just cook Sunday dinner instead instead of brunch.  He hardly ever gets sick, and he credits his stellar resistance to all this fruit consumption.  I just like my strong hot sweet creamy coffee, two big mugs of it, and I first think about eating around 11 a.m.

You should have seen the debris on him -- eeewwww!

Here, Paul Bunyan is swinging his axe!

I would have sat myself down and cried, but he just plowed right on through.  He chopped it up, bundled it up, and hauled it off somewhere.

About that Sunday dinner thing.  I used to do it nearly every Sunday, but since he really likes a big brunch on Sunday, I have stopped.  It is just too much cooking and cleaning up!  I am getting lazy in my old age, I guess.  Today, since I got a pass on brunch, I got it in gear and started on dinner.

Earlier in the week, I had attempted to smoke a turkey breast.  I really am not fond of turkey, and frankly, I didn't think it was all that great.  It was rather dry, too.  I took off all the skin and bones and sealed it up tightly, well moistened in chicken broth.  I had decided to make a turkey and dressing casserole with it since I already announced that I was NOT doing a turkey at TGV.  After thinking about it, and deciding it would work, I put it together.  It was really good!  So here it is:

You can hardly miss what we ate!  I was stuffed.


2 boxes CHICKEN flavor Stove-Top Stuffing
1 box Jiffy Cornbread Mix
1 large box chicken broth, or 2 smaller ones
4 eggs
1 large onion, chopped
celery & bell pepper to taste, chopped
the meat of a whole turkey breast, cut up
1 stick butter, melted

Stir up the Stove-Top and the Jiffy in a bowl, and add some poultry seasoning and any other herbs you like.

In another bowl, beat up the eggs with the chicken stock.

Put all the turkey and the cut up veggies in a very LARGE mixing bowl, and add the dry stuff and then the wet stuff.

Spray your BIG dressing pan and pour it all in.
Bake it at 350 degrees till it is set.  I covered it with a cookie sheet so it would not get too brown too fast.  Make sure the turkey is pushed down into the dressing so it will stay moist.

When it has set up, remove the cookie sheet and pour the melted butter evenly over the top.  It usually takes at least an hour to bake a big pan of dressing, just in case you are a newbie and don't know.  Continue baking with the top off till nice and golden on top -- this won't take too long.
Let it rest about 10 minutes when you pull it out of the oven.  

Serve with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Sauteed Asparagus in Brown Butter.

I still had some cinnamon pickles from my sweet cousin Eleen, so I served those, too.  Besides, I haven't made Cranberry Sauce yet.  It is on the agenda for later this week.  I did make some brownies with a mix I jazzed up with some lovely fat pecan halves from Priester's which is down in Ft. Deposit, Alabama.  We always make a stop there either coming or going from the beach, but you can order online, too.  Just google them.

A few minutes before 4 p.m., I went back over to the same estate sale I hit yesterday, but somebody had already taken everything I was thinking about, at half price of course.  That's OK, I don't get emotionally invested in anything -- there will always be another sale.  

Meantime, here is a photo of one of the items we found at last weekend's sale  -- a little black scrolly iron chair which just fits my teensy porch.  That iron mailbox was another estate sale find from several years ago.

I hope you all had a nice Fall Sunday, too.


I will join some blog parties, beginning with Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.  Be sure to visit as many as you can -- there are always so many neat things to see!


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