26 November 2012


Another little peak at the Master Bedroom for you!  This room has seen more changes over the last five and a half years than a dressing room at Victoria's Secret.  I change it a least a couple of times a year because I am easily bored.

A sample pot from HD in "Banana Pepper" was just the right color and more than enough paint -- about $3!

After a fresh coat of paint

For the last few months, I have been "working" -- and I do use the term rather loosely -- on our bedroom.  We painted the walls bright white, then switched around some furniture and accessories from around the house.  We also changed the window treatments.  I have been painting things as the spirit moves me, which is not non-stop.  Apparently I am no longer easily moved by the spirit!

I found this mirror one day over at the Hoover Home Goods store.  Wearing a big bold Drexel label, it had great presence but a lousy finish -- too factory slick and fake distressed.  It looks heavy but is actually very lightweight, being molded something-or-other, not wood.

Conveniently, it was exactly the same width as this little C & B desk which got a pretty half-hearted paint job with a $1 bottle of craft paint a few years ago.  I found some paint at HD which was exactly the color I wanted -- Chartreuse -- and repainted both pieces the same, followed by some antiquing glaze.  Then I brushed on some gold gilding wax here and there.   The little PB Louis-style chair came out of the bathroom to join the pair.  All in all, a nice little trio, don't you think?

A moratorium on further work is now in place till after the Holidays!  I will string you along for a little while longer, and give you a look at some of the other changes.  Several more pieces will be undergoing changes, so you will have to check in to see what's what.  Eventually, you'll get the big picture.


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  1. Honestly, Ellen...you are the Queen of Furniture Transformation!!! You just jump right in there head first and don't come up for air until it's done! PLEASE send me a little of that talent and tenacity!!! I love the color!!! Something tells me that chair at the desk isn't going to be safe for long! :-)

  2. Good God, Woman. You put me to shame. I have gotten extremely lazy this year.

  3. Good job, I do like chartreuse. I used it for a whole Christmas theme one year. Mine seemed to have a little more of a green tint but yours is perfect.

  4. I love that color. What a cute set of furniture. They all work together so well."""Christine

  5. OMG...I ♥♥♥ that color...your pieces are gorgeous. I love big bold colors, but am too much of a chicken to try them on furniture. I wear lots of those colors that old ladies should probably leave to younger ladies, but I don't!

    1. I am a firm believer in wearing what makes you happy -- who cares what anyone else thinks? Especially after we reach "a certain age!"

  6. Such a hot color right now! I love it in clothing and adore it in your furniture! Great job.

  7. Love the color! That should wake you up in the morning. LOL
    Actually this is one of my favorite accent colors in my wardrobe..........Sarah

  8. I love the chartreuse. Gorgeous!!!

  9. The color is amazing! It certainly pops and shows all the fabulous detail on the mirror. I love the matched set and how wonderful that you could use such a small amount of paint!

  10. You sound like me always getting bored with something. I think that's why I love paint so much. Your newly painted mirror looks great. Sometimes it's best to take things slow and "digest" them as you do them. Impulsive decorating can cause costly mistakes! LOL.

  11. Loved this and featured it today on Mod Mix Monday!

  12. The colour and furniture combination are so over the top! Fabulous!


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