04 November 2012


"Oh Promise Me...."

Can you hear the music?

A good while back, I ordered some "rustic iron candelabra" from Decor Steals, one of those flash sale sites with a new deal every day, this one popular with those who like a little bit of rustic mixed in with their fancy.  The photo suggested that they would look great with fall decor so that is why I ordered them, envisioning twining colored leaves, berries and fall candles adorning their cute rusty selves. 

Then I received an email saying that there had been an accident in the warehouse, that the inventory was damaged, and that they were offering an opportunity to cancel or wait it out till they had the situation under control.  I chose the second option, then mostly forgot about them.  Let me say that these are really nice people to deal with.  I wish their merchandise was as nice as they are.

They finally arrived on Saturday, and when I opened them, I was puzzled.  These were big metal things, all right, needing assembly, but not the least bit rusty or rustic.  At first I thought they were shrink wrapped with plastic, so slick and shiny they were. Amateurishly soldered together, they were made in China, of course.  Ick!  Some of the candle cups are not real straight and neither are the legs.  But what I couldn't get over was that weird charcoal grey finish, slick as plastic.  

I know I promised the scoop on this cruet set, and I WILL get to it, I swear.
 Also, I started a new collection -- can you guess what?

I looked at them for a few minutes, decided not to bother sending them back, but knew I had to change the finish.  Spray paint to the rescue.  I had two cans of gold paint, so first I tried the one that said 14K -- but it looked too "old gold" for my liking.  For the second coat, I hit it with the other one in my stash, a metallic shiny gold.  

You can't really tell in this photo how weird the finish was!
See the crooked legs?

After the first coat

After the second coat -- brighter

Ready for the wedding

Cue the music

Lo and behold, I could hear strains of "Oh Promise Me" and see visions of the bridal party floating down the aisle.  What on earth would I do with these things?

Well, for now they are in the dining room full of white candles, "Oh Promise Me" is still in the air, and I guess they will probably look about half cute with some Christmassy stuff intertwined in their curlicues.  

I think I am about cured of ordering stuff off these flash sites, though.  


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  1. they look great spray painted like that, but it's so unfortunate they weren't what they appeared to be online. i really can't understand how people can order sight unseen items that cost so much more money, like sofas, etc. too much can go wrong, in my opinion!

  2. Ellen, I subscribed to Decor Steals for months, but never ordered. I was always afraid it would disappoint. Sorry you weren't happy with your purchase even though they look great painted, but I'm glad someone else tested them first. Dianne

    1. I have gotten several things which I think are sub-par. I don't think I will order anything else.

  3. You funny one! I think they look good, and I think they will look great for Christmas. But I do understand about things not being as expected.



    1. Hello! Are you going to blog again? I keep looking....

  4. Paint does wonders, I think you can use them for Christmas too, just add some Christmas decor, light the candles and you got it.

  5. I sure do hate to hear that you didn't have a good experience with their merchandise. I've been ordering from them for quite a while now and have had mostly good luck. I did have a couple of things come in looking different than their picture showed and thought it didn't live up to it's image though. It always hurts when you've waited so long for something only to be disappointed when you get it. Glad that you were able to find a way to make them work in your home though.

  6. You never know when you might be called upon to host a wedding -- and you'll be READY! LOL! Seriously, I feel sure you will come up with something interesting to do with these.

  7. It's hard to know about the quality of a product when you order online. I have been mostly satisfied, but then I have never ordered from Decor Steals. Sorry
    you were disappointed.

    Susan and Bentley

  8. I just read about the book about your mother you wrote and noticed your last name. My grandfather was a Shook from SC. Any relatives from there?

  9. That is such a point of frustration when something ordered isn't like what you thought, but you made them look fab! I'm your newest follower and subscriber...


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