19 November 2012


Isn't this a cool basket in my kitchen windowsill?  It was made in Rwanda.

The history of Rwanda is interesting and troubling.  The people there have struggled mightily, and the women of Rwanda are trying hard to be self-supporting and productive.  This post is not going to be a diatribe about the unspeakable atrocities women there have suffered, but rather just about a pretty basket I bought in Costco one day, the proceeds of which go to help a  woman there who is trying to help herself.  

As you can see, I paid $37.99 for it.  Truthfully, the reason it first caught my eye was its vibrant turquoise color.  Then the woman who was operating the kiosk asked me to read the tag please, on the back.  I did.  The maker's name is Esperance.

Like all mothers, Esperance wants a better life for her son.  She also mothers two orphans, of which there are many in Rwanda.  

Isn't giving your children a better life a pretty universal aspiration for mothers everywhere?

If you see a kiosk in your local Costco or anywhere else, please take the time to look at all these beautiful baskets.  If you can, buy one.  It will make your windowsill beautiful, and it will immeasurably help its maker to help make a better life for her children.  I see this piece all the time, since I put it right over my kitchen sink.  Not only does it add a beautiful pop of color to my kitchen, it makes me think every day of a woman in Rwanda who is doing the best she can for her children.  This is the week we "officially" give thanks so I am thankful for happening upon this display of baskets one day in Costco and for having the means to buy one.


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There are many links if you Google Women of Rwanda  --  here is one:
I think maybe Macy's may be selling these baskets, too.


  1. Very sweet post, Ellen! I know that the country has suffered a long, horrific history. You did something wonderful from the goodness of your heart! I've not seen this kiosk here, but who knows? They may make it this way over the holiday season. Let's hope so!

  2. Awwww. Love this post and your beautiful basket. What a touching true life story. I will look out for them. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. So sad to learn that war has broken out between Rwanda and Congo. Evidently some refugees from Gomo are trying to escape into Rwanda, including some Americans from here. I keep them all in my prayers. I hope that mother who created your lovely basket is able to keep her family safe. Have a blessed thanksgiving! Cherry Kay

  4. Thank you, all three, for your kind comments. I think if you google the Rwanda Women project, you might be able to order one. There were many other styles and colors.


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