08 December 2012


"We need a little bit of Christmas, right now!"  So, here we are, in front of someone else's tree!  Told you I was keeping it simple this year.

And, here are some Christmas vignettes for your viewing pleasure -- I didn't do any of them, but I did see them with my own two eyes.  I will get some done where I live before Santa comes down that chimney, I swear I will.

A very fancy party...

...and in a Christmas shop...

And that last photo, a little bit of kindness.  An old lady with a cane, taking her slow, painful time up the steps, and a young girl who stopped behind all her friends to hold the door for her.  This is a little bit of Christmas.

I am linking to Alma The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.


  1. You and I would definitely be friend if we lived close to each other. A woman after my own heart. Merry Chirstmas preparations! Cherry Kay

  2. I love it when I see young people doing what is right, especially when it involves the elderly. So many kids these days are so self-centered...they just don't understand what the word respect really means.

    I love the trees and other decor here, especially the room that is visions of sugarplums dancing. Beautiful!!! Can you imagine how much a little kid would love that?!??!?!!!!

    You're lookin' sharp in your fur coat, sister! It has gotten cold enough here now that a fur is a "must have." We will wake up to 0 degree wind chills in the morning!

    Hope your weekend is rockin'!

  3. You and i are in the same boat. I am so far behind, but I have said I will get it done this week, and I hope to. That act of kindness is the real reason for the season. I'm glad you caught that snapshot. Something tells me the good Lord is more excited about seeing that shot than all the tinsel in tinseltown.



  4. Hello Ellen, What a sweet picture of the teen opening the door. It's what it's all about. You fret over taking so long to get thing done, but at least you get them done! It's been 8 years and I still haven't made a pillow cover to match my drapes in the bedroom. I think I have decided I can live without it. I admire your industriousness. Love your fur, but aren't you afraid to wear it? Too many crazies in the world. I am finally finished with decorating this year and working on wrapping presents. Good luck with your preparations. Dianne


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