01 December 2012


Don't you just wish I would quit stringing you along already?  I can't, unfortunately.  I have to, because everything is not done in there yet.  Howsomevah, I have still another piece of the Great Master Bedroom Puzzle with which to tantalize you:  it fills a space, looks great and is very functional, too. 

It is called the Wilton Étagère from Ballard Designs catalogue.  Very nervous and very skeptical, I looked at it about five million times before I ordered it, along with every other étagère that my endless online searches would yield.  I read every single customer review on every one, having been burned a few times lately with my online purchases. 

I can recommend this one to you  unconditionally!   Every nightmare scenario you can imagine was dancing  through my head like a chorus line, enjoying encore after encore, before I finally hit the button to seal the deal.  

See that big book?  I love this guy.  I love this book.
I went to see him make a presentation a couple of years ago.
He's divine!
It took a very long time to arrive.  It was ungodly heavy when it finally did.  It was also a real bee-atch to unpack.  Sweet Husband had to help because I could not even drag this thing off the porch into the house!

It gets put together upside down!

Although the instructions said that this was a two-person job, Sweet Husband did the whole assembly thing, but only, of course, after I supervised the unpacking, laid out all the parts, read the instructions, counted the pieces, etc.  Some of us are the brains, some of us the brawn.  ;>D

I am totally crazy about this thing!  I don't think I have liked anything quite so much in a very long time, in fact.

I had fun dressing it up.  Too many books were the primary reason it came to live with us, but it also holds some pretties, too.  I felt like a real stylist playing with this stuff.

This thing is very substantial.  The frame is made of iron and antique brass, and the antique mirrored shelves are backed with another layer of heavy reinforcement.  I measured the space (22" W), blocked it off and walked around the roadblock, playing just pretend, you know, until I finally convinced myself that this could and would work.  I have only run into it once in the dark. For me, that's pretty good. Now that I am accustomed to it being there, I haven't had another collision.

decisions, decisions

Maybe you need some more storage, too?  The only thing better than this thing would be a pair of them.  I gotta start saving up!  


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  1. Ellen, that is a great looking piece, and I like the way you have it styled. Thanks for this review. If I find myself in need of one, I will certainly consider this!



  2. Just lovin this! Not only is it a nice accent piece, you have accessorized it beautifully. These type of pieces make a house a home. I have not blogged for two months. It is time I get back to it. What better time than the holidays, when there's nothing else to do! Ha!

  3. I LOVE this!!! This is SO cool!!!!!!! Ramon is sitting here beside me, and he smiled when he saw your poor, laboring husband. He felt a sort of kinship! :-) I told him that sooner or later, ALL husbands get sucked into the fray. That is a really gorgeous etagere, and I just KNOW that you will have fun many times over decorating it. I commend you for only running into it once. I'm sure I would have suffered three or four concussions by now! :-) Congratulations on your new acquisition! Have fun with it!!!

  4. I've always wanted an etagere. Yours is beautiful, Ellen!

  5. This really is beautiful! You can see that it is well made. I wish I had a spot for it. I have furnishings that I can't fit in this house:( XO, pinky


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