30 December 2012


When my big desktop computer crashed last year, I lost a lot of photos even though they were backed up, because they would not open up on the newer computer.  Bummer!  However, I did find these from our past two years' New Year's tables.  I have re-edited them in PicMonkey, and they look much better, don't you think?  (If you even remember these...)  You will have to come back later to see what happens this New Year's Eve!

Please everyone, have a safe and wonderful and jubilant celebration -- after all, we didn't get flung off the planet and the Apocalypse is not yet upon us in spite of those crazy Mayan cut-ups.  (They are probably up there somewhere laughing their little butts off!)  Drink responsibly, have a sober designated driver -- or just stay home and get snockered -- whatever floats your boat!  I want to be able to read your blogs for a long, long time!


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  1. Happy New Year, Ellen!

    We are getting snockered a home.:-)

  2. Ellen,
    So glad you were able to find these photos. I love those mirrored plate mats. Each table is beautiful. We will be at home with 10 friends and family to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary along with ringing in the new year. Happy New Year to you! Dianne

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  4. Don't you just love Pic Monkey? Your pictures look amazing!

    Have a wonderfully blessed New Year!


  5. OK, OK...if you insist, I will stay at home and get snockered! I HAD planned to just sip chamomile tea, but since you just INSIST....!!! :-) I remember the unhappiness surrounding your inability to find your lost photos last year. That was just awful! Glad it's in the past. You have created some fabulous tables and other projects in 2012. Have a Happy New Year!!!


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