28 March 2012




The napkins were .50 each at an estate sale, and the napkin rings from the same sale were $2 each!  Pretty thrifty!  

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27 March 2012



There are times, more frequently of late it seems, that my British ancestry kicks in.  Never mind that it is a few generations removed, but genes are genes, I suppose.  A  sinking spell comes upon me around three in the afternoon nearly every day.  Guess what I reach for?  Something sweet of course, but the main thing is that cup (or two) of tea.  Hot, strong and usually unembellished.  My favorite of the moment is some Earl Grey that I bought in loose form with that cute little tea thingy (diffuser?  infuser?)  on my recent trip to Savannah.  It just seems to cure what ails you, according to the Brits.  I do find that I feel a great deal better after the first cup, and my energy returns immediately.  Maybe it is the caffeine, although sometimes I drink decaffeinated and it seems to have the same effect.

On Broughton, I think, which is one of the main streets in downtown Savannah, there is a fascinating little shop called The Spice and Tea Exchange from which emanates incredible smells. I managed to restrain myself to only a few little goodies -- some incredibly hot pepper, a little bag of tea, the infuser gizmo, and small packet of Vanilla Powder (which I have no idea how to use).  

I would have taken some photos of the shop, but I was having a lot of trouble with the camera batteries that day.  Turned out, it was the recharger which was shot.  But I digress...

This past weekend Sweet Husband and I attended an estate sale, and I found this tray, along with a couple of other things which I will share another time.  I spied it on Saturday, went back on Sunday, and got it for half!  I knew exactly how I wanted to use it  --

My afternoon tea ritual, of course!  I have for a while been using some of these things which belonged to my mother for my tea.  Like me, she loved collecting teapots and teacups.  When I cleared out her house, I kept the ones she loved the most and sold the rest.  Most of the keepers involved pink roses.  This little Arthur Wood teapot from England is perfect for tea for one.  

My tea and three Oreos --
the kind with the pink stuff!
That fancy little pink napkin is part of a set that my husband bought me in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The little plate says "Handpainted in Japan," and I have no idea how it came into her possession.

There oughta be a law...

This cup and saucer (Royal Albert, Summer Series, "Sherbourne") was a gift to my mother from my old friend Terri, and it was one of her very favorites, and mine, too.  These are the things that I like to use every afternoon when I have tea, which is most days.

The sad thing (to me) is that my mother never used these things at all.  She liked looking at them immensely, and she kept them lined up on the built-in bookshelves on either side of her fireplace, along with her collection of cut glass.  The only books were down in the lowest shelves, and most of those were my father's books on religion and his Bibles.  Her reading material of choice was the Harlequin Romance!  Since those were paperback and she went through them like water, she kept them in a brown grocery sack in the pantry.  The only one that was ever out on her table next to her chair was the one she was reading.  She had some sort of book exchange going on with her friends and her sister and a sister-in-law, and they kept a list of who had what and passed them all round.  

I am of the opinion that pretty things are meant to be used and enjoyed, and so I do.  This washday was certainly made a lot more pleasant for me by the appearance of these pretties on my table today.  It also makes me feel close to my mother.


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If any of you pastry chefs can enlighten me about the Vanilla Powder, please do!

22 March 2012


Laurie Gates has captured my heart with fresh California designs in ceramic tableware.  The link to the website is at the end of the post.  Be sure to click it -- you are going to get a BIG surprise!

Today I set up the tablescape in the DR,
 but I really bought these happy dishes for my kitchen.

Women of my mother's generation used to buy a new hat when they were down in the dumps.
I buy dishes.

I also bought the little set of four fruit/dessert bowls and four  
"saucers" in these assorted colors to complement the place settings.

It has been a rough week, for reasons I will keep to myself, but there is nothing like some colorful new dishes to make it all better, right?

I am so p.o.'d that I missed Kathleen's "Let's Dish!"

There is a method to my madness,
the way I mixed the little bowls and saucers with my existing stemless wine tumblers (Orrefors) and the goblets (maker unknown).

My napkin rings (you saw these a couple of weeks ago) are a perfect match, don't you think?

I like to shop the Home Department at my nearest Belk store.  They were having a sale on this dinnerware, and I had some rewards dollars (which I call "Belk Bucks") as well as a shopping pass with no exclusions.  I saved over $100 on the total cost, so I would call it a pretty thrifty purchase!

You can read all about Laurie Gates here.

I am off to join the parties!


the dinner plate

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