31 May 2012


This table all started when I saw a beautiful tablescape recently on A Cottage in the Clouds.  It featured yellows and lemons.  Lemon trees don't grow in North Central Alabama, although they do down in LA (Lower Alabama for the uninformed).  I asked her about the beautiful chunky yellow bubble glass goblets, and she promptly replied as to how to find them (Amazon).  I found them, ordered 4 and they quickly arrived, apparently late last night, since the package was at the front door when I arose from my beauty sleep around 7 a.m. I have no doubt that blogs stimulate the heck out of our economy, and personally I can't see why it is still in such bad shape, what with all the dish collecting going on among our segment of the population!

I gathered up my yellows...

...and mercifully no one ate these pears for breakfast today...

The yellow ones are Artland 'Iris' in Citrine.  What I like about these is that they are actually yellow, not gold, which I don't like much.
They were sent from Wayfair, a third party, with Amazon as the middleman.  You can also find them at Replacements (for more $$$) or on eBay for an astounding $75 for the set of four!!!!

Artland makes a lot of different glass, and this bubble glass style comes in many colors.
A word to the wise, do not put it in the DW!
Every bubble glass I have ever had will crack in the DW.
So hand wash it.

The Gerberas are fake -- sorry about that!

You have seen all this stuff before...

The clear plates are the ones I bought to decoupage like Miss Notesongs -- just haven't gotten to it yet.
I think I have too many irons in the fire!

Notice anything different?
I moved the new jars up to the brackets.

I have had this teapot at least a thousand years...

I have a  bunch of this fabric, bought years ago when I was channeling Mary Douglas Drysdale in her Swedish period.

I plan to use the fabric in my future beach house...

will the day ever come?


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30 May 2012


I have spent a satisfying morning in the garage -- very sweaty and dirty -- but satisfying.  Except for the finger I stabbed with a blackberry thorn while picking berries at 6 a.m., it's all good!

Several projects are in the works, and here is a little sneak peak at some of them.  Remember, I hit an Estate Sale last weekend.

I scored the six peachy pink stems you saw in an earlier post and also this rocker on half-price day.  But, you say, "It has no rockers!"

The vanity is Drexel, and is in very good shape -- all except the paint.  I paid what they were asking because I really wanted it.

I am guessing this is from the late 60s or early 70s, judging by the color - kind of two shades of pale avocado with metallic highlights.  Yuk!

Certain areas are peeling.  There is a piece of glass cut to fit the top, and I imagine that caused this.  Moisture will get trapped under there, you know!  When I put it back, I will use clear spacers so that this won't happen again.

The tools of the trade

My garage is a disaster!
That little scrolly table in the background needs painting,
and the upended tea table needs a repair and some fresh paint, and, and, and...

These are the leftover pieces of the shutters my husband cut off when he "remodeled" the ones which are screwed to the back fence.  These are waiting for a little repair and a some new paint.  I have a project in mind.  Stay tuned...

The rockers fell off the chair when the man picked it up to load it for me,
 so I had to glue and screw them back on.

One of the seat supports had come loose so it also got some Liquid Nails and a wedge to hold it till it dries.

This cushion came with the chair, and it said Pier 1, $30.  It will get a new cover after the chair gets painted.

As I was cleaning away, I noticed that the paint had also peeled off the feet.  They probably had it sitting on top of a heat vent.  Not good for furniture!

Not a fan of the peely flaky!

This funky mirror was a $20 bargain at TJXX one day a while back.  At the Estate Sale, I did not buy the mirror which was probably meant to go with the vanity because they had it priced separately, and I was not crazy about it.   This one will probably get matching or coordinating paint and go with the vanity -- unless I find a three-way one I like first.

Done for the day -- it's getting hot out there!

Now you know I have to leave you with something finished, so here it is: 

a pretty good little brainless summer thriller, great for the beach or the porch swing.  Nothing terribly complicated, cerebral or uplifting.  Just some fun escapist fiction featuring Lindsey Boxer (now pregnant!) and The Women's Murder Club. The main thing that bugs me about this series is that I keep seeing Angie Harmon's beautiful chiseled face and long black hair as the fabled Lindsey from the defunct TV series version, not the blonde described in the books.  Silly, I know.

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