29 July 2012


I have had a nice little break from blogging.  Did you miss me, darlings?

It's time to catch up.  A lot has happened in the last few weeks, but we will talk about some of these things later.

I deconstructed a huge white coffee table that I bought nearly ten years ago, really a tea table height, planning to move to the beach.  There were two very large handles on either end, like a giant tray.  That move didn't happen.

When I removed them (quite a trick actually, while lying on my back under the table with a ratchet set) I was left with gaping holes when they finally loosened.  I am saving the lovely curved handles for another use.  I found these little medallions at HD to cover said holes.

Here they are, hot-glued into place.  I figured that would be easier to remove and replace the handles when I wanted to put them back, if I ever do, than if I were to use, say Gorilla glue or Liquid Nails.

Then came the paint job.  It had never occurred to me till the other day that I might ever want this anything but white, certainly not in my future beach house, but right here in this day and time, that white was just not cutting the mustard in this particular room.  

So here we are with a coat or two of my blend of Antibes and Pure White ASCP.

... and a glaze...

The green looked a little sweet next to those apple green chairs, so...  I made up a glaze of pale yellow, and that made it work.  More apple-y.  Then it was time for a little finish.  I decided on wax this time, although I don't usually like waxing.

... et voilĂ !
I hope I put on the right accent mark.

This little ice bucket was the color I was going for -- that and the chairs.

The glass is back in place.

A little detail...

I am loving my colorful living room.
This estate sale wicker rocker got some clearance cushions from India via Pier 1.

My birthday is August 1.  I am not discussing my age, thank you.  Let's just say that counting backward for me, I am now younger than my husband!

I bought these pieces of my "Fresh Fruit" china for myself as a birthday present off eBay.  I still need the sugar bowl, but I have not found one I am willing to fork over the dinero for.  It will eventually turn up,  I have faith.  


Today I am joining a party again!  Go over to Between Naps on the Porch to see Susan's better than my originals seashells chargers.

Also, I am linking to Nita at Mod Vintage Life for her Mod Mix Monday party.

On Tuesday I am going to see Kari at Thistlewood Farms for her big color party.

Brenda at Cozy Little House has a brand new party at her blog, too -- Tweak It Tuesday -- so I am joining that one as well.

On Wednesday, we will visit the talented Kim at Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesday.

I am linking to Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.

And last but certainly not least, I am linking to Miss Mustard Seed, better late than never, for Furniture Friday 

25 July 2012


I will be returning to blogging soon. Sweet Husband has retired, as you may know if you have been following me for a while.  We have been very busy goofing off, sleeping late, going out for lunch, catching up on our reading and just piddlin' in general.  Yesterday I deconstructed (to some degree) a coffee table which will be painted in its new incarnation, and yes, I will share this madness soon.

I got a new Mac Book Pro last week, one with a bigger screen so that my eyesight is not completely destroyed, and I love the thing with its retina display.  It is so fast!  

There is a bit of a glitch, however, about all those photos on my other computer.  This one has a newer version of iPhoto, and so right now, I cannot access all those many thousands of photos stored on the other one.  I will be going in Friday to the Apple Store to get this worked out, and then I will probably start posting again pretty soon.  

All those gazillions of projects on the drawing board?  Most of them are still waiting to be done.  (Have I mentioned that "Procrastination" is my middle name?)  I have been reading quite a lot, and I will share the book reviews on the other blog when I around to it.  It has just been too dang hot to get real excited about moving on anything, you know?  

Just so you are aware, I get a lot of your blogs in my email, so I am still reading all about what the rest of you more energetic souls are up to.  I have been so impressed with all the get up and go energy that of a lot of you seem to have, especially Rhoda and her parents, with all the work they are doing over in Atlanta on her new house.  And then there is Amy who is opening a second shop in Boston!  And Pat, who has gotten her big beautiful house ready to sell?  My, oh, my!  Just fan me and pass the lemonade while you give my hammock a gentle nudge!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer, whatever you are doing, be it very constructive work or just very lazy lollygagging like I am!


02 July 2012

01 July 2012


It is 103 degrees outside, and it is 3:30 in the afternoon.  That is in the shade, you know.  God only knows what it really is in the sun.  I wouldn't know, truthfully, as I decided to stay indoors today.  I have been out and about for the last few days in this heat, and I can't take it anymore.

This day has been one for the books, let me tell you.  For four months I have been trying to get someone to help me transfer the old iWEb blog onto some sort of permanent storage so that I could save some of those posts which took many hours of research and rewriting.  This is after Apple decided to get rid of MobileMe which I thought was a total cluster**** to begin with.  I don't know who thought this whole mess up.

I did not wait till the last minute to try to save this old blog just in case you are thinking, "What a dumb-bell bee-athch procrastinator!"    I went to the Apple store several times, and they had but one solution to offer:  Hire yourself a web designer.  One of those starts at lots of $$$ per hour, and I am not willing to fork it over when I do not have a monetized blog to cover it.  I have come up with quite a few ideas on my own, and none of them worked till yesterday.  I decided (1)  to email these old posts to myself, and (2) to create a "blind" blog to save them on Blogger.  I worked on it all day and half the night till midnight.  All seemed to be fabulous till this morning when it was ALL GONE!

I have cried.  I have cussed.  I have screamed.  I have yelled at Sweet Husband.  I have downloaded this, and I have saved that.  I can't see jack-s**t except gobbledygook that looks like Greek which I presume is some kind of computer code.  Plus, the Apple server has crapped out about fifty times during the download necessitating a do-over at least a dozen times.  

What is woman to do?

Rearrange the furniture, of course.  Come up with a new look somewhere in the house.  I created a soft wall between the kitchen and the LR with some old white semi-sheer curtains.  I moved the kitchen table out of the way after I ran into a chair leg twice, and I got a horrible bruise on my toe. 

I opened a bottle of my favorite white wine ('Summation' Sauvignon Blanc by Kendall Jackson), said "screw it" and gave myself a much-needed pedicure.  Clearly the pedi would be much better if I could see what I am doing.  Cataracts.

This week I will be doing some architectural drawings to submit to the ARB.  If they don't approve my proposals, then who knows?  I might actually lose my temper and get very un-Southern.  If you have ever seen this happen, you know that it is not a pretty sight.

I have cried buckets over a lost year of my life, not that it did any good.  Yesterday, when I wasted the whole day trying to email all this work back to myself, I thought I had it licked.  Today I find that I don't.  

I had planned to finish this project today.  I didn't.

ASCP 'Graphite" -- I don't like it.

Don't you hate these builder-basic stairs?

Waiting for the finish coat of Benjamin Moore semi-gloss pure black.  

I remembered one of my professors at University of Texas at Arlington.  She said that she had written an entire book which just disappeared, not ever to be found again, on the UTA computer system.  (This would have been around 1990.)  She announced that she would never ever be using a computer again.  I feel the same way, but this probably will not be possible.  One cannot function in this life apparently without this devilish GD thing anymore.

So here we are.  At impasse.  


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