29 August 2012


I don't know for sure, but this may be my swan song as a Blogger if we can't among us all figure out what to do about all the stealing and plagiarism going on of our blog content and photos.  I first started hearing about this a couple of years ago.  One blogger that I loved, a woman in Norway, has closed her blog to anyone who isn't invited.  Sarah at A Beach Cottage in Australia reported problems quite a while ago, her work actually being published in a magazine, if I remember correctly, under someone else's name!  

It is taking forever and a day trying to watermark photos one at a time.  The batch-marking programs that I have looked at are evidently written for Windows computers, but if you know of one that works with a Mac, I want to hear about it!  I still don't what to do about protecting my written content. 

On these photos I have used PicMonkey (which I love) to add the text, but I don't know if this is the same as an actual watermark.  (I do hope so!)  Trying all their various fonts till I found one I like was an experience.  I don't 
know about you, but I blog for fun not profit, and this ain't fun!  I have other things to do!  I know you all do, too!

I think we need to set aside one special  day, and everyone who blogs should share their experiences and what if anything they have done about it.   Some are truncating their posts.  That's fine.  I will click one or two more times.  Nobody wants word verification, but turn it off and guess what?  The porn sites have glommed on.  Porn Spammers are hitting my blog big time.  Yes, I have reported them.  Someone already stole my blog button, you know!

Blogger and all the other blogging platforms are going to have to get with it and ramp up the protection of our content, or there will be a mass exodus of Bloggers, I promise!  Most of us work hard on our posts because we enjoy sharing what we do, but when someone else takes the credit -- NONONONO!

Susan at Between Naps on the Porch wrote an extensive article a few days ago on this subject, and today I received another one from Miss Mustard Seed.  There are some valuable pointers in there, but you know what?  This is taking all the fun out of blogging.  It is becoming too much WORK!  Since I am not getting paid, I certainly don't want to work this hard.  I am not a tekkie geek, and I do not want to spend the rest of my precious time here on earth learning stuff that the baddies are just going to find a way around anyway.

So having said my piece, I am going to give you the rest of the photos for this tablescape.  Enjoy them.

We pop the cork if someone comes up with an answer!

The salad plate is Ralph Lauren "Mandarin Blue"

I do love my tassels

This little cup was my mother's as was the one below.
Both were "Made in Occupied Japan."

"Red Aves" by Royal Crown Derby  demitasse cup 

This is the Wang Dang Doodle part!

I love The Blues, and KoKo Taylor could belt out 'Wang Dang Doodle' like nobody else.

You may remember the little vintage pink champagnes I found at an estate sale a few months ago

The lace topper is from my husband's Grandma

The yellow cloth was my mother's

Stemless wines glasses, Orrefors.
The blue goblets,  Pier 1 many years ago.

Dinner plates are antique English, bearing the mark Baker & Co. (one of the Staffordshire companies) from a Dallas estate.

I am joining Cuisine Kathleen for Let's Dish and Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday.

On Friday, I am joining these ladies:

Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday
Courtney at French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday
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Updated:  I have added Copyscape -- check it out.  Also, I have looked at several watermarking applications for Mac.  I will have more to say on those next week.

I am going to start a list of spammers I find on my site.  Naturally I will report them.  I think I will Tweet it and Facebook it too -- what do you think?  If everyone reports them, maybe they will get buried.  We can only hope?  If you see this one, report it:  pregolom.com

Check your stats every day.

27 August 2012


Update:  Isaac has made a mess, and I have done nothing more!  Except maybe think I have lost my mind for thinking of living at the beach part-time!


The tropical storm Isaac is said to be getting a little stronger, gathering strength to become a hurricane.  Unfortunately, NOLA seems to be the bullseye again, so let's hope everyone heeds the warnings and takes great care.  Today it was hot and sunny here in Birmingham, although it does seem to be a little more breezy today.  We will be getting a lot of rain from this, and of course, tornadoes that spin off are always a concern.

They look better already!

With all this in mind, I worked hard all day today, getting all the laundry done in case of a power outage.   Some of the junk I bought over the weekend got primer, and these pieces look a million times better.  Many of the spots are coming out of the cushions on that iron patio sofa, but some little holes are appearing.  I may wind up having to do some kind of remedial work on these.  The zippers are stuck, so I can't get the covers off.  I have a Plan B idea that involves fabric paint.

Sweet Husband hard at work stripping the old chair seats

After I got all this priming done and we put everything back in the garage, Sweet Husband volunteered to strip off the disgusting seat covers right down to the frames of those two cane chairs from a couple of weeks ago.  I had planned to send them out to an upholsterer, although I knew I could do it myself.  They were so dirty, though, that I just didn't want to handle them.  I made him use gloves, etc., because those seats were totally gross.  (I had tossed them in his tool shed.  I think he just wanted them out of there!)  The redo will be an easy job -- I have all the necessary tools -- I just need to go get a block of foam and some more batting.  

This is the base for the coffee table we found on Saturday.  It has been re-glued and primed.  I actually tried a big wicker tray on it, thinking I might do something else with that humongous glass and brass top, but the tray is not quite large enough.  Ideas for this are still evolving.

The old treadle base from my Granny's  sewing machine needed another do-over, too.  The top has suffered badly, being out in the elements for a couple of years, so we removed it, cleaned up the base, and re-primed it too.  I have a great design I have come up with for a new top so I can use it as a little worktable in a Coastal kitchen, and it will incorporate the original drawers from the old cabinet.  I will share that when it is finished.

The chair on the right has lost a little wooden plug -- I'll fix that.
I am thinking these frames will be Greek Blue.  We'll see.  I think a graphic print on the seats...

These chairs remind me of the first chair I ever bought  -- when I was living in New Orleans as a college dropout.  Maybe that is why they caught my eye?

I am thinking this will be Antibes green, but not sure yet.

I can chalk paint all this stuff in the garage even if it is raining outside, so that is why I wanted it all primed before the rain gets here.  In spite of what is said about ASCP, I think the results are  always a lot better if a piece is cleaned and primed, either with a good primer or some artist's gesso, because sometimes old finishes will bleed through.  This time I used Rustoleum 2X white spray primer on all these pieces because it was faster.  

Another tidbit of advice from me to you about painting a piece that previously had a wood stain or varnish:  old furniture polishes or oils not only can bleed through the paint, but if they have been waxed with Pledge or some type of polish containing silicone over the years, you may very well get a rude surprise:  what refinishers call "fisheyes" -- very unsightly pock marks in your finish.  This can happen even if a piece is stripped to the bare wood, and then sanded and stained, etc.  So, in spite of what the sellers of ASCP tell you, I am telling you that you will get a much better result if you first clean and prime.  

I can't wait to get onto the good part -- the pretty colors and the fabrics.  It is always so gratifying to see something pretty come out of something that was ugly, don't you think?


I am joining Brenda at her Cozy Little House for Tweak it Tuesday.

I am also joining Miss Mustard Seed for Furniture Feature Friday.

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