09 September 2012


Here it is!
Painted and repaired!

working on building the new seats

covered the old Techline desk top with cork

put the wheels back on
they have been on and off 500 times


No watermark -- I am living dangerously today.
The spammers are ALL OVER this blog anyway!
They are worse than last week, if anything.

Even some stupid thing from You Tube!
Today, no lie, I got some $&*# from a kiddie porn site!  I saw a dozen or more complaints on that page about the very same thing.
Blogger is also acting really crazy today as I try to draft this post!

This is the 60s lamp from the estate sale a couple of weeks ago.
Shade and tassels from my stash in the attic.

Here it is the way I bought it --
the bright gold base around the bottom has been toned down and also has a coat of gold gilding wax.

First I trashed the shade, then found a shorter harp.

The prospect of an entire week of sunny days, slightly cooler temperatures and a new series of shots to temper the discomfort in my worn out knees has led me to draw up a list of 42,000 projects for this week.  Among them, working on some of the junk I have acquired recently at estate sales.  

While this one didn't come from an estate sale, it is getting worked over, too.
It was a very icky dark brown, my least favorite color on the planet,
but I used it in my LR for a few years till I brought back that white coffee table that I recently painted green.
Here it is with a coat of primer.
The base now is metallic silver.
I have big plans for a smasheroo design on the top.
Hint:  it will not be brown.
That screen in the background won't be brown too much longer, either.
I have big plans for that iron patio sofa, too. 

Of course, I was acquiring all this junk  in the hopes of furnishing a beach place with it, but we have stepped back from that objective for a little while.  There are some much-needed renovations to be done on this house, and we have decided to concentrate instead on first getting those things done in the immediate future.  

These two little cane chairs, now primed, are getting new seats.
Then they will be painted Greek Blue ASCP.
I bought "green" foam -- didn't even know there was such a thing, but surprise, there is!

I couldn't find what I wanted for seat fabric anywhere, which was the bright yellow and white chevron.
Amazon to the rescue!  I also got a couple of yards of the suzani pattern on the right.
Fabric.com was their supplier.
I think this bright yellow chevron will look fabulous with the blue chair frames!

First, the garage is going to be converted into my long-needed laundry/mudroom/studio.  When the washer, dryer and laundry sink move, that will give me at long last a dish pantry!  I can't wait!  Then there will be some sort of covered space like a porte cochere or another garage space built next to the present one, and there will also be a porch extension on the back off the kitchen.  We haven't decided yet if it will be the sunroom I want or the screened porch Sweet Husband wants.  All these things will take some time to work out.

This little wicker cabinet came from that same sale where everything was so dirty.
It has taken a lot of work to get it to this point.  Here it is primed.  One of the knob-pulls was damaged, so I have to think up a clever substitute.

When I found this piece, I was thinking it would be great for a bath or kitchen storage for a beach place if there was room.  Now, I have decided to use it in my new studio as a place to hold all my paints for furniture and my various artsy projects.  
This was probably meant to house a TV or stereo -- but I say it can be whatever I want it to be!
I found a round wooden ball in my stash, drilled out the hole and used it to replace the broken one.  

In the meantime, I am losing my feeble mind, trying to find a place to work on things around here, all my artsy-fartsy endeavors, especially the messy ones.  Every time I start something, I have to move my car out of range so it doesn't wind up paint spattered or misted.  I just mainly bitch a lot and get my husband to come move the heavy stuff. I think he mostly tunes me out, anyway -- he just moves stuff wherever I point.  Then he disappears back to the Man Cave.  

You are not really surprised that it is Apple Green, are you?
This is also Rustoleum 2X.

I don't like this brand, but I used up what I had then went back to Rustoleum 2X
much better and less stinky!

This is the stuff I used to faux mercury glass everything that would hold still long enough year before last.
It is now on the table base.  

The garage got a straightening this morning

I think this is gonna look pretty sexy.
Can a table look sexy?

Sure it can, with legs like these.

Soon, the patio sofa and the screen will get some help, too.Stay tuned.

And onto another topic:
About the programs I was investigating for Mac re watermarking photos, etc., I decided they were much too complicated for a little non-profit blog.  I think if the stealing and spamming, especially the porn stuff, continue to be a nasty problem, I will just stop blogging altogether.  I will really hate to do that, but enough is enough.  Are you listening, Google-Blogger?


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08 September 2012


It's Saturday night, and the old folks are at home.  Well, at least that's how it feels!  I can't remember the last time I went out and raised hell on Saturday night.  Time to do something about that...

Sweet Husband is glue to football or baseball or something that ends in balls, anyway, and me -- I just said Balls.  Ha!  I visited the ABC store today, which is where those of us who live in Right-Wing-Conservativeville stock up our bar.   The visit was inspired because of something I ran across the other day when I was cleaning out my computer Bookmarks.  I decided to save this particular one.  Then I decided to post it on Facebook.  I did something wrong, evidently, and it only posted the recipe for a White Russian.  It got a couple of Likes and comments, and I forgot about it.

Then last night when we should have turned off the light and started sleeping, somebody -- not me -- hit the button on the clicker to see what was on the movie channels.  The Big Lebowski popped up.  I love Jeff Bridges!  And John Goodman!  So, of course we had to watch.  Bridges plays a really weird private detective named "Dude" who is living in LA fifteen years ago -- at least I think that was when this film was made.  Fueled by White Russians (he also called them Caucasians!) and bowling, he and John Goodman got into some of the most ridiculous situations known to man.  The F-bomb was dropped at least 874,967 times.  I giggled myself silly.  

Today, I woke up with an odd craving for a White Russian, a drink I have not tasted since 1978 when I was a single mother working six jobs that overlapped  during any given week, and one of those was bar-tending.  While we were out doing errands, I made Sweet Husband pass by the aforementioned ABC store so that I could acquire the two of the missing ingredients.  It takes three:  I already had some fat-free half and half, figuring that would be an OK substitute for the heavy creme we used at the bar.   This is strictly a "chick drink," and that is what made it so funny when a usually stoned Jeff Bridges downed them like the very air he breathed.  

Speaking of Jeff, he apparently has really skinny legs -- did you ever notice?  He wore some really funky outfits which were not supposed to be flattering (and were in fact, quite a sight gag), and they made his legs look really really thin.  I love Jeff Bridges as an actor, and I think he is probably a wonderful person.  In fact, I think he is pretty sexy, and he sings good.  But in this movie?  He made me giggle myself silly!!

Anyway, I have decided that it might be time to resurrect this dandy little cocktail.

"Here's mud in yer eye!  Cheers!"


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