31 October 2012


I wish I could reach out and hug all those who have been devastated by  SuperStorm Sandy -- who would think such an innocuous sounding woman named Sandy could do such damage?  (Or Sally, as a dumb movie star I won't mention called her!)  I wish I could sit all of you down at here at my little kitchen table and feed you some hot soup with cornbread and a big ol' piece of chocolate cake and make it all better.  But I can't.  So I am going to make my donation to The Red Cross, and I hope you will do the same.  

Yessssss....  this is another one of those posts where I used the same linens and flowers as last week, but different dishes, etc., so, yeah, this is the same owl, same roses, same tablecloth, but we can call it Take Two.  Or we could call it variations on a theme.  Or we could call it a riff.  Or we could just call it what it really is -- lazy!


Black salad plates from Waechtersbach

White dishes, Mikasa Antique White

Black goblets, Artland Glass

This is about as Halloweeny as I am getting this year, because I have other plans.  Well, I actually did put a pumpkin on the porch.  (Notice the Halloween script on the photos from PicMonkey?  That is the funnest thing to play with!)  You may know that Halloween played the pivotal role in Sweet Husband and my finding each other twenty-three years ago.  I went as a mime and he a pirate -- to a Halloween party when we both lived in a Dallas suburb.  

Teapot from HG  a couple of years ago

Playing with PicMonkey again!  It is so fun!

Not having any little kiddies in our lives, we don't celebrate Halloween the way many do with lots of fun decorations, etc.  This year, with SH having retired, we will be doing something a bit more special.  So -- not a lot in the way of decorations!


BTW, we've rearranged and reshuffled the furniture in here since I shot these.  Stay tuned.


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28 October 2012


Last week when you saw this little mail-order piece of !@#$%^& it was in a sorry state.  To recap, I ordered it online, and it came in a box.  First, Sweet Husband had tried to put it together, then I reworked and repaired it, but it was still a piece of !@#$$%^&*  

-- but then I had a flash.  Not a hot flash -- I have actually moved on from those...  An inspiration type of flash.  A Eureka type of flash.  

My Father was a pack-rat, which is how I come by it -- very honestly.  It is in my genes.  He always saved a lot of stuff, saying "You never know when you might need it sometime."  I feel pretty much the same way.  (See that pile of shutter pieces under the metal sofa?)

When we moved from our previous house, a/k/a The White Elephant or The Money Pit, etc., I had to throw away a lot of perfectly good stuff down in my basement workshop.  One thing I did salvage, though, was a bundle of trim moulding I had cut once upon a time to doll up some cabinets.  Then I changed my mind about what I wanted to do, and never used it.  

When I encountered this conundrum with the x-shelves, I was not exactly thrilled with the repair-results.  That old decorating adage "what you can't get rid of, cover it up" popped up to save the day.  I searched my garage/new studio for the little bundle of moulding.  Found it!

I fired up the compound mitre saw, and found the tube of Liquid Nails, then some caulk.  After a little while I had this:

Then, after a couple of days of feeling under the weather, I recovered enough to do this:

Man oh man, this was some tedious painting.  

Lots of little planes to cover...

All the boo-boos are now covered up!

One coat of Empire Silk ASCP, so far.  I will get this finished up pretty soon, and I will show you what else I do to it -- did you doubt it?  It is going into the powder room where I plan a few other changes.


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27 October 2012


To all my friends and bloggers in the Northeast and along the East Coast, please heed the warnings of your public safety officials about preparing for the worst regarding Hurricane Sandy.  

As one who has lived through several catastrophic hurricanes, I can tell you that the best thing to do is to get away from the storm, if possible.  If your public safety people are saying you should evacuate, then please do.

Follow all instructions, and stay safe -- I want you all around for a long time to come.  Things can be replaced -- YOU can't!


24 October 2012


I have been collecting these Johnson Brothers "Fresh Fruit" dishes for about a year, after first seeing them on Cass's blog That Old House.  Replacements in NC and eBay have been my best friends!  Some of you have found them at CTS -- we aren't that advanced here, I am afraid.

Before I decided which glasses looked best!

I like these goblets from Old Time Pottery at the beach with them -- they are just peachy!

The thing about these dishes is that just about anything works with them.  I have loved them with purple, green, red, pink -- and I decided to go with the coral and peach tones today.

We use these a lot for everyday.

Over the past year, I have acquired six place settings and several serving pieces.

Recently I located three cups and saucers on eBay.  I was surprised that they were exactly like the mugs of which I already had five, only with a saucer.  

Now I guess I am looking for five more saucers?

I have two creme pitchers because one was part of a set.

I am also using the round coral placemats from Old Time Pottery at the beach last year.  I just happened to notice that the April Cornell cloth from HG last fall has orangey tones -- I think I have always used red, or green, or my black wicker chargers with it.

The napkins are kind of dinky, though, so I put them atop a bigger black one for some heft.

Flatware and napkin rings from PB a few years ago

Now let me tell you about that OWL --
I had wanted that great big wooden one at PB, but at about $130 that wasn't going to happen.

I got an email saying he was marked down along with a lot of their fall stuff, so off we went to see.

He was still $99 -- so I said, "I don't think so.  I'll wait a while longer."

Another fine day, we popped into Z Gallerie after lunch at Brio over at Brookwood Mall, and I saw this white ceramic one looking wise, lined up with his friends.  Casually I picked him up to see.
He was only $20!

That's more like it!
I think that is plenty to spend on a fad, don't you?

I would rather spend my fun money on stuff like this china coffeepot -- something I will always use.
You probably will be hard-pressed to find an owl in a year or two,  because we will all be so over them.

That little copper scuttle came from Holland, brought to my mother by a family friend.

I think it is pretty cute filled up with mini-pine cones from PB some years ago.

Two batches of these little coral roses from Publix were just right.

Very cheerful little brunch table, don't you think?

I made this little collage on PicMonkey, my first one!


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