28 November 2012


Here we are again -- it is suddenly cold Winter one day and back to warm-ish Fall again the next.  Weird weather.  I suppose the calendar says it is time for thinking about Christmas, so here we go!  The first little Christmas table of the season with the "American Christmas Tree" by Cuthbertson.  This is a discontinued English pattern which I bought at Bromberg's when we first came to Birmingham.  I have found a few replacement pieces on a couple of china matching services.  Accidents and tile floors and granite counters -- well, you know how it goes.

I love Serendipity!  I have never bought any flatware that was specifically Christmassy.  Last summer, though, I ordered this set of Fiesta flatware from Belk when they had a big sale, I think because Fiesta was changing a couple of their colors?  We have a few different plates in bright colors that are mostly used in the summer, and it is a nice complement to all of them.  Anyway, it is nice and heavy, a nice weight and feel in the hand.  We use it quite a lot for our everyday meals.  When I reached into the cabinet for the Christmas Tree plates to set the table, I automatically reached into the drawer for this flatware, and then I did a double take!  This stuff is perfect -- it pulls out all the bright colors on the tree and in the toys under it!  

One more thing -- I have been a pretty good girl this year, I think, and I have requested from Santa a new camera!  He said he would see what he could do.  I hope my photos get a lot better if he comes through.  My thanks to great bloggers like Brenda over at Cozy Little House and her new blog Cozy Inspiration for all the pointers for better photos -- I am paying attention, Girl!

Let's get this party started!


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26 November 2012


Another little peak at the Master Bedroom for you!  This room has seen more changes over the last five and a half years than a dressing room at Victoria's Secret.  I change it a least a couple of times a year because I am easily bored.

A sample pot from HD in "Banana Pepper" was just the right color and more than enough paint -- about $3!

After a fresh coat of paint

For the last few months, I have been "working" -- and I do use the term rather loosely -- on our bedroom.  We painted the walls bright white, then switched around some furniture and accessories from around the house.  We also changed the window treatments.  I have been painting things as the spirit moves me, which is not non-stop.  Apparently I am no longer easily moved by the spirit!

I found this mirror one day over at the Hoover Home Goods store.  Wearing a big bold Drexel label, it had great presence but a lousy finish -- too factory slick and fake distressed.  It looks heavy but is actually very lightweight, being molded something-or-other, not wood.

Conveniently, it was exactly the same width as this little C & B desk which got a pretty half-hearted paint job with a $1 bottle of craft paint a few years ago.  I found some paint at HD which was exactly the color I wanted -- Chartreuse -- and repainted both pieces the same, followed by some antiquing glaze.  Then I brushed on some gold gilding wax here and there.   The little PB Louis-style chair came out of the bathroom to join the pair.  All in all, a nice little trio, don't you think?

A moratorium on further work is now in place till after the Holidays!  I will string you along for a little while longer, and give you a look at some of the other changes.  Several more pieces will be undergoing changes, so you will have to check in to see what's what.  Eventually, you'll get the big picture.


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25 November 2012


'Bye, J. R.  


P.S.  I found the following photos on a photo gallery on the CNN Homepage.

24 November 2012


I said I was keeping it simple (i.e., cheap) and stress-free this year, and so far I am off to a roaring start!

The tiny foyer where the French hall tree got the foliage switched out.  Same little silver tray and faux mercury glass vase.  Fake poinsettias -- dandy because they don't wilt and die!  These two "bushes" from Michael's were $8.99 for both.  Did you know that on this day, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, everything is picked over!  It is already 50% and 60% off, and there are coupons for extra percentages off.  The ribbon was $1.49.

The Fall crapola goes back to the attic.
That is, whenever someone named Sweet Husband takes it up there.

I decided on the pale greenish white colors, and some apple green balls for a little punch.  Enough?  I think so.


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21 November 2012


Almost the last of the dahlias

My hope for everyone is a lovely warm Thanksgiving with the ones you love, plenty of good food to enjoy, and if you have been having a hard time for whatever reason, that all will be well in your world very soon.


The stuff:

Carson Tartan Plates from Pottery Barn -- now
Black Salad plates from Waechtersbach
Wallace Flatware from NM  "Empress'
Chargers Crate & Barrel
Black Goblets Artland Glass
Napkin rings BBB
Napkins and tablecloth HG

19 November 2012


Isn't this a cool basket in my kitchen windowsill?  It was made in Rwanda.

The history of Rwanda is interesting and troubling.  The people there have struggled mightily, and the women of Rwanda are trying hard to be self-supporting and productive.  This post is not going to be a diatribe about the unspeakable atrocities women there have suffered, but rather just about a pretty basket I bought in Costco one day, the proceeds of which go to help a  woman there who is trying to help herself.  

As you can see, I paid $37.99 for it.  Truthfully, the reason it first caught my eye was its vibrant turquoise color.  Then the woman who was operating the kiosk asked me to read the tag please, on the back.  I did.  The maker's name is Esperance.

Like all mothers, Esperance wants a better life for her son.  She also mothers two orphans, of which there are many in Rwanda.  

Isn't giving your children a better life a pretty universal aspiration for mothers everywhere?

If you see a kiosk in your local Costco or anywhere else, please take the time to look at all these beautiful baskets.  If you can, buy one.  It will make your windowsill beautiful, and it will immeasurably help its maker to help make a better life for her children.  I see this piece all the time, since I put it right over my kitchen sink.  Not only does it add a beautiful pop of color to my kitchen, it makes me think every day of a woman in Rwanda who is doing the best she can for her children.  This is the week we "officially" give thanks so I am thankful for happening upon this display of baskets one day in Costco and for having the means to buy one.


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There are many links if you Google Women of Rwanda  --  here is one:
I think maybe Macy's may be selling these baskets, too.

18 November 2012


Maybe this one is better?  The shade?

I used to have an arts and crafts shop, in another lifetime, but I am not much of a crafter.  I can sew and paint, design and build things, but a lot of the cute little crafts that I see so masterfully done on the blogs -- no, I can't, and I don't try.  Usually.

See that gap in the ball fringe?  I could have used about two more inches in length.  But I already had the shade and this amount of fringe, and I decided that it was going to work.  Yes, it was.  It stretches!  It did leave that unfortunate gap...

This is one of those little lamps from Lowe's which came with that teal shade trimmed in brown feathers you saw here last time, but it really did not go with this kitchen!  I finally found this one-of-two little red shades in my stash up in the attic.  This lamp does not have a harp -- it's one of those that you set the shade on the socket and then screw in the bulb.  Then you hope for the best.  It is a Bobble Head Lamp!  Another Problemo:  it was too short!  You nevah evah want to see the "workings" of a lamp socket, people!  So you find a way to hide it.  In this case, ball fringe to the rescue.  Pinned on and stretched to the limit!

Here is my homage to the Thanksgiving Turkey!  Salt and Pepper shakers!

You may be asking yourself, what the heck is this?   Well, my dears, this is a trough.  An overpriced cute rustic chic herb trough from Pottery Barn.  I kept trying to keep herb pots alive in it, then gave up and put it in the attic.  This Fall Decorating Time (Sacred in Blogland), I saw it in the attic about the same time I unearthed the bag of pine cones which used to smell like spiced apple cider, and I decided that it could go in the only spot in my house where there is a surface long enough -- the kitchen peninsula.  Yeah,  I have an island, thanks to me, but I have a peninsula, thanks to the Evil Previous Homeowner -- which is not bad mind you -- but it bisects the kitchen in such a way that I have practically no breakfast area.  Hence the newly created lounge.

Here is an artsy-fartsy shot!  I love this stuff.

Apropos of nothing, here is that owl from ZGallerie with some red-ish carnations from the grocery store.  They don't smell.  (See my other blog!)

One last look at the turkey couple -- aren't they cute?


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