30 December 2012


When my big desktop computer crashed last year, I lost a lot of photos even though they were backed up, because they would not open up on the newer computer.  Bummer!  However, I did find these from our past two years' New Year's tables.  I have re-edited them in PicMonkey, and they look much better, don't you think?  (If you even remember these...)  You will have to come back later to see what happens this New Year's Eve!

Please everyone, have a safe and wonderful and jubilant celebration -- after all, we didn't get flung off the planet and the Apocalypse is not yet upon us in spite of those crazy Mayan cut-ups.  (They are probably up there somewhere laughing their little butts off!)  Drink responsibly, have a sober designated driver -- or just stay home and get snockered -- whatever floats your boat!  I want to be able to read your blogs for a long, long time!


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28 December 2012


Mixing metals on one's person or on one's table or in one's house -- always a subject for lively discussion among the design-oriented.  Hardliners say "Never" and creative types say "Always!"  There is a current movement in design which melds fashion and interior design -- you have only to read the design blogs or the design magazines to be aware of this.  With this concept in mind, I decided to translate to my table one of my favorite winter-time fashion looks:  winter white (in rich woolens and silks for clothing, fine china for the table) accented with gold, silver and pearls.  Translated for the table, it means what you see here -- an eclectic mix of what I have had for a while, into what I hoped would be a stylish mix for a New Year's table.

Because those of us who follow a Christian calendar accept that the Feast of the Epiphany on the 6th of January signifies the official end of Christmas, we do not snatch our Christmas decorations down on the day after Christmas -- or even in the case of some I know, on the very afternoon!

My goal is always to get everything out by that date, but truly, it may be longer before everything is actually packed up.

From Sweet Husband and me -- Happy New Year to you all!  Thanks for being my loyal readers and followers and commenters.  


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26 December 2012


I love my traditional Lenox "Holiday" china that I started last year.  This year I paired the dinner plates with the smaller plates I found in antique shop in Savannah last year.  This Tracy Porter pitcher is the only piece of this Christmas ceramic pattern I have, but I think it can be rather jazzy to mix up ceramics and fine china.  

The glassware is a mix of pieces from my Granny, a neighbor's estate sale, and the grocery store!

The napkins are doubled up -- kind of like the napkin is wearing it's very own little apron.  

Bet you didn't know that my nickname used to be "Goldfinger"!  I once decorated a room all in shades of gold.  Go big or go home...

I like the mix of high and low -- I think it makes any room or any table, or even an outfit you wear for that matter --  much more interesting than an across the board splash of all very, very expensive components or a pile of junky pieces with nothing of substance or value in the mix.  

I hope everyone has had a nice Christmas with those you care about the most, and I wish a Happy New Year to you all!


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P.S.  I left several of you comments from my iPad which I am still trying to figure out how to use!  They didn't seem to appear on your blogs -- so sorry!

24 December 2012

19 December 2012


I wanted to do something different for this Christmas table -- Peacocks and Gold!

I think I like it!

When I was thinking about this table, I decided to find a few more of the peacock plates -- eBay to the rescue!  The only thing here that you haven't seen but I have had them quite a while, are the turquoise goblets from Artland glass.  You might remember that I had some trouble with One Kings Lane a while back, and they ultimately took back that plastic crap that they advertised as glass.  They only gave me a credit on their site instead of the refund I requested -- and this is one of the things I found to spend the credit on.  

I hope you like my different take on a Christmas table this week!

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