20 January 2013


The first table --

Before we left for our recent trip to Santa Fe, I was doing a little browsing on some of my favorite antiques shopping sites, and ran across something I had wanted for a long time.  French Garden House, an online shop and blog operated by Lidy Baars (I hope I spelled her name correctly!) sometimes has really pretty tole trays, although I have never been lucky enough to score one there.  Either they were beyond my budget or someone else beat me to the punch!  

I have collected a few over the years, mostly at estate sales or in a trade, but I have been looking quite a while for one with a little folding stand to use as a table.  I recently missed the boat on one at another estate sale.  Then I saw one in Lidy's newsletter which I get emailed to me.  I jumped on it!  I called her and asked if she could send it to me after I got home, which meant that she would have to hold it till about mid-January.  She did, and it arrived Friday.  Here it is!  I just love it -- it is exactly what I wanted.

The second table -- 

Yesterday, I painted a tabletop, and today I put a second coat of wax on it.  This whole thing was brown, which as you know, I detest.  We bought this little table at Hobby Lobby several years ago, and I have envisioned it several different colors.  As usual, when it came time, I just went with my feeling at the moment.  One day when I was feeling groovy, the base got sprayed mirror-bright silver, but the top?  

Nothing for months.  In fact, it languished in the garage till I created my little kitchen lounge.  Usually, I kept some camouflage on that brown top.  Then yesterday, I was looking through my paints.  Florence ASCP!  I had bought a little sample pot of this color, and I was thinking that maybe turquoise and silver is a classic for a reason.  So I just did it.

I like it.  It picks up the same more saturated shade of the wall color which is in my Rwandan basket and the throw I bought in Santa Fe.  Who knows how long this will stay in here, but for now, it works for me.


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P.S.  I am still getting spotty internet, so if I don't visit you that is the reason.


  1. I love both tables Ellen. I've always wanted a tray table too. Maybe one day.

    The kitchen table is fabulous. The paint colors are wonderful.

  2. I love the table sitting there between my favorite green chairs!

  3. Every time I read your blog I enjoy your pretty colors once again! I hope I live long enough to see brown banished from home decor. I went with a friend sofa shopping and when we walked in the the show room, it was brown leather as far as the eye could see.

    We have the same fire screen. Mine came from A Touch of Class catalog years ago and I still love it...though it's a heavy thing.

    Your tole tray table made my heart skip a beat. It's fabulous!

    1. Thank you. Do you not have a blog or an email? I can't find anything on your page to reply to you. I believe that Touch of Class is the catalog where I found this (possibly) -- I guess they don't exist any more? I had to paint this one white, because they no longer carried the white by the time I ordered.

  4. Hi Ellen,

    I haven't been by in awhile. I'll have to visit more often. Not only do I love the two tables, I adore the red checked chairs and the green tufted chairs in front of your fireplace. Wow! You really know how to mix and match bright colors. They go so well with your colorful personality. Did you paint the cane chairs with ASCP? I used her paint for the first time last month and love it! I have to catch-up by reading some more of your blog posts.

    Hugs, Sandy

  5. I love the green table with those red checked chairs. Great color!

  6. I love tole trays, too, Ellen. I don't have any old ones, but I'd love to find one. Your Hobby Lobby table turned out so pretty. I just love that cute sitting area you have set up in your kitchen.

  7. Oh I love your tray table! I've always thought those were just so charming. That little seating area in your kitchen is so cozy, and the table colors turned out great! Have a good weekend. laurie

  8. What a great idea to use a tole tray as a table top. How charming! I'll be looking for a base now myself. Thank so much for sharing this idea. I recently found a lovely green tray with hand painted flowers at a church bazaar for $20.00 (no chips no wear). Right now its on my dining room dresser sideboard.

  9. OMG, those lime chairs are beyond awesome! That tole tray makes a great little table.

  10. I love your style! I have had a smile on my face since I arrived!



  11. Love your decorating style! Wow- LOVE those green chairs. They really set the room off. :)

  12. I am so thrilled that I found post! The tole table
    Ooks so great with your chairs. Love it!


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