30 January 2013


I have had frustrating internet problems for quite a while.  I hope to get over to ATT and knock some heads again tomorrow, unless I have to swim.  The rain has been heavy.  

That being said, I have been out of town for a few days following a death in the family, and we arrived home this afternoon.  My husband's aunt, age 90, a true Mississippi Belle, died last Friday.  She had a great life, and I will write more about this experience on my other blog soon (assuming I have internet of course.)

Today's table was meant for last week, but I have been having some medical issues which have required a bunch of tests.  More on this later, but please don't get excited yet -- I really think my doctor is just being cautious.  If there is anything really wrong, I will whine, and you will know!

This is my Wintry/Icy look which I started on for Kathleen's challenge last week.  Sorry I am late to the party.


I am linking to Kathleen for Let's Dish and to Susan for Tablescape Thursday.


  1. Winter white at its best! It's never too late to share a pretty table! Sorry you've had a frustrating week. Hope the health issue is quickly resolved, and sorry for your loss. Knowing someone has lived a full life is comforting, but it's never easy to let go of a loved one.

  2. So sorry about your storms and internet difficulties! Hope all is well now. My condolences on your loss. It sounds like she lived a long and full life, and I'll look forward to reading about her on your other blog. I hope your tests show all to be well! Now to your table -- I love the wintry, icy look you've created. Those little "ice cube" votives are just the perfect touch! I also like the way you carry out the theme to other parts of the dining room, beyond the table.

  3. I hope your health issues are resolved soon, Ellen!

    Your winter table is gorgeous. I've always loved those white pierced jars on the break front.

  4. So sorry about your husband's aunt and your internet woes. I hope all of your tests results give you a clean bill of health! Now, for your gorgeous table and room! Wow - I love everything, but especially your candlesticks and the way that you used the brown on the table to anchor everything. I want to be a guest at that table. Please invite me, when I temps reach 100 this summer - lol!!

  5. Better to be Tardy for the Party (remember all that hoopla from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" a while back??!?!?!?) than to never have partied at all! And this IS a wintry table at its best!!!! Super icy! I am sorry you continue to have Internet problems. Man...that's just the ultimate in stuff that sucks! I won't get all beside myself about what your doctor has to say unless/until you do. I hope your upcoming weekend is better than what the last couple of weeks have been!

  6. Scribbler,
    Your Winter tablescape is exquisite!!!
    Hoping you all the best in the future!
    P.S. Visiting from Susan's!!!

  7. Simply elegant! Love the green glasses with all the white and glass. It's always wonderful to hear that a life was well lived when you hear of someone's passing. I'm sure her life would be interesting to others to read about.

  8. Beautiful table, Ellen. I love those crystal flower plates. Your sideboard looks so nice with that little bit of green.
    Hope you get your internet problems solved soon.

  9. Praying for you. That your health issues are nothing and for comfort for you and your husband. Ellen.I love this table for so many reasons. That centerpiece is to die for! Well not literally, but it's fabulous. Everything just reflects gorgeously off those mirrored placemats. The glasses are gorgeous. Oh, and we have the same birdie tray! Yes, I truly love this table.. xo marlis

  10. Thanks ladies! I was worried that I was going to lose internet, so I didn't take the time to list the credits or watermark the photos. The twig centerpiece was found at ACC in Santa Fe -- after Christmas for 50% off!

  11. It was worth waiting for, it is gorgeous! It looks very icy indeed! Love the lighting!
    Medical issues here too, feel like I have lost a week.

    Thank you so much for linking to Let's Dish!


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