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My good blogger friend Pat at Back Porch Musings, posted today on her blog about a number of things, one of which was a mention of how much they love to visit Franklin, TN.  It is indeed a fun little place to visit, and I have noticed that a number of other bloggers like Kim at Savvy Southern Style like it, too.  

I adore the Italianate bracketed eaves!

There are supposedly Country Music stars living all around, but I didn't see any.   They probably avoid the tourists like the plague...  Located South of Nashville which has grown exponentially over the years, Franklin is still a small town, but the shopping is fantastic, especially for antiques.  

A cute Victorian cottage on one of the side streets

I shot some photos in some of the stores, and I honestly don't remember the name of the places.  I should have made notes -- oops!  If you just go shopping up and down the streets, you will run upon it, I guarantee.  Tough assignment, I know...  but somebody's gotta do it.

While we were there, the juried Antiques Show was going on, so we went over there a few times (the pass you buy once gets you in for the duration).  Yes, we did buy a couple of goodies!

I adore the porch!  And all the trees!

I want to make one of these --
I have had the "bones" in my garage forever --
just never seem to get to it.
Procrastination, thy name is Ellen...

Be still my heart!

We tried this little greasy spoon for lunch --
sorry, can't recommend!

Some reading material

Here is what we bought at the antiques show --

I spotted the silver tray on the first day, and loved the copper coming through in the design.  The piece is English.  I did not buy it the first day, but waited.  My husband spotted the German cologne bottle at another dealer's space, and he wanted to buy it for me.  Who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?  I told him I thought I should go back and buy the tray because they look like they belong together.  They do they do they do!

You should definitely visit Franklin for a little getaway -- there are also lots of historical sites to visit, and you are very close to Nashville, if the music scene is your thing.  I don't think you will be disappointed.



  1. Some of my happiest memories are when my daughter and I would take her boys to mothers-day-out at church and then we'd spend the precious hours in Franklin. We almost always had lunch at Meridee's. Did you go in there? Surely it's still open although I haven't been in several years. It's not as much fun now that my daughter lives in FL and isn't here to go with me. A walking tour around the town to view the beautiful historic houses is always good, especially in spring and autumn. I'm so glad you visited there. Y'all come back again!

  2. I love that Franklin is my backyard! I was just there last week for a Raul Malo concert at the Franklin Theater. The antique shopping is great, but not cheap. Fun place to visit though. Dianne


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