06 January 2013


Do you know what this word means?  

Don't worry -- I am going to tell you.  (Did you doubt it?)  It means sleight of hand, or all is not as it seems.  Deception, trickery...  

Or magic!

We got to spend Christmas with my son Brendan and his fiancee Heshi.

They went back to L.A. for a fancy party on New Year's Eve.  Brendan's friend Jason took this photo.  Don't they look modern and urbane?  Of course, I am from Birmingham, AL -- I think most people who live somewhere else exciting look modern and urbane.

At any rate, all will be revealed very soon. 

Want to see how our family Christmas  went?

One or both of them (plus me) were on an iPhone, iPad or laptop a great deal of the time.  But, at last we were all together, even though we were this year's cliché.  Sweet Husband was glued to basketball or football on TV -- I don't know, they all look alike to me!  Notice the ever-present Starbuck's cups, too.  ;>D

More to come!



  1. Your son is handsome and his girlfriend looks warm and friends. Do I suspect an engagement might be in future? Dianne

  2. Oh, this made me think of what Ray Bradbury had to say about men and their electronics! But you don't want to know! Well, it's a new world and lots of fun and you were together for Christmas, that's all that matters. We can't confiscate our family's phones, etc., like a teacher, can we?

    They are a beautiful couple!

  3. They DO look quite urbane...especially in the black & white photo with those cool retro champagne coupes!!! Very cute couple!!!

  4. I agree with Alycia, handsome and urbane couple! What a great time away!

    I just looked at your Franklin post. I am slow in getting around with this daily posting I've been up to!! Gorgeous images. When we were there an incredible Wisteria was in bloom over the side porch of the Italianate home. Thanks so much for the shout out!


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