13 January 2013


Our New Year's was quite different this year because we were in Santa Fe!  It was unseasonably cold, according to people we talked with, and it has been since then, down to -2 degrees some nights.  Still very bright and sunny in spite of the snow, a lot of the snow melted off the streets each day, but there was quite an accumulation in areas that did not take direct sun.  Another snowstorm along with some ice, was predicted for New Year's Eve, but we had a built-in option for dining out.

Sweet Husband perusing the Wine List

The place we stayed, Quail Run Resort out on Old Pecos Trail, is a gated community with condos, patio homes and individual houses built around a golf course.  There is a club house with a fitness center, a wonderful restaurant and other amenities such as a pro shop.  Some residents live there year round, others for only part of the year.  Some of the condos are rentals, either full-time or part-time.  Ours was the part-time home of a lady who had evidently departed for somewhere else for the holidays.  

My favorite spot for waiting for the ball to drop -- by the kiva (the fireplace).
Notice my little chili pepper lights on the tree?
We decided to go to the restaurant for New Year's Eve, because it did not entail going outside at all!  Who cared if it was snowing like crazy?  We could take an elevator down to the parking garage, walk part way through there to another elevator and go up into the building with the restaurant.  They have a new chef, a woman, who is quite talented.  There was a Prix Fixe four course meal with three options for each course.  An herbal sorbet was served at one point between courses.  The food was divine, and they have a great wine list.  The restaurant is not open to the public, but if you are staying there, you pay a "resort fee" as part of the tariff which entitles you to all the amenities including the restaurant.  We ate there several times during our stay, including our 22nd anniversary on December 22, but New Year's Eve was definitely the fanciest. 

Who is this?
Well, our new camera makes faces look a little weird, that's all I can tell you.
Faces, particularly noses,  seem to look broader and flatter -- I guess I will figure this out eventually.
I probably need to change the setting or something...
It certainly doesn't look like me!
And for such a nice place, the lighting was terrible!

Sweet Husband has become a Mountain Man -- has gown himself a beard.
Here, he is anticipating the coming good meal.


His.  Guess who ended up eating most of mine, too?

All though the evening, I kept saying "Pinch me!"  It was like a fairy tale to look out the windows and see the snow falling, feel the warmth of the fires blazing in several kiva fireplaces, watch all the pretty people all dressed up, listen to the nice music provided by a lady-singer/piano player, and enjoy the great food and wine.  I kept wondering how the poor servers and workers were going to get home, but no one seemed worried about it.  They are probably used to the weather, but I was very glad that we didn't have to drive anywhere.  
Cool sconce, don't you think?
One of several large pretty trees in the building
A old beaded buckskin jacket.
I presume it is valuable -- it was under glass,
behind lock and key.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

We settled in for the remainder of the evening back at the condo to see the New Year rung in around the world on the Telly.
Nice and cozy.

The next day, New Year's Day, was quite cold, but very sunny.  We went out for a walk one of the trails around the the outer fence.  I had bought both of us some boots made for snow before we left, the ones I had years ago when I lived in Denver being long gone.  There is nothing quite so bracing and invigorating as a good tramp though snow almost knee deep in drifts!  Great exercise!  

Can you believe how blue that sky is?

In another post I will share some photos  of other aspects of Santa Fe.  We stayed a long time because we wanted to see what it would be like to live there, since we had decided to move there once before, and then Sweet Husband reneged.  I think we have a good idea now, should we decide to make a major move.  Stay tuned.

I am preparing an additional post on the design aspects -- the architecture, art and furniture.  I have some photos of a collection of artifacts and furnishings that I think you will enjoy.

I am linking to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.


P.S.  Does anyone know how to batch watermark photos on a Mac?  And is Blogger going through menopause or something?  It is taking forever to load photos still.  Does anyone know if Google Chrome which I hear is the remedy works with a Mac?



  1. Despite the poor lighting, you look beautiful! Your camera does a fabulous job outside. I agree NM has the most beautiful blue sky I have every seen. My sister lived there and when I visited we had huge snowfalls that melted away almost immediately b/c of all the sun. I know you had a great time. Chrome says the following on the download page - For Mac OS X 10.6 or later. Let me know how it goes. Dianne

  2. Wow, what a fabulous place to spend New Year!! Gorgoeus photos. I had trouble loading photos with Blogger- it was so slow it nearly did my head in. I now write my posts on Windows Live Writer then publish them. I just googled it and up loaded it on one computer but my newer one already had it loaded. Very simple and very fast. I'm not really very good at this computer stuff so hope it works for you as it did for me.
    Good luck!

  3. It's been a few years since we were in Santa Fe for the winter. Your snow shots are gorgeous. Santa Fe is pretty year round for me. Glad you and your husband had a nice time.

  4. I don't know anything about Mac. Sorry. I hope you're able to get help soon! Menopause...hilarious!!! I didn't know it snows in NM!!! That's weird!!! And for it to be that cold...I just never imagined that! That was worse weather than here in the Midwest that night!!! I'm glad you guys were able to make good use of the restaurant right there on the premises. The food looks fantastic. I want to just eat it right off the computer screen!!! I'm not getting the nose thing about your photo. You look like a superstar!!! Go on with your red lipstick-wearin' self, child! :-)

  5. This was so great! Thank you for the pictures and the writing so I could live that experience vicariously through you! Never been there but always wanted to. It's wonderful that you got to stay there long enough to really get the feel of the place. I hope you get to move there if that's your heart's desire.

    1. Thank you -- me too. However, I might need to win the lottery or get a large inheritance from a long-lost relative first!

  6. Wow, I loved seeing all the pics of your wonderul food and your fabulous stay in Santa Fe. You two make a cute couple. Happy belated anniversary.


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