21 February 2013


In Progress....

New blinds -- Yay!

And now...

Holdbacks for the curtains and the pillows are done

Wonder why the light makes this look so yellow --
it isn't.

These pieces got painted, as did the walls.

That big armoire is next

Quick, before you blink!  The master bedroom has never gotten completely finished with this lavender/purple, chartreuse and white thing I had going, and now that summer is on the horizon, it will be time to do something else pretty soon.  The plan was to get all the furniture, most of which will probably not change, painted lighter.  I am still dragging on the armoire, nightstands and dresser because I was still waffling on the shades. I was not up for an excruciatingly matched set, rather some perfect harmony. There is so much going on around my house right now that it is like a three-ring circus, and I just haven't gotten around to it.  I guess there's no real rush, now that I found out I am not dying; at least that was the last report.

I found that little plaid throw on clearance at HG -- it is wool and very warm.

I love having the holdbacks because now I can see out.

There are heavy blackout panels under the silky ones, and they are too hard to slide open and closed every day.

The other thing I didn't get done yet was adding a corona and the appropriate drapery over the bedhead.  I have gotten a bee in my bonnet that I want to have a corona and feel like an empress while I am slumbering, although I may be a dowager empress at this rate before I find the one I am willing to fork over the money for.  The hunt is still on, though, unless I lose interest, which has been known to happen.  

I want this Hekman armoire and nightstands to be a lighter shade -- this taupe is SO OVER!
The slider thingamajigs under its feet have been there for a while now --
truthfully I don't even notice them any more.  I will get them off when I finally paint.
The lavender "silk" came from Calico Corners about a hundred years ago, and I bought a whole bolt for $8 a yard.  You cannot tell it is not the real McCoy, and it is (shudder!) polyester.  I have my trusty black-out panels underneath them so that I can sleep.  It does kind of eliminate the necessity of lining the panels, since I change my mind about the decor in here nearly as often as I change my unmentionables.  The duvet cover, which is a dead-on accidental match, came from Tuesday Morning at least a hundred years ago, back when I had a stenciled wisteria border in a previous house MBR.  We have just added the holdbacks.  Now we can see daylight.

Oops -- the lamp is off center...

You have already seen the saga of the chartreuse desk and mirror and the blue chest now painted grey.  (Check back a few posts in the archives if you missed them.)  A few years ago, I made the slips on the bench and the chaise (actually two pieces) from some $5 a yard quilted cotton from HobLob.

We recently added the two 5 x 8 greige shag rugs, because my husband is dragging his feet about getting hardwood and I had to cover up that s@#$%^&*y carpet.  It will happen.  He knows and I know it, but he likes to think he is in charge.  ;>p

You have seen the antiqued brass and glass etagere from Ballard, which was my only big purchase for this redo, and the main rea$on I still don't have a corona.  (The only Corona I get right now is in a bottle!)  The lamps were $20 each and bubble-gum pink from an estate sale, and they got silvered by me.  Their shades and tassels came out of my stash in the attic.  That estate sale rocker that I painted French Lilac last summer is going on the screened porch with a different cushion.    The Suzani patterned silk that I made the big euros and the rocker cushion from was my other little splurge.  Otherwise, things just got shifted around or swapped out for stuff I already had. 

Sorry it took me so long, but I decided that if I didn't get all the furniture painted before I showed it to you, we might all be in the nursing home by then and nobody would care anyway.  So, hope you enjoyed this look at my little private nest, and we will revisit it when there is something new to talk about.  Look forward to it!

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  1. I was giggling throughout this post -- love your humor! And I'm very glad you aren't dying -- at least anytime soon! I hope we end up in the same nursing home -- what fun we'd have! Your bedroom looks very elegant already, without the corona, but it WOULD be fun to have one. The color scheme is really pretty.

  2. Your room has a romantic vibe. I like the bedskirt a lot.
    I like your armoire the way it is, but I'm always the odd man out when it comes to the furniture painting thing. If you leave it the way it is then it won't be matchy matchy to anything else. Would save you a lot of work too!! :-) Ok I'll shut up!
    You made the curtains? You are talented! I have never had the guts to make curtains. Pretty fabric!
    I like your Ballard etagere- it caught my eye right away!
    I certainly hope you aren't dying! You are a card!

  3. Love what you're doing in the bedroom -- your bed looks so inviting and comfy that I'd like to crawl right into it and take a nap! Thanks for visiting us on our blog today. You and I share some of the same issues, particularly re: husband and re-doing floors. I want hardwood; he's dragging his feet. I feel your pain. Regarding the nursing home, the other two girls that share my blog and I figure we'll all get together and be in a four-plex instead of a nursing home. You can be our resident interior designer, okay?
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  4. Of course, I am loving the chartreuse! I just caught up with your posts. I have been a bad blogger this week...in fact I've been a bad blogger for awhile, not doing proper visiting!

    I am happy to hear your health problem isn't life threatening!!

    You could have knocked me over with a feather when Mathew met his maker. When oh when is the next season!?

  5. It's looking more and more lush by the minute, Ellen!! I love your generously proportioned dust ruffle!!! It's gorgeous (Why do they call it that? It's not ruffled!) It reminds me of a fabulous evening gown! I have been on the hunt for one that has a 21" drop for our guest bedroom. Not so easy to find. I wish I could sew so that I could make draperies for our master suite. I wouldn't need real deal silk or anything. In fact, I'd want something totally wash-and-wear. Ramon & I both have allergies, so any lingering dust is a problem. I'm constantly washing fabrics around here!!! Lookin' good, girl! Lookin' good!!!

  6. Oh how lovely everything looks! I would never want to leave such a pretty bedroom. Thanks for your sweet visit.

  7. Wow...what a great room!
    Great post...made me giggle!


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