18 February 2013




I went to bed so bummed -- can you believe what happened to Matthew last night on Downton Abbey?  Ye Gods and Little Fishes!  I had read that he wanted to leave the show and might possibly be "the other one" (after Sybil) since it was widely reported that two major characters would die this season.  When Thomas got beat up, I thought, this is it.  Then Bam!  It was Matthew.  The actor (Dan Stevens) is really a pretty boy, I gotta say.  Check out this photo which I poached from Tartan Scot's blog!  (And notice the totally fabulous boisserie him.)

I don't know who to credit for the photo
but here is a link to a recap and some possibilities for next year

Whatever will Lady Mary do?  What about poor Lord Grantham?  He had to have Matthew to save Downton, after all.  Maybe Mary could marry Tom Branson, her sister Sybil's widower?  They each have a little Crawley baby now, so that could be cozy.  But since Tom was a chauffeur, she probably wouldn't entertain the notion.    

Shifting gears, I have been dreaming of soaking tubs and wonderful screened-in porches.  I have been trolling the internet for photos, and I need to go round up all my books on porches.  I looked for some new ones, but I can't seem to locate anything.  Do you know about any that I might have missed?

The sad little deck, now stripped.
You can kinda sorta see that estate sale metal sofa behind Sweet Husband here.  The garage was turned upside down because this is when they were installing the garage door.
The porch is going to be natural cedar (low maintenance, people!)  I am not getting any younger and do not want to be having to paint the porch every year!  I am going to go totally bonkers with the colors inside it, though.  You all know I am a bohemian at heart, so all these Indian pillows and bright, bright colors that are in the stores right now are all screaming my name.  I found a couple on clearance last year, and those are coming into the mix, too.  I went through my fabrics yesterday, and I found some I like that will work.  However, I don't know if, since they are not weatherproofed, it would be a good idea to use them.  Do you know if there is something like ScotchGuard for instance, that the finished cushions might be sprayed with to make them shed water?  

I am trying not to spend money on anything unnecessary, but in the future, I might get some new cushions made for that estate sale iron patio sofa.  You might remember that we got it when we were thinking about finding a beach condo.  It will be perfect for this porch.  It is getting a huge makeover.  Can you guess what color it will be?

All the furniture is piled back here on the patio, and the pavers have been stripped away from around the sad little deck.

I have worked out the dimensions so I know what will fit and where.
I don't have to buy any new furniture!

Did you have a loverly President's Day? We slept till 9 a.m. -- talk about lazy.  After a leisurely couple of hours drinking coffee and talking about what we would do today, we mapped out a game plan.  We needed to go look for a few items to do the upcoming improvements, and decided to hit CPK for lunch.  Ever had the Thai Crunch salad?  To die for.

First we made a stop at Home Depot to load up on my favorite 2X spray paint for the furniture which is going on the porch.  I have one piece which I will do with chalk paint for sure, but mostly I am spraying.  Have I mentioned that I have become afflicted with laziness?

You will just have to follow the process to see how it all turns out.

Next week, I will show you the Master Bedroom, I hope, before I change it again.  I am trying to get it in gear to finish painting the furniture, having bought some French Linen paint.  This summer the fabrics are changing again (I always change seasonally, at least twice a year) because I like to have a fresh  look every few months.  I am planning to use some fabric that I have had quite a while, but never had a chance to use.  Hint:  it is cheerful, like sunshine!

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  1. Wow, please indicate that a spoiler is coming before giving away what happened on Downton! We haven't watched it yet and I was trying to avoid this. :(
    Love your blog otherwise :)

    1. Sorry -- it was on last night, and most devotees watch it immediately. I did add the spoiler alert at the top.

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  3. I cannot believe Matthew was killed, right after I was telling my husband how nice and cute he is and that I am in love with him, lol. Anyway,life goes on and I am excited to see what you do to your porch. Good luck!...Christine

  4. I was also outraged when they killed off Matthew -- even though I later learned it was his choice to leave the show. I knew something bad was going to happen, but I didn't dream it would be to him! I was mad! Good luck with your painting project -- can't wait to see the eventual reveal!

  5. I read an article that talked about how in the UK, actors don't sign long term contracts and they don't get paid huge salaries ... even for a huge show such as this. Unfortunately what I think this means is that we'll be seeing characters (actors) dropping out every single season now. Grrrrr .... and I just barely caught on to this (generally) lovely show. Too bummed for words.

    But good luck to you and your project. I see a much better future for it.

    Thanks for the chance to vent ~ Mary

  6. I heard Matthew wanted to pursue his stage career...couldn't believe it! Of course I couldn't believe they killed off Sybil! LOVE this series, sure wish they made more episodes...how long will we have to wait for more!!!!????

    Your projects sure look interesting...can't wait to see more!

  7. Seems logical that Matthew's son would inherit his money and be the next Lord. Depends on whether his will names someone else to get his money. I expect most of it has already been spent on luxurious living. Next picnic I go on, I want servants and tents and silver and crystal tableware........

    On the other hand, I was practically tearing up at the Matthew, Mary, and baby scene just before the conclusion. Then the shock of the last scene was sooooo painful. I'm to old to lust after that good lookin' guy, but I was certainly becoming attached to him. Such a swell thoughtful and considerate fella.

    I was expecting this to be the end of the show, but apparently not, from what i'm reading here. So glad I'm not doing any outside porch building this month. It's pretty darn cold and windy lately in the NC mountains.

    If your spoiler alert were any larger, I'd have to buy a laptop with a bigger screen! Sheesh!!!!

  8. I don't watch "Donwton Abbey", but THAT BOY IS FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Have fun with your master bedroom. Our master suite is "sunshiny", too!

  9. I haven't watched the series either, but I started recording. I need some catch up time.
    What a cutie! Projects are fun. Looking forward to seeing the reveal.


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