30 January 2013


I have had frustrating internet problems for quite a while.  I hope to get over to ATT and knock some heads again tomorrow, unless I have to swim.  The rain has been heavy.  

That being said, I have been out of town for a few days following a death in the family, and we arrived home this afternoon.  My husband's aunt, age 90, a true Mississippi Belle, died last Friday.  She had a great life, and I will write more about this experience on my other blog soon (assuming I have internet of course.)

Today's table was meant for last week, but I have been having some medical issues which have required a bunch of tests.  More on this later, but please don't get excited yet -- I really think my doctor is just being cautious.  If there is anything really wrong, I will whine, and you will know!

This is my Wintry/Icy look which I started on for Kathleen's challenge last week.  Sorry I am late to the party.


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27 January 2013


Do you ever use a kitchen scale?  I bought one about twenty years ago, a little Cuisinart, and I use it sometimes.  European magazines are one of my weaknesses, and if you want to make any of their recipes, it helps if you have a scale because the recipes are written in metric measures.  I have a conversion chart in many of my cookbooks, but I am too lazy to go find one when I need it. 

Lately I have admired antique scales on many of the blogs, usually perched on a big beautiful island in the middle of a thoughtfully styled vignette.  Hmmmm...

See that loverly patina?

I don't have a large island, only a butcher block table which is two feet by four feet.  It is in constant use, for laundry folding, etc., when it is not being used in food prep.  Most of the scales I had seen didn't really float my boat or they were way too pricey, anyway. 

Yesterday, Sweet Husband and I were up for a nice Saturday outing, and I suggested we check out the antiques shops over in Mountain Brook, because we hadn't been in that area antiquing for a while.  We found that lots of the shops had moved around or decamped for other locations altogether, while others had popped up from different parts of Birmingham -- like musical chairs, so to speak.  You'd know I forgot the blooming camera, but I promise I'll go back with it one day and take some photos of some of the goodies to share.

The first shop we walked into sported what might be called a French/Belgian/Swedish look.  I saw several things that I would have loved to take home, but Sweet Husband and I both saw the kitchen scale at the same time.  We examined it, then continued around the store, but then he went back to it.  He bought it for me!

The tag said it was Belgian, but Krups is a German company, in business since 1846.  Perhaps they had a factory in Belgium, too?  I did some research, but I couldn't find anything about that.

The removable tray in all its rusty, crusty, glory.

I did find some photos on the internet of some other older Krups models, which I thought you might enjoy.  BTW there is no truth to the rumor that Krups made the crematoria in the Nazi camps.  Someone evidently started this crap some years ago.  See Wikipedia for more about that if you are interested.

This one from the last century, 70s

The current model on offer

A 1910 restored model from a dealer in Switerland
My scale resides on the hutch portion of the kitchen cabinets.  Supposedly, it was made well before 1900.  

I think it looks pretty cool, and I think my Sweet Husband is the best!

Aunt Aggie D's Pralines

I ordered six dozen!  Look out hips.
I'll tell you how to get these soon.

See that Downton Abbey cookbook?  More on that later, too.


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