31 March 2013


Now I am sleeping like a countess or a duchess or a princess or a queen.
Take your choice.

Sweet Husband is doing his thing here.
I told him,
"Just make sure this damn thing doesn't fall down and give us a concussion or worse."

'This damn thing' is a corona I ordered from Horchow recently.
I had looked and looked EVERYWHERE,
but had not found one that I was willing to fork over the moola for.
Finally, a sale, and one I liked.
Plus, it did not cost as much as the house payment.

There is a little horseshoe shaped rod inside where you can hook on the curtain panels.

The big round mirror had to go,
and so it wound up in My Boho Bath.

The cross seemed like something you'd see over a queen's bed, I am sure.

The rocker has already moved on...
I'll show where you soon.


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27 March 2013


Day 1

My decimated back yard and fence -- 
wonder when the folks behind me are going to fix it.

The crew showed up and
made short work of the old deck.

All gone... looks like hell, doesn't it?

Day 2

Shot from the upstairs window

The tree mess is still in the neighbor's yard

I guess the rest of the paint will have to happen when they are done

And, we have a top.
Pretty good day's work.

Day 3

The next three photos -- through the old screen door -- now gone.


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24 March 2013


This post will be light on rhetoric today but heavy on photos.  When our old tub was ripped out a couple of weeks ago, I had to put the bath back together quickly so that it looked presentable, would be functional, and would serve till some of the other work is done around here.  I decided to have a little fun.  Why not?  What do you think?

A new spot for insomnia episodes

Don't you hate the way the builders place the plugs?
This is on the list to fix.

Cute little coral ombre lamps?
$10 each at Target!

Propping a painting over a rough wall hides a lot...

When last you saw these curtains they were portieres on the front door (a few summers ago).  Remember what they were to begin with?

I lucked up on these pulls for about one dollar or so  -- each -- at Hobby Lobby the other day.

Those pesky plugs again...

behind the door

Water closet

Those baskets I painted a while back look like they have developed a bad skin condition...

The rough wall ...

Boxes for the make up and the skin care products...

Pillow was made in the USA -- Yes!

Cynthia Rowley throw from HG
used as a table cover

Trying to decide whether or not to hang these plates...

Aha!  A solution to the ugly plug problem...
can't do anything about the toothbrush 
I don't want to be toothless one day...

... and on the other side!

That old axiom again --
if you can't rip it out yet,
cover it up!

Sweet Husband said today, "This bathroom is so YOU --
nobody else on earth has this but you!"

The shower door is long gone.
Wait to see what happens to it!

The primping station --
What?  You thought all this was natural?


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