24 June 2013


Photo:  Scot Meacham Wood

Tartanscot a/k/a Scot Meacham Wood, designer extraordinaire, held a contest for his custom designed bar cart for a recent showhouse.  He is giving away the cart and all you had to do was send in your favorite summer cocktail recipe.  He has published a few of them.  Some of them were real doozies!  The winner is to be announced today.

Sweet Husband enjoying our concoction --
a Silly Goose!

I entered, with a goofy little summer drink we enjoy:  we call it You Silly Goose!  Made with 2 parts Grey Goose Citron, 1 part Limoncello, Club soda, a slice of lemon, and a sprig of fresh basil over a tall glass of ice.

But I also tracked down and found a little cane console table at an estate sale which I repaired and painted yellow, in what I admit is a shameless knockoff of his fabulous bar cart.  We put it on the back porch today.  

Here is Sweet Husband enjoying his Silly Goose!


Now, here is my knockoff of the yellow cart -- although mine has no wheels and is not a cart.

After some repairs...

It was in sad shape, structurally speaking.
The cane was fine.

Painted and in place --
another leg came loose,
so I fixed that one, too.

You might notice a few other changes -- more on those later.  I have to get ready to leave for cataract surgery now -- wish me luck!


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Re the surgery:  Nobody told me that the eye would hurt!  There is a stitch.  I had a laser procedure first, then the cataract part, then I see my regular eye doc tomorrow.  If all is well, then I will get the other done in two weeks.  Dr. Choi is just the sweetest thing!  He even said a prayer over me before he began.

21 June 2013


My little old living room...
The red chairs moved over by the big French cabinet...
the peachy ones took a sabbatical.

Summer changes in the living room!  I think it is nice to shake things up from time to time -- a little floor move, swap out a few things for the season, maybe add a couple of new pillows -- little things can do a lot, you know?  Adding a little more color here, a little less "stuff" over there...  or a new color, maybe. Color is my favorite go-to tool because it is far and away the biggest bang for the buck.

I need to find something for this green vase...

Ssshhh!  It is broken, taped together with frog tape on the inside.  I just love it and refused to toss it.

I moved the heavier stuff off the mantel for the summer.
Added some poppies (faux) to the PB vases.
The lotus ladies reappeared.

Discovered this tray in apple green somewhere, probably HG...

Took off the aubergine slips...

You saw my chairs with the painted upholstery and frames last time...
don't think we talked about that giant mirror...
great estate sale find a while back.

The lamp was from an estate sale last summer.
I changed out the shade, added the tassel.
I have some more of this stripey fabric.
Haven't yet decided what to do with it.

Loving this book!  And, I noticed that the colors worked on the fabric.
Shameless hussy that I am, I parked it there.
That Imari plate I found years ago at --
wait for it -- an estate sale.

Still fiddling with the pillows.
This is a favorite reading spot because I can more or less see.
The first cataract surgery is Monday.
I am doing laser!

You can never have too many shells in the summer.  My mother's old Stangl pottery plate.

Waverly fabric tubs for the never-ending procreation of the shelter magazines.
Tray table from French Garden House.

A few of my tole trays...

Great Book!

So -- what have you done to lighten things up for summer at your house?  I have started on getting a little yellow and a lot of white in the master BR.  Still have 8 curtain panels and 2 slipcovers to sew!  You will just have to wait and see.  So far, it's very fresh.

I am so far behind it looks like ahead to me.  (If you think in circles, this makes perfect sense.)  Too many projects, so little time.


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I am happy to tell you this news!

Although my friend's surgery was a disappointment and her tumor could not be removed, she is recovering well from her very major invasive procedure.

The family will decide where to go from here, and when I know, I will share.

This very sociable upbeat woman has never been down for more than five minutes in her whole life.  The doctors were astonished that she was up, zipping up and down the halls visiting and eating already (yesterday)!

Just thought I would let you know.  I have never known anyone with a greater zest for life.  We should all take a lesson.  Thanks for all who said a prayer.


17 June 2013


Today, my old friend Carolyn who lives near Charleston, SC, is undergoing a very risky surgery.  It is called a Whipple, which removes part of the pancreas.  She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October, and so many lives irrevocably changed because of it.  

You may remember if you read this blog regularly, that I asked for your prayers or positive thoughts, or however you offer supplication to a higher power, in her behalf.  She underwent intensive chemotherapy and radiation because she was originally told that she was not even a candidate for this surgery.  The cancer had already spread to her hepatic artery, the blood supply to her liver.

After all the treatment, they said they could now try the surgery.  What you should know, though, is that this procedure itself is very risky, and many people do not have a positive outcome.  If a person makes it though, the rehabilitation is very difficult and lengthy.  The life expectancy stats are also not terribly encouraging.  

Carolyn has handled this with grace and has not let it slow her down much, by all accounts.  According to her family, she was out in the back yard gardening this morning before it was time to go to the hospital!  Her daughter said that she had everyone organized within an inch of their lives, and had made several trips even while in treatment.  The woman has boundless energy.

Just a bit ago, CaringBridge notified me that the tumor could not be removed because the hepatic artery was too involved.  However, they will try chemo again, and at this time she is in recovery. The surgeon said that perhaps they can try again later.

Her children have set up a CaringBridge page, which is a blogging place where people can create a login, leave entries on a guestbook and read updates by the caregivers.  You can also make a donation to help fund this service for people who cannot afford it.  I made a donation which will help others because I think it is a very worthwhile concept.  

Needless to say, I have been watching this site like a hawk today, in between running myself ragged trying to stay busy and not be focused on it all day.  I would encourage you to check out the site for yourself.

And while you are at it, maybe say another prayer for Carolyn and her family.  They need all the support we can muster.


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16 June 2013


I am the girl who loves her color.  If you have read this blog a couple of times, you already know that.  I am utterly enamoured with Bohemian Chic, as the style is currently being called.  Over the years it has been variously labeled Morroccan Souk or Hippie Style or Flea Market Chic.  I have researched the current craze known as BohoChic, and it's really all the same thing.  In a nutshell, the result conveys wild abandon with color and pattern, and the amalgamation of stuff in a space looks as though it has been collected from one's world travels.  The feeling conveyed is one of throwaway sophistication that does not really try too hard.  When it is done well, it all works quite harmoniously, although a person not familiar with the style would be at a loss to explain exactly why.  In a future post, I will write more about this style, and provide you with some links should you care to explore it further.

Two vintage Queen Anne armchairs

Orange no more!
Some of you may think I have totally lost my marbles this time when you see what I have done to those two ultra-conservative Queen Anne chairs from a recent estate sale!  I bought them because (a) they were comfortable, (b) a great price ($50 each) (c) in good shape and (d) because I wanted to practice my upholstery skills.  Well...  the best laid plans, etc....

I read on FOCAL POINT blog one day about using a product which is usually associated with floral design to paint fabrics.  (I have actually used this in the past to jazz up silk florals.)  I checked the company's website, and lo and behold, the product is also meant for painting fabric.  Still I tossed the idea around for a few weeks thinking perhaps that these chairs had too much texture for this to work.  Finally I said the heck with it, and bought one can of the paint to try it.  I tested a small place on the back, going over it till I had about three coats.  

Work in an open ventilated area!
This stuff is fairly smelly.

What the Raspberry paint did to the color was astonishing.  The fabric as you have seen was shades of orange, brown, gray and cream. After the paint, you see purple, and a gazillion shades of pink.  The orange part looks the most fuchsia.  I think these chairs are at least 35 or 40 years old, and were, like everything else in the house where I bought them, in great shape, very clean and well-cared for.  

One more coat

I can honestly say I didn't expect the spray on paint to work this well.  The fabric is no longer quite as soft and tactile as it was, but it is not stiff and scratchy either. I have debated about spraying it with Scotchguard, thinking it might rub off on someone's bottom, but that doesn't seem to be the case either.  I have sat on it, and it is perfectly fine.  I think it might get softer as it is used.

Isn't this transformation incredible?

I had decided I wanted the frames a high contrast -- kind of a chartreuse-y green -- and really zingy.  I fiddled around with various ways to get it, then I got it, and so I did it.  On the frame, I used Old White for the base coat followed by two washes:  Antibes ASCP and Glidden Banana Pepper Yellow.

The fabric had to be touched up a little here and there with Martha Stewart craft paint in Amaranth mixed with Fabric Medium -- just a couple of small places my nit-picky eyes were not loving.  I used a total of five cans of the Raspberry Design Master ColorTool from Michael's.  I think JoAnn also carries it, but Hobby Lobby does not.  If you have a tax number, you can order it directly from a distributor, but I no longer do. I bought it piecemeal, using 40% and 50% off coupons at Michael's because it retails for about $8 per can.

Here with the Old White base coat...

It is a good idea to tape off the fabric if you are working with this kind of piece.
My hand is steady, but it never hurts to be sure.

Several neighbors out walking stopped by, no doubt perceiving that I must have lost it at last, and then became very intrigued and asked for a tour.  They wanted to see everything I have ever painted (that I still have).  I was asked if I would conduct a workshop in my garage on furniture painting techniques.  I said "Sure, why not?"  We'll see if it comes to fruition.

You can see the difference in the one on the right with just the Antibes color wash,
and the one on the left with both washes.

Closer look

In place.

See those nailheads, now hot pink?  I first thought I would put some gilding wax, either gold or silver, on them.  Then I decided I like them this way!

I have not yet waxed the painted frame.  I might not.  We'll see.  The colors work well with the striped fabric on the adjacent table, don't you think?

I will probably do something else in the way of pillows for these.  Do you remember what was in this spot before?  Stay tuned for an update on a few tweaks in my living room.  It looks fresher, I think.  It's good to shake things up a little now and then, don't you agree?

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