31 July 2013


This is the first time I have done a tablescape in months.  Life has been pretty busy this summer.  My new back porch has been a respite  for a few months now, but I think this is the first table out there that I have actually photographed since we built the porch.  

I actually have kept a basic table set up out there with everything except what goes into the mouth or contains food.  It has been changed every couple of weeks, but I never got around to bringing out actual entire place settings.  For one thing, the monsoons were sometimes too heavy to eat outside.  The gentle steady summer rains were great, however.  Mostly when we eat there, it is spur of the moment.

Other times, it has just been too hot. I hate to sweat while I eat!  Sweet Husband really gets cranky at times like that.  But don't we all...

So, to celebrate my birthday tomorrow, I decided to set up something that looked cool and comfortable.  Weather permitting, we will actually use this.  I saw where Cuisine Kathleen was having her annual white tablescape challenge where you can use one other color, and I think this qualifies.  There are a several shades of green, but they are still all green, more or less.


There is nothing new here -- you have seen it all before, so I won't bore you with a list.  I wish you could all join me for my birthday party tomorrow!

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30 July 2013


The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity around here.  Now that the heavy rain has stopped, at least for a while, we are making hay while the sun shines!


Remember how I was complaining last week about my computer acting funny, and how I thought it was possibly due to an embedded ad or that Russian porn site messing with my blog?  Well, turns out the computer, which is a 15-inch Retina display MacBook Pro was very, very sick indeed.  I have only had it about a year.  They cannot even fix it at the local Apple store up at the Summit, so they are sending it way off somewhere.  They did say they didn't think the Russians had anything to do with it or that anyone has hacked it, but there are several things wrong with it.  Fortunately, the warranty is good for another two years.  At any rate, I am borrowing my husband's laptop (which is my old one) to do a little blogging for the next week or so because I haven't yet  figured out how to blog on my iPad.  If you know how, please enlighten me.  It certainly doesn't look like I can transfer photos off my camera directly to the iPad. The plugs don't match?


Early this morning, a big old dump truck showed up in our driveway and dumped a whole lotta rocks!  I mean a LOT.  Soon I will show you what's happening with that, but I will tell you that it has to do with the hardscaping of the back yard.  Sweet Husband has worked like a dog all day while I pointed.  I was very helpful, drawing him pictures of what to do next, and when he said of his handiwork, "Man this looks good!"  I said, "I told you so."  I love saying that.

Tired, dirty, sweaty Sweet Husband.
You get that way when you shovel rocks all morning.


On Sunday we drove down to Montevallo for an estate sale, because I saw in the gallery of photos something which set my little heart going pitty-pat.  Sweet Husband said we weren't driving down but once, so we didn't go till the half-price day two hours at the end.  Of course what I wanted was gone, but we snooped through the house, which was really interesting, and of course I did not have the camera.  But I am telling you:  the lady had an OBSESSION with ladybugs, right down to the rug and curtains!  I didn't buy any.  They also had some great quality dining room furniture by century, but I couldn't use that either.  We did get a couple of things, one of which I have already painted and put out on the porch.  Can you see it?  A little bentwood footstool for $7.50.  See it in the above photo.

I also got a pretty embroidered linen tablecloth for $7 which I might cut up into six pillowcases.  Haven't decided yet.  And I bought a Redouté book of flowers for $2.  I  might use them in a future project, although I have enjoyed reading the book.  I can't really ever bring myself to cut up books, so I might keep it as is.

There is an old antique shop on the way to Montevallo which has re-opened after a few years of being closed.  I am going back with the camera and take some photos for you, because it is a really fun place way out in the woods.  We stopped on the way back to Birmingham, and I noticed a large triptych mirror for only $35!  Since Friday is my birthday, Sweet Husband bought it for me and told me it was my lagniappe.  (I already got Ricki's painting for my birthday present, remember?)  

I am painting the mirror with ASCP, and I will show you all that in a future post.  It will go in my Boho bathroom.

On Friday, we went to see my cousin Eleen (now age 92) who used to live in Montevallo, but is now in the nursing home.  You might remember seeing her pretty red and white kitchen (shown above) on my blog a few years ago.  It is sad that she can no longer live in her home, because she had a beautiful home full of very interesting things.  This estate sale was only a few streets over from her house.  I didn't go by to look because it is too sad.

So LIFE has been very busy.  There is always the mundane to deal with, too, stuff like the laundry and the cooking and just living in general, but it is all stuff that has to be done, as well as all the fun projects.  My retired husband opined the other day the same thing my late father used to say when he retired:  "I don't know when I had time to go to work!"

What I did for fun in between loads of laundry and painting the mirror this morning while the husband was shoveling rocks -- I played with the dishes.

I changed out the shelves in the top, removing all the red, white and blue for the cool aqua and white. 

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26 July 2013


The last porch sofa cushion is finally painted and in place.  At last there is a break in the monsoons, and during the morning coffee time today, the weather  actually felt like Fall. (NO -- it is too early!)  I was motivated to clean up and sweep out the porch, while Sweet Husband made a run to Home Depot for some more paver blocks to resume some of the hardscaping in the back yard.  We still have much more to do out there, but right now, here is what is happening on the back porch.

Everything is back in place.
I had the fans turned on the pillows and cushions for a couple of days because they were damp from all the rain and humidity.

I am glad now that I decided to keep the vintage fabric, just cleaning and jazzing it up with paint instead of re-covering.

The last cushion is painted.
See how each one got a little more vibrant as I went along?
I call it creative license...

A few things got moved around a little ...

The Fourth of July table was broken down
and the soggy linens went in the washer.

I forgot to water the begonia.
You would think it got enough moisture from the air.  Geez...

The old yellow chair will be replaced when I get another old wicker rocker repainted.
It is in the garage, waiting for a few dry days (in a row)so I can work on it.

More comfy.

... and I need to put a new holder on this lamp for the harp which holds the shade.
It is kind of a bobble-head thing right now.
This lemonade was mighty refreshing.

Cute in that little Dollar Tree glass, isn't it?

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P.S.  BTW, if you leave a snarky comment, you will get deleted.  I have "Anonymous" blocked, yet someone got around it.  How did that happen?  Come on, Blogger, do your job!

24 July 2013

WE ARE WATERLOGGED -- Painting the Cushions and Building a Screen

You can't really see just how much water is in the yard when this was taken.
We had about four inches in maybe an hour!

The squawkbox (the NOAA weather radio) has gone off all day.  Off and on it looks night when it is day.  Occasionally you see the sun, then in a short time, you batten down the hatches again and shut the back door.  We have had many inches of rain in short periods.  There are flash flood warnings and all sorts of other dire warnings. 

HRH Prince George of Cambridge in the arms of his mother.
What a roller coaster of a day!  On a happy note we watched the new little Prince of Cambridge for the first time going home from St. Mary's hospital in London, and on a disgusting note we saw  Anthony Wiener's wiener and fake looking pecs again for the millionth time.  (Ick!)  His long-suffering wife is doing her best  Nancy Reagan/Hillary Clinton act.  Give the little lady an Oscar!  At least we have a break in the never-ending recent trial saga.

One more cushion to go!  Side by side, you can see how faded the old vintage cushions really were.  The one on the left is actually the underside which is not as faded as the facing side was.
I like my way better.

I have just spent the day being domestic and artsy.  Bran muffins with dates and pecans -- I made those for our lazy breakfast, and then I painted some more on the cushions of the vintage patio sofa.  It is great to be retired!  I get more creative with every cushion I paint, so I will have to go back when they are all in place and sort of make them a little more uniform.  Or not...  Parrots are very fun to paint.

What is behind those doors?

the front side

on the back side

Sweet Husband is very compliant if the tasks I assign him are physically robust.  He took one of his power walks on the steep hills around here, but he cut it short and hotfooted it home when it started to rain.  So, to keep him occupied so that I could paint parrots, I got him started on the latest project I dreamed up for the garage:  hingeing together the three old extraneous doors we have removed in the last six years to form a screen.  We have big plans to make it work as a moveable "wall" to hide the water heater and other necessaries as well as tools, brooms, etc.  I plan to make them very functional with hooks and shelves, etc.  You will just have to come back and see what we dream up to make it also cute.

First, Sweet Husband had to remove the padding and skirting from one of the doors, though.  You saw it on this blog as a work-table a few years ago.  Then I got my ribs broken by that cute little piece of crap, the Red Devil Chair from the "Salivation Army" that I used with it.  We first took that blooming door back to the attic, then down to the garage where it was occasionally pressed into service as a cutting table.  That old Red Devil Chair is now in the back corner of our private lake back yard where it has functioned as a planter for a few years. 

Want to see what the painted parrot cushions look like?

you can see a couple of the holes here

They are now considerably more colorful.
In my world, that's always a good thing.

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21 July 2013


photo from the LATimes
You already know I am totally flipped out over the Boho Chic style (at the moment).  During a little insomnia in the wee hours this morning, I ran across this article on the online LATimes.  This paper has a great Home section under Living, and I try to look at it each weekend.  This article by Lisa Boone about this little Burbank apartment jumped right out at me, and any thoughts of going back to bed were put on hold for a bit longer. 


There is a gallery of photos, and if you open up the link to the article, you can follow the prompts to see them all.

I think this is a fantastic example of the Boho Chic style because this lady has a very international background and her things really and truly do come from all over the world.  It is well put together, very personal, and quite charming. 

Enjoy your Sunday!

A mystery solved:

Those pages flying across my computer screen were an ad for the HBO show The Newsroom which was embedded in the CNN site which has always been my homepage.

It is a great show which I do watch, but I did not want that on my screen!  

I could not seem to get rid of it, so I changed my homepage to another news site, The Huffington Post, which I like better anyway.  

Problem solved.

Now if I just stop the spammers...

17 July 2013

A VERY GOOD DAY (but not quite perfect)

Today (Tuesday) was a very good day.  Lots of nice things fell right into my lap.  I love days like this.  But then there was that nasty fly in my delicious soup...

Not literally.

First, the good stuff:

1.  Finally, I can see quite well! I am three weeks post-op in my left eye and one week post-op in the right one.  The dreadful inflammation in the right one has calmed down, almost completely gone.

by Ricki Jill Treleaven
2.  Sweet Husband bought my birthday present a little early -- this beautiful painting from Ricki Jill.  She is sooooo talented, and she is the first blogger I have ever met in person.  She is just as nice and sweet as I thought she would be.  I absolutely love it!  Here is where I put it so that I can look at it all the time:

3.  Sweet Husband took me out for a nice lunch at the Cheesecake Factory where we shared a huge Luau salad.  It was delicious.

4.  He painted the porch ceiling all morning -- Haint Blue!  Yay! 

5.  I found a new whodunit by Karin Slaughter called UNSEEN and a new British magazine over at B&N after lunch, so I have something new to read with my new eyes. 

6.  Today I got to wear eye makeup finally -- I have felt so nekkid without it!  Something happened to my eyelashes during these procedures.  They are not as thick and long as they were.  Weird, I know.  So -- I tried out some false eyelashes for the first time in 35 years!  Sweet Husband said he liked them.  I guess they will be OK sometimes till mine come back full again.  

Vanderbilt plates
7.  I won the two gorgeous blue and white plates that Tina of THE ENCHANTED HOME blog was giving away!  I still can't believe it.  She says they will ship tomorrow.  I didn't even know that I won till Pat left me a comment on my blog congratulating me.  I hadn't checked my email, because my husband was insisting he needed his breakfast -- the nerve of the guy.  Of course, he wanted to get on with his porch-ceiling painting.  I see there are four different plate designs in this photo so I might have to order some more.  :>))

8.  My new midnight blue napkins showed up from RH. When I bought the dish cabinet a while back, I got a rebate, and I looked through their new tabletop line for some dark napkins to spend it on.  I am so tired of having to soak out stains from the white napkins with Tabasco, etc., all the time, so I decided I wanted some new DARK napkins but not black.  RH had this midnight blue in Belgian linen -- and they look great, like a favorite pair of dark jeans that have been washed a couple of times.  (They did have to order this color for me as they were out of stock in the store.)  They will look so fantastic with those plates I won -- I can't even stand it!  (That's why I might need some more plates.)

Now, about that nasty fly...

Lately I have been getting a lot of traffic from sites with a URL that cannot even be reported to Blogger.  In frustration this afternoon, I clicked on one of them to see just what it was.  I think it is a porn site from Russia or somewhere with a different alphabet, but I certainly didn't open it up (duh!) to make sure.  

There seems to be no way to report anything to Blogger any more or to get any kind of help at all.  The only thing you can do is send them a URL of an "abusive" blog -- and half of them won't even go.  You have to actually click on it to see, and then you get a proper URL you can report.  The spammers have gotten too clever.  I am really frustrated at the idea of having to switch blogging platforms again -- but I am about at my wit's end with these nasty spammers.  I don't think word verification is the answer because there are not that many "off" comments -- it is just the huge number of hits.  Of course, I am always concerned that someone might get email purportedly from me with this kind of slime.  It also artificially inflates the number of visits to the blog.

I had a bizarre incident with this computer (which is not even a year old) on Sunday evening.  I opened up the laptop to check the news, and there was a "wallpaper" on the screen that looked like the surface of the moon with papers strewn about.  Then all of a sudden the papers started flying everywhere!  All across the scene, all across my homepage.  I powered down, then booted up again. Same thing. I left it off till after supper, tried again and it seemed fine.  However, the computer has been slow as molasses for a few days.  I was doing a back-up on it while I was out and about this morning, but tomorrow I am headed off to the Apple store.  

Has anyone else seen anything weird like that on your screen?  Are you getting a huge number of hits from some crazy site?  What did you do about it?

Too bad I can't paint my laptop Haint Blue like the porch ceiling and make the pests all go away.

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