29 September 2013


Since nobody from L.A. (lower alabama) has come up here and killed me yet as a result of his backing into my formerly pristine car last week on my vacation (boy, am I mad about that!),   I decided to move on with a little Fallish decorating.  I didn't buy anything Fallish-wise for inside the house, but we did get some crap perfectly lovely stuff from Lowe's for the front porch.  However, the mums are not quite open yet, so I think I will wait till next week to share that, OK?  Who wants to look at a bunch of flower buds and guess what color they are?  I thought not.


lots of red transfer ware

Nice English tea set

Insanely cheap pieces of Irish Wedgewood, I think?

I have worked my derriére off today, dragging fall stuff out of the attics, and making Sweet Husband run up and down the stairs with all the seashell stuff from the summer, and that was a real labor of love for him to tear himself away from football for a couple of minutes, let me tell you.  I am choking on all the dust because I forgot to pop the Claritin this morning.  

Divine Detail

Lots of this stuff is still coming from decommissioned churches in Europe.
Those godless heathens...

The similar sconces I almost bought last year are long gone.

When I was half-blind before my recent eye surgeries, I never knew my house had so much blooming dust.  I couldn't see it, so therefore it didn't exist.  Now that the scales have fallen from my eyes, there is always dust everywhere, and I have run through god knows how many Swiffers, trying to catch it all.  I am beginning to see the attraction to Minimalist design.  

Love this rope wrapped lamp frame at Villa Decor!

These mirrors are a hot item right now

cute little trio of mirrors

Be still my heart...

I have only made a small dent in the fall decorating because I have been simultaneously  doing laundry, and now I have to stop and make an apple pie.  Comforts of Home posted a recipe for one made with maple syrup and I am giving it a whirl.  All her food is good, so go over and look at her blog.

I am considering this coffee table...
it also can be ordered in gold leaf.
This store has the most fabulous Oushak rugs.

Fabulous little x-bench with a
Greek key motif

This one is also under consideration.
I like that it is so different.

I forget the name of this restaurant.
I am going to try it next time.

These lamps and jars would be so perfect in the Man-Cave re-do we are working on.
Too bad we didn't win that Mega-Millions lottery later in the week!

To satisfy any idle curiosity about my decorating plans, I have bought the six white dining chairs I saw in Fairhope, and I have my vintage 1969 Thomasville cane- backs for sale.  (There is a table, too.)  You can look at the top of this blog and open that page from the Pages bar drop down just under the big picture.  And, being the wonderful shopper that I am, I am sharing all these photos of great stuff I saw in the shops there on my recent visit.


Everything (nearly) in this store is white.

très chic -- a cow hide on the table

Vines growing on the interior, a la Rose Tarlow

These things always remind me of Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows...

Cool bench

The main entrance to the aforementioned restaurant

Oh yeah, it's Isabella's!

modest maidens getting potted

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27 September 2013


More on these fab chairs later!

This post was actually written last week while I was in L. A. (Lower Alabama).

We departed our hotel this morning about 9:30 and set off for downtown Fairhope again.  I just couldn't get those DR chairs I saw yesterday out of my mind, so after having bugged Sweet Husband to no end all evening, we went back to take another look.  I called the Mobile branch of McCorquedale Transfer, a Birmingham company known for moving antiques and fine furniture, to get an estimate on the cost of sending them home.  (You don't want to know.) 

We proceeded on out into the countryside to the 181 Flea Market for a taste of local color and culture before heading on to the beach.  We saw three dead armadillos on the side of the road on the way there.  

We parked in a big grassy field under some giant pecan trees right behind a good-sized house trailer, and we meandered on out to the selling arena where there were some tents and the vendor booths, which were actually self-storage units.  Right in front of the big house trailer was a stage of sorts, and a gray-haired hippie was belting out a very respectable version of a Jimi Hendrix song, self accompanied by his well-used electric guitar. 

To his right was another tent advertising the services of Madame Somebody-or-Other, a fortune-teller.  I decided to pass on her services.  In hindsight, I might have been well-served to have done.  The next tent housed a motley group who all seemed to be quite fascinated by me for some reason.  I kept moving, but some little movement caught my eye, and I turned back around.  A guy with a big white snake around his neck was letting a little kid no more than three years old pet the snake's tail.  I picked up my pace.  Sweet Husband caught up, having gone back to the car to fetch the camera.  

We wandered around a little while, but it was so hot I just couldn't get into junkin'.  Sweet Husband was happy to oblige as these things bore him to tears, so we decided to head on down toward the beach.  

This sweet lady with her back to me was listening to a sermon on the radio.
Her booth was the neatest, cleanest most organized one I have ever seen.

Toodling on down Hwy 98 toward Foley near Magnolia Springs, I saw a big black pig lying dead on the side of the road next to somebody's mailbox.  I have certainly never seen that before. I did see those three dead armadillos, though.  (Do you think I have watched too many episodes of Duck Dynasty?)

The beach looked like this a great deal of the time we were there.
In Foley, we stopped at the Tanger Outlet Mall and got Sweet Husband a royal blue swim suit which was $uppo$edly on sale because he forgot to pack one.  I don't need one, because while he walks on the beach, I sit on the balcony with hat & dark glasses, sunscreen & long sleeves, and read your blogs.

Next, we stopped at Home Depot for some electrical tape to repair the cord to my computer charger.  Why do these things always wear through like a rat chewed it? Every single one I have ever had has done the same thing.  

We proceeded on to Blalock's Seafood Market and got three pounds of large shrimp packed on ice for what promises to be a very rainy weekend at the beach.  By then, it was time for a late lunch -- so a shrimp basket at King Neptune's was our next stop to get this party started!

King Neptune's on Hwy 59 in Gulf Shores, Al
Last, we pulled into Publix in Orange Beach to buy a few provisions although I forgot half of what we needed.  If I don't shop with a list I am hopeless.

My favorite monkey...
Sated and stocked, we cruised on down the beach road till we arrived at The Eden.  When we opened the door to our unit, #700-West, we noticed a funny odor.  (no photos of this dump)  I thought maybe it had just been closed up for a while.  We unloaded and started to settle in, and then started killing bugs.  When a giant roach ran across our bed, I yelled "That's it, I am leaving!"  I called the night man who is also the security guard.

I was already mad because the kitchen was very poorly equipped, and things just didn't look clean.  The furniture was beat all to hell and very uncomfortable.  No throw pillows for the back -- no soap dish in the bathroom.  We have never had this experience here before!  There are newer and spiffier buildings on the beach, but we have always liked this location down in Perdido Key across the Florabama line because it is very quiet and uncommercial. 

The security man said he would note my complaint in his log, and the "girl" in the morning would deal with it.  I told my husband I was definitely not staying here!  By now it was almost 10 o'clock, and I was beat, but I was still leaving! 

Sweet Husband went to get a luggage cart and a grocery cart from the parking garage.  He didn't come back for so long, I was convinced that somebody had knocked him in the head and killed him, and I was about to call 911.  Finally he came back, and said, "We are moving to another unit!  John (the night guy) found us a bigger unit, one floor down at no extra cost.  And it has a big four-poster king bed!  Let's go!"  

So, at 10:30 p.m. we are pulling a loaded re-packed luggage rack and pushing an overflowing grocery cart in our PJs 90 miles an hour down the outdoor 7th floor walkway to the elevator, and then again down another one on the 6th floor below.  I grumbled, "I wonder if this is what all those Syrian refugees feel like, leaving their homes at a moment's notice, with a few belongings strapped on their backs or pushing a little cart." 

Now I know that there is no comparison to those poor unfortunate souls in Syria.  I only know how disgruntled and discombobulated I felt just moving units late in the evening after a long day in the heat, and it gave me pause.  After all, I was going to a nice, clean bigger condo overlooking the beach.  I was not going to a horrible refugee camp with filthy water and no food while dodging bullets and hoping not to get raped.  I am not going to get all political on you here, but it did make me think what if?  I do know there is no comparison, so don't chastise me for thinking out loud, please.  

I love this goofy lamp!

"Puff, the magic dragon...."

At last we got all settled in, and there was no sign of bugs or other varmints.  This condo was very nice and clean, although dated, but it had been well-maintained.  I understand it is about to be gutted and remodeled, and I would love to be the one in charge of doing that.  Then I remind myself, "You dolt, you are retired!"

The staff at Eden was outstanding as always, and offered us an extra day at the end of our stay at a lower rate which we happily accepted.  They always come through, although they did say that BP has stopped paying into the fund now, so there are no more free pre-paid Visa cards forthcoming to shop and dine with.

We had a very colorful and eventful week+ vacay. (You read about the capper on the trip yesterday.)  All I can say at this point was -- it was great to get home.  

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