29 October 2013


TaDAAAH!  Classic Iron Works finally finished the job today!

This job has been in the works for more than two months.  My goal is to turn this little sow's ear into a (French) silk purse, and so far, it is shaping up pretty well.  There have been many bumps in the road with this project, just as there have been on every single thing we have had done over the past year.

To wit:

On the first try, they got it too short and too close to the house!  This looked goofy to say the least.
The whole idea was to cover up the "dueling downspouts" and provide a structure for the newly planted roses to climb.
They are off to a good start!
You know I love my scrolly black ironwork!
See the pretty details on the handrail?  So Frenchy!
See all the fleur-de-lis?
Pineapple finials for a symbol of welcome repeats on the door hardware and the mailbox.
We have two of the Cecile Brunner roses started (the one on the right), and when they come into the nurseries again, we will plant some more.  The idea is to have this thing covered in beautiful roses all summer.
You know, the rose-covered cottage fantasy?

Blogger is acting kind of crazy this evening, moving all the pix around out of order!  Looks like I am not the only one "unfocused!"

From the inside looking out...

I had already put some other black iron in place, from these lowly brackets from HobLob...

To the antique French halltree.

Yep, it's looking like a whole lotta Frenchy around here!

Just for fun, here's a couple of the boys hard at work, getting this thing up today!  First they had to jackhammer out all the cement from their first try.  They worked all day, but they did a great job.  Classic Iron Works, Birmingham, AL.  You may know that this city was founded on iron work, but there are only a handful of fabricators who do this type of work any more.

Hmmmm... now I need to address the other things I want:  mortar wash, shutters, window boxes, awnings...

Maybe we'll take a break.  An extended one!

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27 October 2013


When Sweet Husband wakes up with a bee in his bonnet to get something done, there is no rest for the weary, I am here to tell you.  Doesn't matter if it is Sunday, Honey -- it's just "Let's get it done!"  Now that the new Den from the old ManCave is about done, he has been antsy to move on to the next phase of the game plan.  Me, I was hoping for a day or two to chillax before moving on.  Life has been a little stressful lately...

What precipitated all this frenetic activity is the impending visit of my son Brendan and his true love Heshi for the Christmas holidays.  Our blue and yellow guest room which was just done up a few years ago has become Sweet Husband's de facto dressing room, due to the lack of closet space in the rest of the house.  He also appropriated the side of the Jack and Jill bath connected to it for his very own.  Back in the summer when Brendan came to visit, I bought a twin bed and squeezed it and him into my office/sewing/atelier which you have seen before. It is connected to the other side of the J'n'J.

At the time I chose the smallest of the two extra bedrooms for a guest room, we figured that since I needed a good sized room for all my goings on and we rarely have overnight guests anyway, that it made sense to make the smallest one the sleeping space for occasional guests.
Then Sweet Husband's work hours changed.  Still at Lowe's, he went to work and went to bed with the chickens, so I summarily moved him into the guest room and bath except for conjugal visits on the weekends. ;>P  I have since allowed him to move back to the boudoir since he retired.  Just in case you were wondering...

He got used to having a nice big closet and all that space to himself, I was loving having the Master all to myself, and thus began the issue of what on earth to do with overnight company.  Put them in a hotel?  Well, that would depend on who it is...  My son's work schedule and gypsy lifestyle doesn't bring him home to me very often, so it hasn't been too much of an issue with short visits.  A night or two of being displaced is not a problem, but if he comes to stay a while, or doesn't come alone, then it does become really inconvenient to move Sweet Husband's stuff all over the place.  
Decorator's trick:  use lipstick to mark the spot for the "eye" on the headboard to perfectly line up with the hook on the wall!

Apparently that twin bed set up as a daybed was not a hit with my great big boy who likes his big boy bed!  Now that he has a Partner, it was obvious that there was nothing to be done except swap the beds.  I had all sorts of grandiose plans to relocate the bookcases and make that room super-lavish-beautiful and all B'n'B-ish like the huge guest rooms of my previous house, but Sweet Husband balked and said, "No way José" was he moving those gigantic bookcases anywhere.  So, back to the drawing board.

The furniture swap is done, and now there is a lot of cleaning and prettying up to do.
I do have some nice new bedding, but it is not going on on the bed till I get all the sewing of new curtains and bedskirt done.

Literally.  After much measuring and ciphering and figuring I got it worked out, and we swapped the beds, moving an old rug into the new guest room which will also still be my sewing room and writing room when there are no guests in residence.  Obviously there will be no sewing and writing when we have company!  

We have moved some chairs out while a couple of others will come in before too long. The big worktable had to go into Sweet Husband's dressing room, because I have a boatload of sewing to do between now and TGV, and that table is what I use for cutting.   There is still much cleaning, sorting and packing away to be done, but the heavy lifting is finished. Yay!! 

Love my new vacuums -- Oreck!

My easel and drafting table and all the painting and drawing supplies are now in the garage.  That is another whole can of worms!  This is way too much work for a woman my age, but this is what happens when you marry a younger man, ladies!  You have to keep up or die trying, I suppose.

This ikat is for the windows in the Den --
I need some inspiration.
Sweet Husband is going to paint the other two parts of the J'n'J, and I will be sewing my brains out for a while.  First up will be trying to replicate this slip out of the indigo denim.  

The whole shebang will be revealed when I get it all done, so you just get yourself a little sneak peek from these collages and photos.  I will probably not be around a ton, but I will come around when I have something to show you -- how's that?

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P.S.  I decided that the bookcases are going to have to be moved after all, but within the room!  Sweet Husband is thrilled.   

22 October 2013

THE CONSOLE (or credenza if you prefer) IS FINISHED

Well, what do you think?

The center section made a little slot for Sweet Husband's laptop.
We pulled the cord under, and there is a loose board where we can adjust or change when the time comes.

I don't remember whose blog I saw this on, but it was a great idea!

...after that primer I mixed up from chalk paint...

...then after two coats of Mood Indigo...

About that top.
Four 2 x 6 boards and two 2 x 4's.
Prime grade framing lumber.
Less than 20 bucks for this top.

Gluing it all together.

After some sanding and a good coat of Linen White.

Notice on the far left, it is not perfectly level.
That's OK -- it is good enough.
Warped board.

I taped off an artsy design which involved a little math (simple) and then painted the sections between.
I used the same paint as the cabinet, Mood Indigo, and a fat stencil brush to make this effect in the paint.

We like it!

It went from

From this...
(and don't forget that these pieces were all separate in different spots in the room - we added that plywood top for a computer surface)

...to this!

And as seen from other vantage points in the room...

Eventually I will get around to doing something on the windows.

The New Den

I hope to get the slips on those wing chairs done within the next week or so.

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