29 November 2013


You already know I was in Fairhope last week.  Aside from shopping and grazing and sipping, I took lots of photos of the trees the merchants were getting set up for all the hoopla this past weekend. 

We also went to a book signing at the Fairhope Public Library (a very nice facility) which was sponsored by Page and Palette, a well-known independent bookseller.  We met one of my favorite contemporary Southern writers, Joshilyn Jackson. She very graciously answered a lot of questions, including mine, and did a short reading from her new book, SOMEONE ELSE'S LOVE STORY.  She asked us not to divulge the ending during our questioning because the book had only come out the day before.  I can say that it is the story of two very different people who meet under very odd circumstances.  She told us how she had thought about these characters for many years, before finally bringing them together for this story.  That is all I am going to tell you about the book because I have not gotten to it yet.  I hope to read it next week.

This week I have been entertaining myself at short intervals with TAKE DOWN TWENTY, the new episode of silliness involving the bumble-butt bounty hunter Stephanie Plum and her sidekick Lula the former Ho.  I always enjoy this series by Janet Evanovich, because it is kind of like overdosing on Snickers and Rum and Coke without anybody fussing at you for doing so.

Making time to read -- regardless of what it is -- is very high on the list of things that keep me sane.  

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28 November 2013


Just because it is only Sweet Husband and me, it doesn't mean we live like Savages.  We have had some decent and proper Southern food and a nice little intimate table  for Thanksgiving.

I hope you and yours are, or are about to be, full of good food, good times and .....(whatever makes you happy)?

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26 November 2013

MY CRAZY LIFE and the hen is stewing in the slow cooker

You know how it is -- you turn one floor of your house upside down, and then the other one looks tired.  So that gets turned upside down, too.  It's a good thing I am not having company for Thanksgiving!  I am doing minimal cooking compared to what I do when we are having company.  Most of what I am doing is going into the freezer for when my little family shows up for Christmas.

I am posting this sign I have seen around the Internet.
I think everyone should have the same option.

In our house, most years now Thanksgiving means football and food and just the two of us.  Therefore, I don't get terribly excited about decorating an elaborate table or sticking to diehard traditional dishes every single year.  We have been known to have Mexican or Italian or even a great homemade pizza.  We might have even done Chinese a couple of times.  What matters is that we are very grateful for what we have, and for the fact that we have this option to do exactly what we want.

Now about that top photo:  that sofa table used to be the drinks table behind the sofa.  But a whole lotta stuff got reshuffled the other day.

There is now something else here  --
come back later to see what

--and you may notice that something is gone from under the mirror --
and, oh yeah!  How do you like my new chairs that we brought home from Fairhope last week?
I have waited a long time for these!  Now if I can just make the time to finish the curtains...
Merry Christmas to me!!!

This is my lone toe-in-the-water effort towards Christmas so far...

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By the way, I still have my old set of DR chairs for sale (see photo at top of page on the bar).
Thought I had a buyer, but she didn't come through.
If you are interested, please email me!  I will make you a great deal.

24 November 2013


Check out Santa's green Crocs!
(they have a Christmas Store down there)
And yes, he came home with us -- at 75% off!
I like to think of Fairhope as my home away from home, down by the Bay.  We went down for three days -- no beach this time -- for the express purpose of bringing home our dining room chairs that we bought (from Antiques and Uniques) after our previous trip.  You may remember that last time on our last day we had a fender-bender with a crazy person, and I did not get to complete the deal.  After we got home, we did the deed over the phone, and then we decided to go back and pick them up during this particular week.  

Fairhope has all these gorgeous beds of flowers on every corner.
Temps were almost like summer.

The reason?  Well, for a little town, Fairhope has a lot going on.  Every year, they have a really fun event the week before TGV.  They call it the Tree Lighting.  I thought it was a Christmas tree lighting.  Au contraire, mon frère.   It was The Tree Lighting, as in about a gazillion trees all over downtown being lit up at once.  This feat is accompanied by an orchestra, a choir, local dignitaries saying how great it all is and young ladies swanning around in easter egg hued, hoop-skirted ante-bellum frocks and hats which would make Miss Scarlett O'Hara swoon.

The pink belle charming a little fellow.
Multiply this by about a gazillion --
the crowd had thinned out by the time I shot this
That white building is the firehouse.

My camera/skills could not capture this!
They had snow machines attached to the overhead wires which started blowing out manmade snow at the instant that the lights were turned on!  The crowd counts down -- "10, 9, ..."
Then someone flips the switch and everything happens.
It is so fun!
During the warm-up

Then there was also the food...
Lunch at Penzone's - 
the cat who swallowed the canary?
No, silly, I had a seafood salad.
Never cared much for canary.
Windows at Ole Bay Mercantile,
a great shop for all kinds of pretty!

Then there is the local color!
Sweet Husband in front of a real barber shop with an honest to goodness barber pole!  Yeah, he should have gone in and gotten clipped.  Didn't.

My red Luchese boots carried me through impeccably for three days of walking.
I was amazed at how well I could walk and walk and walk in these.

The streets are blocked off at 5 p.m., which makes it imperative to find lodging downtown so you don't have to deal with driving and parking.  You just walk out the front door!  All this goes down so smoothly when you have been going from antique store to boutique to Christmas store to bar to restaurant all day!  We grazed and sipped and shopped and visited our way through Fairhope for three divine days, having more fun this time than we ever have had there.  But then, I am easily amused -- this might not be your cup of tea.  Or dry martini... or cabernet.

At the Camellia Cafe where we also had the following desserts⬇

Chocolate Spoon Cake

Bourbon Pecan Pie
I saw lots of cool ornaments and Christmas trees -- enough for another post!

Almost everybody had some Crimson Tide ornaments

Cool gate!
I never thought about painting ironwork turquoise, but this is a coastal area, so it looks fabulous.

Every single store was putting up their Christmas decor in preparation for the big weekend.  Many stores have food and drinks set out for their guests.  This weekend the stores also had open house, movies in the streets where little kiddies come in their PJs,  with said stores staying open late. Did I mention that I just love Fairhope!

This trip I also had the pleasure of meeting The Fair Hope of the blog Fairhope Supply, and she is just as pretty and witty and nice as you probably thought she was from reading her blog.  She is the stylist for The Antiquery, and she also has a booth over at another antique mall in Mobile.

If you would love a getaway with your sweetie or your bestie in an enchanting little enclave by the Bay, you should definitely check out Fairhope, Alabama.  In a few days I will show you the Christmas Trees of Fairhope.  And as soon as I get the DR curtains sewn, I will show you my new chairs in place.  There have been some changes around here on the ground floor, too!

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20 November 2013

SOME SEWING DONE (and here's the guest room mostly finished)

A few projects down, at least a thousand more to go.

I made some new pillow covers...
the large one with pieces of coral is a Thibaut fabric sample I ordered several years ago.  Tip:  for $8 to $10 you can get a good sized sample that is large enough for the face side of a pillow cover!

The Frenchy chairs are now in place.

The guest room is finally about done. I still need to hang some plates and  re-paint the powder table.  That only leaves the DR curtains, the slips for the wing chairs in the den and the window treatments in the den. Then, I have to deal with Christmas.  It never ends...  

Murano glass basket with two silly little bears -- found this at HG a few months ago.

These lamps wear a hat!
I bought these years ago from the Spiegel catalog.
Are they even around any more?

These "fashion plates" from Savannah College of Art and Design will go on the wall around the black mirror which is over the chair below.

This goofy little chair (from an estate sale) got a new cushion and pillow

New curtains from estate sale fabric, a coral moiré.
New bedskirt done from HL clearance fabric
And some pillows.

Artwork from a cousin...
it looks unfinished,which
I presume is on purpose.

These urn lamps also came from Spiegel a long time ago.  You know I am a packrat.

I ordered a nice heavy flannel-backed sateen lining at a very good price from a company I found on-line located in St. Louis.    It gives lightweight fabrics a much nicer look than using a lighter-weight lining.  

I like the way the colors came together -- just like I thought they would.
The bedskirt and coverlet look washed out here -- they are more aqua than they appear.

The room is ready for double duty now.

I made this pillow for my back, too, from what was left of the bedskirt fabric.
You can see the pattern on it better here.  
You can probably see I haven't put sheets on the bed yet.
I did find some in this coral color, but first they need to be washed.
The only thing left to add is a black-out shade under the casement curtains.
My son and his fiancee will not be arriving till Christmas Eve so I have a little time...

This photo is about as unfocused as I am!
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P.S.  Brendan and Heshi are flying to China today -- keep a good thought and a little prayer for their safety, will you?

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