09 January 2014


These are not my dishes!  I published the photo, hoping that someone would tell me where I could get some!


Really cool red dishes!
Wish I knew where to get some...
This cold weather has been a doozy, hasn't it?  I started my knee shots last week, and everything was great for a few days.  Then the temps dropped, and I could hardly move!  Today was warmer, sunnier, and I got the next shots in the series.  So I am moving better, at least for a while.

Museum print, MOMA I think.
So homey.
Strange things are happening.  A long lost relative coming out of the woodwork, trying to contact various old friends and family members.  So far, mercifully, I am exempt.  They are all calling and emailing me, wanting to know if I know anything.  I don't.  Don't want to.


The incomparable Miles Redd

The Giant Christmas Tree is finally down, and all the Christmas stuff is now packed up, thanks to Sweet Husband.  Don't know what I would do without the man.  Maybe I should start calling him The Saint.  

Really cool cabinets and bar.
Love the mesh inserts.
Don't know who to credit.
Today, The Saint and I stopped in Hobby Lobby on the way to Publix, and all the Christmas crap decs were 90% off!  We spent only a few bucks, and we got a great big pile of stuff for next year.  Of course, I am threatening to be on a beach somewhere next Christmas, lounging in my shimmy while sipping a pina colada with some handsome native boy fanning me with a palm frond…

Gorgeous!!!Don't know who to credit.

but I digress. 

Found on Napoleon's Notes blog via Facebook --
this person is a genius painter!

I have found all these cool pix you are looking at on Pinterest and Facebook this week. 


Have a great weekend!

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