01 June 2014


My last estate sale venture yielded up these lamps, the pair for $20.  They were obviously good quality vintage, but the color did not quite work with the strong coral shades in the guest room.

They actually appear fairly coral in this photo, but they were rosier.
Since I reshuffled my upstairs bedrooms last year right before Christmas, I have been on the lookout for some more lamps.  I knew I wanted turquoise or coral. 

The coverlet and pillows are red coral.
The backside of the comforter is turquoise.

The old lamps are OK, but kind of blah.

When I first saw these, I thought they were coral, but when seen in the bright light of outdoors, they were more rose.  

After one coat

I knew I was going to alter them some anyway, so the rosy part got some chalk paint in 'Florence'.  The two-tone metal was coated with Ben Moore's 'Warm Silver'. 

the one on the left has been coated with warm silver

Here, the metals on both are coated.
Yes, that is an upside down charger I am using to turn them as I go.

Here I coated the harps and finials, too.
Styrofoam is a great way to reuse something that it is not biodegradable.
You can stand things up in this material so you can paint.

I dug up two lampshades from the attic stash, and presto-chango, new lamps!

I elected to leave the Chalk Paint finish chalky, no wax or sealer.  It took two coats to get total coverage. In the end I chose turquoise over coral for two reasons:  (1)  I already had this color, and (2) one of them sits in front of the curtains.  I think the contrast works better.

I like them!  What do you think?

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  1. They look great! Love how you left the chalk finish, love the silver metallic, and brilliant way to use the styrofoam (and charger!)

  2. Those lamps came out awesome...and I ♥ the color!

  3. I do like the contrast, so turquoise worked well. I always forget that I can paint things like lamps.

  4. Love these now! Great bones.

  5. They are gorgeous!! I almost covet your ability to get such fabulous estate sale finds. (I'm still in love with your green wingbacks!)
    jane in tx

    1. Thanks -- everybody wants my green chairs! LOL

  6. I like your lamp transformation. Paint is such a great way to recycle items that you normally wouldn't be able to use.

  7. I think they are phenomenal!!! You did such a fantastic job on them!!! I really love the way the lamp color contrasts with the curtains in your one photo.

    ~ Wendy

  8. What a great transformation!! And thanks for the styrofoam tip as well, brilliant!

    Kelly from www.lifeonbirchst.com

  9. Ellen, you are just so clever. I have painted lamps previously, but mine certainly did not look as professional as yours!! Love the color you chose - it looks great against the curtains!!

  10. You are just too doggone handy for me!!! I bow to you!!!!!!!!!!

  11. What a great job! I do like the contrast of color in your room.- looks perfect!

  12. I like it chalky like this, very lovely.

  13. I don't just like them. I LOVE them. I am currently scouring about for just the right lamps for my living room. I loved the metal finish on yours as much as the chalk painted one. Excellent.


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