03 June 2014


It is summer!  Time to "merchandise" the house in a cool, simple way with some measure of pizazz.

The blue and white collection needs an infusion  LOL!  ... so I am hitting the estate sales tomorrow.  You never know!

I have been looking and looking and looking for the rest of my seashells.  When we did the big bedroom flip-flop right before Christmas, I organized myself into oblivion.  I can't find a blasted thing in my attics!

I found a few shells in an unlikely place (in a magazine rack I stashed) -- but that big trunk where I put most of them eludes me, laughing.

The hydrangeas are faux -- from Pottery Barn long ago.

Most of the shells in the bowl I picked up on the beach in the last few years.

That big starfish is a PB creation -- faux.

The poppies are fake, too.  Sorry about all the artifice.  Reminds of what a girl in Colorado once challenged me with when I lived there back in the day:  "I don't wear makeup because I think it looks fake."  I replied, "If it looks good, who cares?"  (She looked washed out and plain.  I think she was jealous...)

Black and blue --- and white.

The canes are very old.  The taller one belonged to one of my Walker County ancestors who came to what was to be Alabama in 1793.

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  1. Love the red poppies. They are very pretty in that vase. They really stand out. I love all of the blue and white.

  2. Summery indeed...LOVE all your blue and white!! That first shot should be in a magazine...so pretty!!

  3. Ellen, you had me giggling with black and blue - - - and white. I love the look of the blue and white against the black. I've considered painting our stair hand rails shiny black. Will have to pin your photo to my inspiration board for "Things to Consider".
    Have fun at the estate sales. Hope you find lots of treasures. Will keep you close in my thoughts next week.

  4. It all looks fabulous! Artificial or not the flowers bring such a nice boost of color! Having the old canes is neat- especially when you know the heritage.

  5. Like you said to your friend in CO, what's it matter when faux looks good, and your looks good. So does your summer entry. I do the same d@#n thing with stuff - I've even found long-lost things only to lose them again. :/

  6. i am just loving what the poppies are doing. gorgeous.

  7. Gorgeous as always, Ellen! I also loved the lamp makeover.

    At the moment, I am searching for a shell sconce from the lake. It's somewhere in all that lake stuff....I think. It might even still be at the lake!!

  8. Giggled in agreement about the makeup. I would say that your summer home "make up" looks pretty wonderful too.
    And I giggled yet again about organizing yourself into oblivion and forgetting where your organized stuff is.

    Yep. I can soooooo relate to that.

  9. I love that giant star shell! and all the blue and white~ looks so fresh and summery! Of course you had to add a pop of red for color :) Looks fabulous!

  10. Wow Ellen...this is so gorgeous!!! You outdid yourself here and really brought in a summer vibe. I love the poppies, hydrangea and starfish...although faux. They do the trick, so who cares!?!


  11. It all looks so beautiful, warm and inviting. Love your blue and white. I'm the best at "organizing" so much that I have no idea what I did with things…enjoy your weekend! Happy to find and follow you blog ~

  12. I love blue and white for summer. Ellen, your hall tree is so pretty! What a stunning statement as folks enter your home. I love it.

  13. I don't have a problem with "fakes"! I use them ALL the time! Yours look real anyway. I love the pop of red from the poppies mixed with your blue and white. I have some fake coral from PB too. Today, fakes look pretty darn good! I love the fact that they last forever though.

  14. The red poppies hit me in the face like a bucket full o' money. In other words, a VERY pleasant surprise!!! Gosh, that is amazing how just the addition of those few flowers makes such a tremendous overall difference in the look!!! Same with the huge starfish over the mirror. What a great idea!!! As you might have seen in my most recent post, I have PLENTY of seashells to share in case yours don't show up! :-)


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