09 June 2014


After trying about a hundred things to accessorize the dining room for summer, giving up on the lost seashells, and frankly losing interest, here we are, with the dining room sorta summered up.

The French candlesticks came back, got a lavender-ish tassel from the stash.  
Here are a few collages of various things I tried before I lost interest.

We unearthed the old punch bowl and tray.
I have never used it, but I did lend it to somebody once who did.  In the end, I put it in the garage.

I was going to put shells on this cupcake thing -- I have put everything but cupcakes on it:  pinecones, Easter eggs, Christmas stuff, votives.  That last one made it look like church.
But the shells elude me.

Except these.  

This bowl was my present for a very major milestone birthday a few years ago.
It is American Brilliant glass, and one of my most favorite things.  I kept it in here for a long time, then moved it to our bedroom so I could look at it everyday.
I guess it can stay in here for a while.

This will have to do for the table.
It used to be in the bathroom.
The doily was made by my grandma.
By the time you read this, I will be getting a new knee, so I will not be too worried about what is sitting on the tables for a while.

The outtakes:

This was scheduled to post on Monday -- I don't know what is going on with Blogger.  

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  1. Ellen, I gasped at the end of your post - didn't realize your surgery was upon you already! Best wishes for a speedy bounce back with a well-oiled machine! I was crackin' up at all the collages - just setting them, let alone photographing them - takes time (as if you didn't already know!). In the end it looks great - I simply love those colors in your DR. The open work of the white ginger jars keeps it light and airy - nice.

  2. Good luck with the knee! I have not had to have that done...knock on wood!

    I always like seeing your dining room whatever the season.
    btw...I know the feeling of loosing interest. It's been an interesting year!

  3. I like the outakes!! Very original...like you! And you have succeeded in lending a nice, cool summer feeling to your dining room.

    I hope all goes well with your surgery...I will be thinking of you!


  4. Was just about to ask about the surgery when I got to the last part. I'm so excited for you that you are finally getting it done. I promise that you will NOT regret it!

    As for the past two posts? I love your fresh and white and breezy summer looks. They inspire me!


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