19 October 2014


Last time we visited I was in a fine snit.  Nothing around here was going to suit me, nothing at all, but I lost myself in a creative project so now all is (mostly) right in my world. (If only I could knock out that front wall and make the DR a few feet bigger...)

We switched the table for this one

I have now draped the dining room table in, first, a king size white quilt for heft, and then topped it off with the same silk as the curtains.  I had two lengths left so I sewed them together to get full coverage for the table.  On each end it does not come all the way to the floor, but it is OK for now.  Never fear, no one will get the chance to spill gravy on it.

Joni Webb, Cote de Texas Pinterest
I was inspired to do this drapey-thing by Joni Webb of the Cote de Texas blog.  In her own dining room above, she has her table draped with beautiful silk.  Of course, hers is finished  to a perfect fit and beautifully bound off on the bottom -- but hey, I got the look, and anyway I want a new table.  This is temporary!

The light is making this look blue -- the fabric is the same as the curtains.  

I have been painting the little curio cabinet I bought from my cousin's estate.  I custom mixed the color to blend with what is already here in the room, but you will have to wait and see what that color is.  You know I like to mess with you!

Meantime, there is another event to look forward to -- The Chapel Market in Pike Road, Alabama.  This show and sale is the brainchild of Layla at The Lettered Cottage, and this is the second year.  Last year was a rousing success by all accounts, but I couldn't go because I couldn't walk well enough.  Since I have a new knee, I am able to walk very well, and I am looking forward to covering it all

You shouldn't be surprised if I come home with something wonderful!

Will I see you there?  It's next Saturday, the 25th.  Some of your favorite bloggers and antiques purveyors will be there.

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  1. Table looks lovely. I know that you will find some wonderful treasures at the Antique Sale. Good luck with Chapel Market, wish I was going also, but just a little to far for me to go. Have a wonderful day of treasure hunting.

  2. This is why I have a hard time getting rid of fabric. I know I'll use it somewhere, somehow, someday!

  3. Wow, not what I expected at all but I am smiling ear to ear!! This is stunning Ellen, and you are the only person on the planet that could place bold lavender striped silk on your DR table and have it look fabulous!! Stunning actually! Can't wait to hear about Chapel Market, somehow I thought it was this weekend...I would love to go but can't so I'm counting on you to share it!

  4. I love it. I hear you on the knee thing. I have two new knees. Isn't it wonderful to be able to walk again. xo Laura

  5. Time has really passed, hasn't it? I remember last year when you were hobbling around and trying to get the knee feeling somewhere close to normal again while I was struggling with rehabbing my shoulder. We've come a long way, baby!!!

    Have fun at the Chapel Market. I know you're going to go bongo in there!!! I wish we had more of that kind of thing here in the KC area. Sigh! :-(

    As for knocking down the dining room wall, I say let's do it...both of ours! Let's just grab a sledgehammer, knock back a jigger of Southern Comfort, and go for it!!! It'll be truly therapeutic (although it may mess our bodies up again!) and there will be no turning back...it will HAVE to be renovated! Whaddya say? Shall we go for it? ;-)

  6. Your dining room is so pretty, you did a great job with the table covering. Maybe you could gather the long corner ends underneath and just pin them? I LOVE the fabric! At least you HAVE a dining room. Me...nada.

    Have fun at the market event. Love Layla's blog. And thanks for your visit! :)

    Jane xx


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