27 October 2014


Last post, we went to the Chapel.  No, we didn't get mar-ah-ah-ried, but we did get two new/old chairs from Miss Mustard Seed.  However, tomorrow (Tuesday) Sweet Husband and I do have an anniversary:  twenty-five years ago on October 28, we met at a Halloween party sponsored by our apartment complex in Arlington, Texas where we were next door neighbors.  Sort of.  He lived in the next building.  

Who woulda thunk it back then that I would be living back in my home state of Alabama and married to this sweet guy who "wouldn't go away"  --  25 years later?

Or that I would have a (almost 7-year) blog (what's that?)  and we would visit an antiques market in rural Alabama and buy two cute little French cane chairs?

This guy (when I met him) had a big ol' ugly brown sofa with oak trim that screamed "bachelor pad" and a giant navy leather recliner.  He also had a bedroom "pier grip" with a "light bridge" and a weird "modern dinette" as well as a gold floor clock and a set of black dishes.   I had a Louis XV-style Thomasville dining room table (now painted red and draped in hundred dollar a yard [wholesale] silk in our DR) and chairs and a white Frenchy bedroom dresser (now painted Emile ASCP in our DR) along with a very girly white iron bed with baby blue bed linens.  My eyelet curtains had lots of ruffles, and my LR chairs were dainty with Louis XVI legs. My dishes were Lenox china and my flatware was "Rondo" Gorham sterling. 

I also had that little bombé chest on the left above.

Hmmmm, I don't believe I see any of that crap he used to have!  Oh wait -- upstairs, in his TV den, there is one piece (armoire) of that hideous furniture he used to have.  It was the least I could do...

So here they are in context, my MMS chairs -- what do you think?  I still need to do cushions or kidney pillows for them.

Speaking of pillows -- here are the five finished leopard pillows for the sofa.  I stashed the two back loose cushions because there was no room to sit!  It is just as comfy this way.

I used some tobacco brown linen from my fabric stash to back the pillows.

It is not Aerin Lauder's fabulous leopard sofa that I showed you a few posts back, but this is what I can do right now.  (Kind of like that old joke -- is this Mr. Right?  Well he's Mr. Right-now!)  I need to keep going -- after all, the holidays are approaching, and I am making a few changes in here and some other rooms.  Baby steps people, baby steps.


  1. Happy 25th Anniversary! I think the 25th is the "pillow" anniversary. Or is it the "chair" anniversary? I get it mixed-up.
    Have a wonderful, beautiful, happy day!

  2. Bonjour,

    Je vous souhaite un joyeux anniversaire de rencontre... C'est fabuleux de pouvoir fêter ce moment magique !
    Je découvre grâce à vos jolies photos vos magnifiques fauteuils ! qui partagent l'honneur de vos autres meubles... sans oublier ces moelleux coussins qui sont une belle invitation au repos !

    Gros bisous ♡

  3. Happy 25th Anniversary Mr. & Mrs Scribbler...and many more. I am laughing about you getting rid of his bachelor furniture...I did the same thing 26 years ago...all that brown couldn't go fast enough!
    Love the new chairs and pillows. Wish I had the patience to sew, not going to happen in this lifetime, though.
    Have a great week...and CELEBRATE!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I didn't realize you lived in B'ham (am I right on that?)....maybe we can meet sometime when I'm up that way visiting my son and his family....wish we could have met this past weekend but had other plans that couldn't be changed. Wasn't the weather gorgeous?

  5. Baby steps? Are you kidding? You've been pumping out projects one after the other. You're amazing! Have a wonderful anniversary today!

  6. Love the chairs and pillows! Happy Anniversary - and many happy returns!

  7. Happy Anniversary Ellen! The chairs look fabulous as do your leopard pillows! You have been busy busy! I some how missed the post on your painted curio, I must go back and check it out~ I think sweet husband is definitely your Mr. Right! I hope you have a wonderful day together~

  8. Happy Anniversary! I love those two chairs and they look perfect where you placed them. When I met my husband 35 years ago, he had a black faux leather couch and chair, and the same type of bed your husband had...lol.


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