29 October 2014


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No, not the National Park, darlings, I hear that is quite lovely.  I am talking about the new operating system for your Apple computer!  Lately, I have been having issues with my beloved MacBook being a little sluggish again, and since it is not yet a dinosaur, I decided to take advantage of the offer to get a free upgrade to Yosemite.  I had barely begun to understand Maverick(s?), before those new guys at Apple decided to confuse me even further.  

I miss Steve Jobs!  Every time you turn around now they are doing something to our Apple products which is hard for me to understand.  This new Yosemite thing does have some kind of cute cartoonish-looking icons because they want to look young and modern and hip, I suppose.  However, the favorites bar has disappeared and the url line is in a different spot.  I just downloaded it overnight (and it takes about 18 hours!), so I am sure I will uncover other weirdness soon as I go along.

Here is the main thing you bloggers are going to have a little trouble with:

You know how when you add your  link onto a Linky Party you are supposed to enter the URL of the ACTUAL BLOG POST?  Well, you can't do that!!!

Every single time, if you click on the post title, it will give you just that post on the page, all right, but guess what you see in the URL line?  That's right, you see the MAIN BLOG ADDRESS!!!

I tried doing an end run around it (I am famous for end runs, you know) by going to the list of posts on the Dashboard and clicking "View" -- sure enough, it gives me only that post on the page.  But guess what you see in the URL?  That's riiiiight!!!!  The main blog address.  You get a gold star.  Guess what you see if you click on one of the "Pages" at the top?  Uh-huh.

If any of you computer wizards know how to fix this, you must share with us, OK?

Thursday News Flash:  I accidentally discovered how to get the URL of the blog post!!!

Last night, I was on another site, and I clicked on that URL window to delete it and type another URL in there, and lo and behold, the extended URL of the page I was on displayed, highlighted.  I tried to see if it would copy and paste, and it did!  So that is how you get the URL of an individual post.

However, you should also know that all my user names and passwords that were stored, as well as a number of preferences in different applications, are back to a default setting.  So I am having to do quite a bit of adjusting.  

I will continue to update you if I discover anything else you might like to know about Yosemite.


  1. Bonjour,

    J'espère que quelqu'un viendra vite à votre secours. Pour ma part, je n'ai pas fait la mise à jour de ce truc-là ! Je vais donc ne pas le faire du tout alors, n'est-ce pas !

    Gros bisous ☼

  2. Ellen...I clicked comment and got this...

    Then I back spaced to the html

    I am going to put this second one in the address space and see what happens.

    1. Let me know. I can always link up with husband's computer. I don't know about this upgrade -- it will take some getting used to.

  3. Voila...it worked!
    I see you did this post yesterday. Have you figured out another way to get the post address?

  4. One thing I've learned Ellen, is never ever upgrade when they first come out! Even my high tech daughter who designs computer technology says WAIT...there are always bugs at first, you are best off to wait at least a few weeks for Apple to fix them! I miss Steve Jobs too~but you have found a way, bravo!

  5. The painted apron is correct! A few weeks ago I upgraded my iPad and it's been a PITA ever since. It freezes, it makes me fill in captcha on blogger blogs when it's not enabled, and I always have to log in to sites like Facebook or Pinterest unless I'm using their app. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I called Apple and they restored it but that didn't help. Never again!

    As for the url issue, I think iPads have been like that for a while, and I forget how I actually figured it out. I think I was in an Apple Store and was shown this little quirk.

    I refuse to update to Yosemite. If it ain't broke, don't fix it I say.

    (Stopping by from CLH and have enjoyed taking a look around. Nice to meet you!)


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