07 October 2014


Last year I ran across (on Domaine.com I think) an article about just hitting the high spots with your holiday decor and that should be quite enough. Maybe it was Apartment Therapy.  I don't remember.  But -- anyway, it is. Enough. I already showed you my minimalist 'early Fall' efforts.   

I wasn't too sure about putting Fall colors in these cachepots...

The mantel

I think it looks pretty good

So now that it is actually Fall and we have had a couple of cool nights and days, not to mention the first pot of chili of the season is on the high octane burner as I write, I decided to throw a couple of other things out to celebrate the season.  These will stay till time to hit the high spots with a few Christmas things.  That would be after Thanksgiving, people!

A pot of mums and a pumpkin on the porch

Basically that article said something to the effect that the "high spots" are the mailbox; outside front entry or door, i.e. the porch in the South; the inside front entry or foyer; the dining room table and/or sideboard; the living room mantel (and please note that I spelled mantel correctly -- "mantle" is a cloak or shawl -- I just can't resist a little teaching and preaching here and there); something in the kitchen; and...  I didn't do the mailbox, but I hit the all other spots!  Plus I put some wheat stalks on the bar, and there is a little mum on the back porch table.

On the DR table (which is for sale)

wheat stalk bundles on the console

In the kitchen over the sink

on the mirror shelf just inside the back door

On the kitchen counter -- I ate what's missing!

I wonder if I should paint this rooster ---
what do you think?
On the bar

Are you a minimalist or maximalist when it comes to seasonal decor?

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  1. just call me Ms Minimal... my green living plants are growing with gusto so they'll maintain their rightful place and I might scatter a few gourds among them but that'll be it for me. Fall is outside everywhere I look so I'll just enjoy those sites and the smells of mountain apples and fresh pumpkins baking up to my sweet desserts..

    1. I love green living plants. Unfortunately they do not seem to thrive at my hands!

  2. You have the right touch and the most festive colors! I think the arrangement in the cache pots and on your dining room table are the prettiest. I really love your home, gorgeous!

    Jane xx

    Oh, minimal is not in my vocabulary!

    1. Thanks! Hope your hand is not too painful and gets better very quickly.

  3. Looks great! Love the tole tray.

    1. Thanks -- I love these things. I always look for them at estate sales.

  4. Oh, and I've had to become somewhat of a minimalist with seasonal decor due to lack of room.

  5. Love all your fall touches, there is something to be said for hitting the high spots, it sure is a lot easier...Decorating for the seasons can be a daunting job as you get older and are busy with a hundred other things, I think you did a spectacular job and sure looks like you are ready to welcome in the new season...

  6. I have more fun watching everybody else get all their stuff out and continuously change up their decor. Wax on, wax off, lol. But I go out on a limb for Christmas, I admit. :)

    1. I think I am going underground for Christmas...

  7. I can go either way, with lately, being more of a minimalist. But whenever I see the big overblown arrangements, I always think they are wonderful.

  8. I am both. Fall decorating isn't my first love but I do enjoy decorating for it. Christmas is when I tend to over decorate, but then after a bit of living with it I can't wait to take it down. So I should be very minimalist.

  9. Hey there, woman! Beautiful decor! Yes, you were right on target putting fall color in the cachepots! It looks pretty dope. (I just watched some silly show on MTV that a neighbor child had on while here helping me. I have suddenly become a rap master!) I like the lushness of it!

    THANK YOU for that PSA re: in relation to the spelling of fireplace MANTEL vs Paul Revere threw on a mantle and took the horse out for a ride!!! That drives me NUTS every time I see those words incorrectly used!!!

    I know you like a lot of vibrant color, so painting the rooster something fabulous...like shiny Corvette red...would be right up your alley!

    Depends on the season whether I'm a minimalist or go all out. Minimalist for Spring and Summer, better effort for Fall (observing the "high spots" thing for the most part), and then halfway to crazy when it comes to Christmas. This year may be an exception as I will be having surgery the week after Thanksgiving. No way I'm going to sit around here looking at a bunch of Christmas crap 'til March when I'm able to take it down!!! I'll do ONE tree, the mantel (maybe), the front door, a little something-something in the entry and dining room. Maybe a wreath in the kitchen. The End!

    I hope you get your table sold sooner than later. Sure wish you could put it in one of those bags that you vacuum all the air out to flatten it and send it to me!!! :-)

  10. Unfortunately I am not a minimalist…I have too too many decorations and each year I find that I don't put them all up (but I still keep what I didn't put out)…so I probably need some therapy, right?

  11. Love your fall touches especially your mantel.
    I have a plant stand just like yours on your front porch. Fall is one of my favorite seasons but I would classify as a minimalist especially at this point since I only have a vase of wheat out so far.

  12. Your Fall touches look great...I absolutely LOVE how you decorated your mantel the Fall arrangements you made look beautiful...love your pretty curtains in there too!!

  13. Your decorations are lovely. I've done exactly what that article suggests. Don't like to drown out the rest of the house with too much. Would just add one more that I'm going to try this season, a small fragrant tin (flowers and sachet tucked in) hung on bedroom doorknobs. Hope to share a pic soon.

  14. Looks like you have covered the high spots perfectly Ellen! My favorite is the feathers in the arrangements on your mantle, fun, chic and unexpected!

  15. Love your fall arrangements, so full of earthy colors and ambiance. I am a balanced person, so I always choose two....Your porch looks welcoming for the season.

  16. Hi Ellen! Oh, I love everything! Your mantel (and that's how I spell it and am so thrilled I spell it correctly!) is gorgeous! I like one white Rooster and he's a handsome devil. Those red/white striped canisters caught my tiny eye - love 'em! Everything just looks perfect at your house. Have a great Sunday.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Hello Helen. So so warm and cozy. Perfectly done. I love the fall color and you have certainly managed to give your home that inviting homey feel. I go all out on my decor. Not a minimalist at all.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.



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