17 October 2014


I want I want I want it!
This French draw-leaf table!
My house is driving me crazy.  It has ever since we bought it.  I didn't want it in the first place, but it was close to Sweet Husband's work.  (He has since retired.)  I gave him three years.  That is all, I said, and then I am moving on, with you or without you, I am moving on.  Then Shrub and his henchmen effed up the economy, and we were stuck.  So, I said stoically after I moped a couple of years, I will bloom where I am planted, and make the best of this Plain Jane little house I don't like till I can get out of here.  I have now made all sorts of improvements and accommodations, and some of those I like.    

for example, the porch

However ...
This place has no big closets and little other storage.  I have had to conscript the garage for a studio/storage, and I have stuffed everything I was determined to keep SOMEWHERE.  We have given away all kinds of stuff, and never had a garage sale here.  We have donated a ton of crap.  No more sales for me.  (Our last sale at our previous house was a little scary.  Three illegal immigrant types kept hanging around till there was no one else there.  They were there for over two hours, handling everything, jabbering away in a language I do not understand, cutting their eyes in our direction.  Very unnerving.  I locked up the cash in the house and stuck a pistol in my belt. I made sure they saw it.

But I digress.)   

Our dining room is kind of dinky. If you are Southern, you know that "dinky" means ridiculously small.  I have to have lots of storage in there.  If it was just the table and chairs, I suppose there would be room. 

However, I am Southern, after all, and there is crystal, silver, boo-koo sets of china, a thousand napkin rings and candles, and lots of other "stuff."  It has reached the point of having no room for people.  My dining room table that I love is posted on this blog for sale, but I really needed to get a move on.  The holidays are coming, people!  Doesn't someone need this table?

We have looked around, and I found one table I am just crazy about. I also found a couple of others I could make do with if the Apocalypse was upon us.  

However, the hubs does not want me to buy another table till I sell the one I have.  In the garage, I still had my ancient one, the one I painted with ASCP Emperor's Silk, that I have been using for a work table in the art space.   

In the upstairs littlest bedroom, I have my old kitchen table painted black that I use for a cutting table for my sewing.  There is a glass top table under the pergola and another one on the screen porch.  And -- a two-top in the kitchen.  So I could feed the multitudes if I had to.  But I have been so bummed about the state of the crowded DR with the holidays coming. I walk by and I curse it.

Then I brought home that little curio cabinet from my late cousin's house a couple of days ago.  I have been airing it out, because weird as it sounds, the  inside smells like their house, and that made me sad.  So -- I have not begun to paint it yet. I was planning on pale green, replicating the finish on these antique Italian chairs I saw in Fairhope a couple of weeks ago.

Today over morning coffee, we had a conversation about the DR table situation after I had a major meltdown last night about all the shortcomings of this house.  Sweet Husband agreed to help me swap the table in the studio/garage with the one in the DR to see if it would work better because it is only 44" inches at it's widest point instead of the 60" diameter of the pretty white one.  Since he had to do the hard work, and all I had to do was be the supporting player, I thought, why not?

The size works a little better

The red color in here?  The jury is still out.

So -- this is what we did this morning.  Probably this will get draped with something till I can get myself that table I really really really want.  

Somebody please buy my pretty little white scallopy top table, won't you?  Scribbler needs a new DR table.(whine)
Here's the teensy little bit of the red in the wallpaper...

And now the color to paint the little curio has to be rethought.  I have about a gazillion pieces of silver hollowware which has been tossed in the garage cabinets that I am going to put in there, so I need to get it painted pretty soon. It is going to take me a year to get all that mess polished!  No wonder the younger girls don't want Grandmama's silver anymore...

This oxidized finish has got to go!
I might run away from home...  just all out of sorts.

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  1. I have to admit that red is a color I never pick for anything, whether it's furniture, accessories or clothing, yet they say every room should have a splash of red in it somewhere. It's a bold color and you are very brave to paint a whole table red. I think the shape suits your DR better than the other one, but I think your idea of draping it with something is a good idea. I love the curio cabinet and I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    1. It is already draped! Come back soon and see what I did. I plan to paint the cabinet this weekend.

  2. Ok, I understand dinky, but who are you calling shrub and his henchmen, lol? I can see the current crew or the prior being called that, depending on which camp you're in. Ellen, I really like the white of the prior table against all the lavender and pink hues, but you always manage to surprise me (positively) with your brave choices. I think the finish you may attempt to work on curio will look terrific.

    Once you get all that silver polished, a trick I use is putting those silica gel paks that come in shoes (lord knows I have a zillion of those, hahaha) inside the vessels and tuck away discreetly on the shelves, out of sight. They keep tarnish at bay, and I've had very good luck with having mine in the curio, behind the glass, with very little tarnish over years of display (and use).

    Now, being Southern, you'll understand this, coming from a Southern sister: put your big girl panties on and practice your patience virtue just a little bit longer. =) Have a great weekend.

    1. Actually "Shrub" is a title the late Molly Ivins bestowed up George W Bush, and we continue to use it. I think all politicians are crooks, and don't like any of them!

      I have already draped the table. About those big girl panties... I know I have to cool it, but guess what they put under my picture in the high school annual? "I want what I want when I want it!"

    2. "I wants what I wants when I wants it" Wasn't that Popeye's Olive Oil? I love the shape and size of the red dining table, and knowing you it wouldn't take you long to give it a new color that is perfect for your dining room. 66" really is wide...I see why it was causing you a problem. Love the green paint color...one of my favorites for French chairs. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

    3. I realized the synonymous name after my reply. :D
      As for the HS subtitle - the good news is you've stayed true to yourself after all these years!

  3. I agree with you they are all crooks! We need a few more women in there to straighten the messes up. The table will work better being smaller and if you have it covered, it should be fine. I do hope you get the table of your choice. I just HATE IT when I want something and I have to wait. I'm very impatient. Shame on me.
    Have a great week,

  4. Are your guests coming to meet, greet, and eat with your table? Or with you and sweet husband?

    You, lady, are the star of your own show. Now act like it. Anyone has problem with your table, just don't invite them next time.
    AND with all those other tables, you surely have room to seat everyone.

    Were I you, I'd worry more about the bric a brac than the table. In a small house, something will likely get knocked off. Unless the carpets will make those pretties bounce, I'd go for less is more and pack some of it away for the holidays. You can stack the crates in the garage for a little while and breath more easy.
    But that's me, and this is the always enthusiastic and talented Ellen. Whatever you do, be calm and carry on--maybe with a cuppa tea to ease the tension in your neck. Lots of love floating your way…….

  5. You always calls 'em the way you sees 'em! We already figured out that we can seat at least 8 by adding a leaf and turning the table diagonally.

    And you are spot on. I do pack up the bric a brac when there are a lot of people in the house. Do you have a blog? Since you are a no-reply blogger I can't find you anywhere.

  6. Okay, I for one, love red in the house. I think the fun, unexpected and non-traditional look is what makes a home interesting. I don't like to look at magazines and blogs where everything is the same-old "stuff." So I think the red table can work.
    Your story about the garage sale is hilarious. - Dangerous at the time for sure, but now, hilarious. I would love to have a garage sale with you, and I'm sure I would end up buying all your things!

  7. Ellen, your energy for redecorating and rearranging is endless and admirable! I bet sweet husband starts sweating every time a new day dawns, wondering what you will be suggesting next! The red table looks awesome, and when you get the new one, you will want to paint it anyway!! Your curio with the green painted inspiration will look fabulous, anywhere, that soft green is such a great color...you always keep us guessing!!

  8. I'm not from the South, but the word "dinky" has been a part of my vocabulary forever!!! I totally get the dinky dining room situation, too. We share the same plight. I believe in dining rooms the size of a football field, but that's not what we have and there's no way to build out for a larger one. Sigh! Woe is me and woe is you, too! :-)

    It's crazy that your existing dining room table hasn't yet sold. I think it's the diggity bomb, and I would love it if I lived closer...a LOT closer!

    I know your house has driven you stark raving mad for a long time and that you have really put in the hours and elbow grease to make significant changes. Let's hope things turn around and that you don't have to complete your entire sentence there! :-) Maybe you can get paroled sooner than later!

    I have a sinking feeling no one in my family is going to want my silver pieces. Too bad because they're all so pretty. This casual way of living in the 21st century just doesn't have room for it, though. I don't mind polishing silver. It can be relaxing. I just turn on a good movie or TV show, and I'm good to go.

    I'm sorry you had such a weird experience at your last garage sale. That would have put me on edge, too! I always strap one on when we have a garage sale, though. You just never know who might show up and what their intentions may be. We don't have a "Stand Your Ground" law here, but I have a "Don't Mess With Me Unless You Want Gaping Hole In Your Chest" policy around here. I don't carry a firearm in public (even though it is legal here now), but when I'm at home - especially when we're doing a garage sale that leaves us vulnerable - I don't mind flexing my hot metal muscle a little.

    Have a good week, sweetie pumpkin pie!

  9. harking back to the chair obsession, you must count ALL your chairs and get rid of five of them at least, the whole house will flow better.
    Natalie from Sette Design


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