22 October 2014

THE CURIO IS FINISHED (and loaded to the gills)

All done -- finally!

I painted the curio I got from my cousin's estate --
I used ASCP --
2 parts Pure White to 1 part Emile.
(two coats)

The painting process was quite a sight.
I practically had to crawl in to get to all those little areas inside.
Very tedious.

I accented the hardware with Warm Silver from Modern Masters Metallics which you have seen me use before.

I then made a wash of the Warm Silver and used that all over, then went back and dry brushed some of the high spots with it.  I lightly outlined some of the curves with a small art brush.

The clean up on the glass was easy with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and Windex.
I waxed the curio lightly with Clear Wax.

Here the glass is back in place.

And here the silver is loaded in.

I polished silver all afternoon today --
then I arranged it in the cabinet.
I was really shocked that the square footage held far less than I thought it would!

Well, most of it fit.
And it is VERY HARD to photograph.

I am very happy to have this curio cabinet from my late cousin's estate.  Now I have made it mine, and it works very well in my little dining room.

One last look at how it looked before:

I can't leave you without mentioning this elegant man who loved to dress women beautifully -- the late Oscar de la Renta.
A class act.

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  1. Oscar de la Renta will be missed. Definitely a class act!
    Your little curio is a class act too. Love the new look and just look at all that shiny silver. I bet your little fingers are tired!

  2. What a showpiece! It looks gorgeous!

  3. Oh, Ellen! The curio turned out gorgeously! I love it and love the way you painted it. Your silver looks so pretty in it! You have such an eye for decorating and I need you! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. Beautifully done Ellen!! You have a wonderful collection of silver!

  5. Hi Ellen,
    Trophy wife here, just sitting with my leopard short jacket and pillbox hat on, bemoaning the fact that another fashion legend is gone, yet happy to see your curio all decked out in its finery! The finish and the silver within is so glam - a nod to your classy taste. My curio shelves are deceivingly shallow too, but that doesn't stop me from a constant game of jenga each time I want to use a piece and/or add another piece to my never-ending collection. It's actually a fun challenge to see how many ways I can stack compotes & baby cups, plus any and all unique tabletop serving curiosities into that cabinet. I really love your finish, and all the shelves packed. Great, great job.

  6. Oh Ellen, it is stunning and I love the color. 100% better than it was. your silver looks so good in there and what a great collection.

  7. I wish, wish, wish I had that painting gene!!! I could transform so many things around here in an instant (or you make it seem so, anyway!) and have a whole new house in no time!!! I think I just got burned out on the painting after rehabbing a house about 17 years ago. Kind of like how I got burned out on reading after college! :-)

    You did a great job with the curio, and I'll bet your little hands and wrists are sore after all that silver polishing. It all looks great, though! You were able to get quite a bit in, and I'm sure you'll figure something out for the rest!

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor, and have a great weekend!

  8. I absolutely love the color of your curio!!! Your dining room is one of my very favorites in Blogland. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog,

    1. Thanks so much RJ -- we miss your creative posts.

  9. What an absolute perfect match for your room and what beautiful things you have to put in it.

  10. It is gorgeous Ellen!! How smart to mix your own color and add the silver accents, it is just simply stunning! I admire your energy to polish all that silver, I need to do that... It looks very fabulous with all those shiny pieces inside!

  11. Wow, Ellen!! That is a beautiful statement with your silver - so elegant!! What an amazing collection you have! I know what you mean about crawling inside, I just finished one! Thanks so much for sharing at Best of the Nest!

  12. Just beautiful! But the info on cleaning glass was just what I needed! Off to buy magic erasers to clean a mirror painted months ago with ASP!
    Then I can hang it! Yay!
    Thanks for sharing that tip :)


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