30 October 2014


My kitchen butcher block/island was bright white when I bought it.  Then we moved here, and for a while I had to live with the dreadful glazed mess the previous homeowner had made on the kitchen cabinets.  The bright white on the island made them look even filthier than her sloppy "glazing" job.

Then we gave the kitchen a bit of a facelift, and painted all those cabinets White Opulence by Benjamin Moore.  You can read all about it at this post:  At Last My Love Has Come Along.  But the antiqued red I had so painstakingly developed for the island didn't look right with the bright cabinets, so I painted the island white again with Old White.

Fast forward a couple years.  The finish had yellowed, and the finish had gotten a bit "distressed" as usually happens here.  I decided to go back to red, but I wanted a bright red like that Ikea Expedit this time.  We have made some changes and additions and subtractions in the kitchen over the last two years after we painted and spruced it all up. I am also in the process of freshening up a few other things in there as in the rest of the house.  

I had bought a sample pot of Emperor's Silk ASCP for this job, and since the piece had been waxed last time, I thought that would be the way to go.  But the chalk paint let me down this time.  I used two coats, and I thought I would have to get some more, but it was looking really dark and streaky.  (No photos of this stage.)

So today I went over to Lowe's to get some more Red Geranium, having bought a sample I had tried for something else.  The original sample was made by Glidden, but Lowe's matched it with their handy-dandy little computer.  This red is brighter and lighter, just what I wanted.  The satin finish is much nicer than the streaky chalky finish, and I really don't care for the waxed finish in the kitchen.  It attracts dust and grease.  In fact, when I first bought chalk paint several years ago, the owner of the studio told me to use poly, not wax, to seal it if used in the kitchen.  

Tomorrow I will sand the paint smudges off the little towel dowels and reseal those.

I think this jolt of red is great!  You already know I would love to have red cabinets in my kitchen.  But when you use red paint?  You need to tint your primer at least half-strength red, and then use several coats to get full coverage with no streaks.  With the two coats of ASCP plus the three coats of Red Geranium that's five.  I might even need to go over it one more time before I seal it with poly.  I do not have the patience to do that many coats of paint on these kitchen cabinets.  I do have my limits!

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  1. That's a good tip I hadn't heard before about using poly instead of wax for kitchen surfaces. I have a painted cabinet I'm using in the kitchen and it needs to be sealed with something or the other, and I was headed towards the wax. Good call!
    The red looks fabulous! I've had a red kitchen before and loved it!

  2. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S...and I am not even a fan of bright red!

  3. It looks totally fabulous Ellen, I would never have the patience for 5 coats of paint! It looks great with your white cabinets~the perfect pop! Bundle up this weekend!

  4. You have more patience's than I have. I loose interest if things go to wrong. I love the red and it looks terrific.

  5. Thank you for the link to the post on your kitchen re-do. I'm totally in love with that paintable beadboard wallpaper and I think we may use than on the kitchen cabinets in the house we're buying.

  6. Holy Moly, that's a lot of painting!!! I wouldn't have the patience to make it through even ONE coat!!! It turned out great, though, and the red in there really serves to wake up the kitchen even more. French diner? I don't know what to call it exactly, but it looks great!

  7. Wow I love it. Looks wonderful! And a fun read as well :)

  8. Oh my, this red lover is smiling from ear to ear! I think it is the perfect pop of color. and it really brings out your wonderful enamel pitchers on top of your cupboards. Thanks for sharing it with Share Your Cup. I will be featuring you this week.


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