04 October 2014


Fairhope turned their fountain pink!

The sky and the water were brilliant

The roses were still blooming their heads off

This past week, we took a much-needed break, having not been out of town since I had my knee done in early June.  For a long time post surgery, it is necessary to keep moving and exercising a whole lot, and riding in a car for a long time can get pretty uncomfortable.  We were more than ready to blow this taco stand for a while!  The Gulf Coast it was.

Sweet Husband's Grandma Rose turned 100 years old on September 30, and her nursing home in Gulfport, Mississippi honored her with a big party.  Her daughter (my MIL) along with my FIL from San Antonio, their three children (from Houston, Sacramento and Birmingham) along with spouses, all convened for the celebration. One previous DIL and their only grandchild joined us via Skype.
SIL from Sacramento and BIL from Houston, Sweet Husband's sibs

The two SILs and the TV guy

Grandma was pretty excited, telling everyone, "I am a hundred!"

Lots of flowers and balloons, and there was quite a spread of food.

Some of Grandma's caregivers on the left.
MIL in black & white blouse.

The sweet lady in the blue scrubs is a nursing home employee, as are those three standing in the back.

Grandma is a devout Catholic, and this poster-card is from her lifelong parish, St. James.

BIL, FIL and Sweet Husband

There was a representative from the TV station, the newspaper, and many others from outside who attended, including a niece who is in her late 80s and lives in Biloxi.  Of course, all the residents of the home were brought in to enjoy the party, too.  One of the old gentlemen who lives there wheeled himself up to her at the head table and serenaded her with a priceless version of Happy Birthday.
The Crooner!

The family came together for breakfast earlier that day, too, and then we all went to Mary Mahoney's restaurant later for dinner.  The original goes back to the 1700s, and you may remember a mention or two or five in the John Grisham novels.  
Ever the Ham!

In the courtyard

Seriously huge tree, spared by the hurricanes over the years

The courtyard is so lush

It has suffered damage from various hurricanes over the decades, but it still looks pretty much the same.  It is located right across the road from The Beau Rivage Hotel on Highway 90 (known to the locals in the area as 'the beach road').  And then on to Fairhope.
Lots of purple martin birdhouses.

A beautiful day off the Fairhope Pier.

See the birds?

Moi, in front of Brenny's Jewelry store.

When all the birthdaying was over, Sweet Husband and I went on to Fairhope, Alabama, to wind up our trip.  It only takes a little over an hour to get over there from the Mississippi coast -- an easy drive on I-10.  I indulged in lots of antique-looking (no buying this time), but I did find some things I like.  (What a surprise, right?)

We also had lunch on Thursday with the beautiful LeslieAnne from Fairhope Supply blog and enjoyed meeting her husband, too.  We discovered that we both had eyes on this marble balance scale.  LA, honey, I had to leave it for you! (Although [sob] I am sure I will never see another like it.)

The civic-minded residents of Fairhope have turned the city pier park fountain pink, and they have also decorated the city light posts with pink flags and bows in honor of breast cancer awareness monthThe roses are still quite beautiful -- remember it is still very warm down there.  
These next few photos are from our hotel -- decorated to a fare-thee-well.

We had quite an adventure at this hotel --
another post!

Yesterday morning we went out to breakfast at a local eatery in a driving rain, but it had cleared up pretty much by the time we left making for a pleasant drive home.
This great French armoire had a sand-blasted finish -- interesting!
Elegant things in here

Gorgeous Italian antique chairs -- a pair!

There were two of these little bamboo tables, too.

I love this gigantic Italian mirror.
You know I love me some goopy mirrors.

I was captivated by the finish on these Italian chairs.

It is nice to get away for a bit, isn't it?  The photos you have been looking at were snapped at the party, in Mary Mahoney's, at the pier, in the hotel and in some of the shops around Fairhope.  I have my faves to visit when I get to go, and was trying to get some ideas to solve a dilemma in my dining room.  

Next time we might talk about that! Right now, I am linking this   to Make It Pretty Monday, Metamorphosis Monday
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  1. Congratulations to Grandma - 100 years old, God Bless her. She looked like she was having fun. What a great way to celebrate. Your road trip looks good and you got to see many beautiful treasures. So glad that you were able to go on a trip - hope your knee is healing.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Happy 100th Birthday to Grandma! Looks like a great celebration, and know you enjoyed getting away. Fairhope antique shops always look interesting when you and others share images. Perhaps I need a "long" road trip. '-)
    Settling in after being in France for two weeks. Much to do here now that fall is in the air. '-)

  3. Ellen, I meant to tell you that Grandma and my mother were the same age. We were celebrating her 99th this time last year. Her birthday was on the 6th..

  4. What a great time we had visiting with the two of you! Wish you could have stayed in Fairhope longer so you and I could have ditched the men for a while and gone shopping ourselves! I'll keep an eye on the scale for you, and if one of us is really good, Santa may put it under the tree!
    But then again, we'd have to be nice, not naughty. (Maybe it's not worth it after all!)

  5. What a fun trip Ellen, the birthday party sounds amazing! Wow, 100 is something~ great photos, and of course Fairhope would turn their fountain pink!! I am so glad you were able to have lunch with Leslie Anne, I know you all had a blast! Thanks for all the great photos, Fairhope is such a picturesque place, and my favorite place to visit!

  6. Hi Ellen and what an excursion you've had. What a sweet sweet time with the birthday girl. Don't all the 100 year olds get a card from the President too? Looks like a lot of happy family members. How nice you got to meet the beautiful Leslie Ann and her hubby! She's so funny. Now you, my dear, look beautiful! I'm sure you had a great time and now you need to rest! Can't believe you didn't buy something! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. So lovely to celebrate a 100th birthday, especially of a relative. Brava Grandma! And what a nice long newsy post. Nice way to get to know our blogging friends. Jane

  8. Oh what a darling birthday girl...HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!! Looks like you had a fun time here on the coast. Yes, I am going to The Chapel Market. Heads up...I will be one of the vendors at CM!!! I hope to see ya there :) Thanks so much for sharing at my party this week.


  9. Oh my goodness, what a celebration, Ellen! Happy Birthday wishes to Grandma!! it looks like you and your sweetie had a wonderful time afterwards, too. I loved seeing a pic of beautiful you!

  10. What a happy celebration!! God Bless Grandma on her 100th birthday!!


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