29 January 2014


This one from Romeo Cuomo via Facebook.
He said Carnival is underway in Venice.
Wish I was there...
OK, maybe I spoke too soon a couple of days ago about being thankful we are not trapped in snow and ice.  Blechh!!!  Enough already!!  

I don't remember where I saw this, but it has two of my favorite things:
hot pink on a French chair and a blue * white lamp.

So, I have spent way too much time on the computer, lots of time reading, and generally being a couch potato.  Roads are refreezing now that it is mid-afternoon, last knee shots postponed till next week, and getting out the next couple of days looking doubtful.  I have nine-million projects, but for some reason, I can't get motivated to do much.  I did a little busywork cleaning this morning, then kind of said the heck with it.  Wearing sweats all week is OK, though.  I did put on my face this morning because I frighten myself after a certain point.

I think these paper placemats are from Layla Grace.  They look cheerful don't you think?

I don't generally post other people's photos on this blog, but since I have spent so much time looking at stuff the last couple of days, I found a few I thought you might like.

This photo is from Christopher Radko -- yes, the Christmas ornament guy.
He is multi-talented.  I found this photo on FB.

Our governor, Robert Bentley, is giving a news conference.  I will give him credit:  he declared a state of emergency Monday and mobilized the National Guard, so we were not as unprepared as Atlanta, Georgia and some other areas.  Some of my neighbors had to spend the night elsewhere, and they got home about midday.  
I used this photo with permission from my son.
It is a place for "Hot Pot" in Beijing.
Soon I will share his photos and commentary on just what Hot Pot is -- stay tuned!

My cousin in Atlanta finally made it home after 13 and a half hours on the road in the middle of the night. Alabama has search aircraft looking for people stranded in less populated areas, and tomorrow the game-plan is to try to continue clearing cars off the roads. 

Isn't this a cool island?
It is available for a limited time
from Williams-Sonoma home.
I like all these drawers.

The stories of the kindness of strangers to strangers have just been incredible.  Maybe I will share some I have heard about another time.  General Russell Honoré (of Katrina fame) needs to get down there and straighten everything out.  He said huge metropolitan areas need to have a centralized form of government like New York City, where one person at the top can make executive decisions for the entire area, as opposed to all the little puppet kingdoms with competing little fiefdoms.  You tell 'em, General!

Pretty LR
This is a great magazine, I think.
There is a lot of talent in Little Rock --
who knew?
Meantime, many people will be in shelters or hotels again tonight. Some kids still are sheltering in the schools for a second night.  We hear they have all been cared for very well, and I certainly hope that it is true.  
Serene bedroom.
I would have it messed up pretty quickly,
but it does look nice, doesn't it?

Hope you are staying safe and warm.


28 January 2014


The view from upstairs after a few hours⬆

The same view from the front porch⬆

It is very cold here in the Heart of Dixie today.  The snow began around ten o'clock this morning, and it is still snowing.  We were supposed to get a light "dusting."  Somebody lost the yardstick!

The above three photos were after about one hour.  So are these next ones:

It will not get above freezing for three days so they say, and none of it is melting.  Schools were not shut down, and then they dismissed at about 10 or 11 whereupon everybody is trying to go get their kids.  Many, many wrecks, people stranded, etc.  Two fatalities.  Bad wreck right at the main artery back into my neighborhood.  

The ortho office called, postponed my last knee shots, just when I was about to call them.  This is not a lot of snow by the standards of other parts of the country, but deep in the South we are just not equipped to deal with it.  People get caught out in it, don't know how to drive in it, don't have snow tires or emergency provisions, and so they get out if they get stuck and try to walk to their destination.  Then they get hit by vehicles careening out of control. 

A mite too chilly to sit out here today!
These photos were made between 11 and 2 today.  We warmed up with chili and spaghetti for lunch.  Hope you are safe and warm wherever you are.  I am reading THE INVENTION OF WINGS by Sue Monk Kidd.  Very engrossing.


25 January 2014

THE WINTER LIVING ROOM and some idle thoughts

Thankfully we are not buried in snow and ice like some of you -- and I frankly don't think I could cope if we were -- but it is still plenty cold down here in the Heart of Dixie -- in the single digits tonight again.  I hope you are safe and warm wherever you are.  Let's always keep in mind that many are not so fortunate.  

I have been working sporadically on getting my house cleaned up and put back together since the holidays.  I don't really think I will ever do as much again as I did this last holiday season.  This cold weather and my worn out knees are constantly reminding me that even though I can still wear skinny jeans and still look pretty cute when I get dolled up that I am just not as young as I used to be.  (Yeah, it's a real bitch, coming to that truth…)

My focus (if you can call it that) has been on the Living Room since that is where the biggest mess was after Christmas went away.

Here are some of the things I have done to cozy up for Winter -- nothing momentous, just a few little touches:

1.  Brought out the Rose Famille cachepots we found at an estate sale before Christmas and filled them with fuchsia silk peonies.  I love this old design.  

2.  Painted and gilded an old tray which was the top of my mother and father's first coffee table (1941, people)!  It now holds a tea set, just the thing for this cold weather.
3.  Finally antique-glazed the frames of these estate sale chairs I painted a few months ago.

4.  Collected some vintage marble/alabaster grapes on eBay.  Every now and then I get a bee in my bonnet about something, and I have to acquire some.

5.  Moved the Limoges plates from the front hall to the louvered doors that we used to close off this end of the LR from the kitchen.  You may recall that I am not one of those people who likes my kitchen open to the living room or dining room. It was super easy to hang them, too -- we used drapery hooks on the slats.
This one I took from the MBR

This antique chair has been stored for a while
6.  Swapped out some chairs here and there.  Still working on the pillow situation -- thinking of adding more leopard.  It kind of goes with the whole Frenchy/Boho vibe of the room, I think. 

7.  Added two acid-green Chinese Garden stools.  I like pairs and symmetry, you know. I am also adding green things in here  -- maybe I am trying to hurry Spring?

While it has been so cold, I have read THE GOLDFINCH by Donna Tartt, and I highly recommend it -- it is a masterpiece.  Here are some links to articles about the author:


I am so impressed with this writer.  She publishes about every 10 years (a full-length novel at least), so it is all perfection.  Very intimidating to a little wannabe like me…  She paints pictures with her words like Rembrandt painted with oils.

I discovered a new show on HBO -- TRUE DETECTIVE -- which is fabulously gritty and real.  It stars Matthew McConauhey (I never know if I have spelled his name correctly) and Woody Harrelson.  Set in rural Louisiana, it is heart-breakingly painful in its reality.

I can't close this post today without mentioning the pain and suffering of another popular blogger.  The very first blog I ever discovered courtesy of a local newspaper article was A Beach Cottage, the chronicles of Sarah and her family of five, English ex-pats who re-settled in Australia on the beaches near Sydney in "a tatty little cottage."  They were living my retirement dream, and we sometimes corresponded.  She was one of the first bloggers to become wildly successful at blogging the things that many of us love to do, and what we all used to write about in our self-deprecating, tongue-in-cheek way:  thrifting, painting and salvaging old furniture, collecting dishes, trying new recipes and juggling marriage and the family with some me-time and work. 

Now a tragedy has befallen their family.  A serious accident happened to one of the kids, although Sarah has not said specifically on her blog as to which kid and exactly what happened, only that it is forever life-changing and their hearts are broken.  They are beginning to cope now and heal.  I am sure it would cheer her up enormously if you dropped round to offer your best thoughts.  Hers was the first blog I read every day for years, and although in age, she could be my daughter and her style is vastly different from my own, her voice is truly a breath of fresh air.  

So what are you doing at your house to cope with this Arctic blast?  Anything fulfilling, interesting or creative?

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