28 February 2014

My Computer is Sick Again!

I am more or less out of commission for a few days.  The computer was exhibiting some symptoms of being a bit out of whack, so probably won't be able to interact with you much.  I have the iPad, and will read up on how to blog on it, but it looks like a royal pain.  We will see if I can figure it out.  I might borrow Sweet Husband's if I start going into withdrawals.

Wonder if I can put on a photo?

25 February 2014

SPRUCING UP THE LOUNGE with the new rug

Remember that little rug I was trying to order from Joss & Main last week? I finally got the order through, and they said it would be delivered the following Wednesday.   It showed up MONDAY!  Can't say they don't deliver.

I think it looks great.  Sweet Husband went over to Lowe's and bought a little rug pad, and here it is our lounge in all it's glory.

Now about these photos.  I uploaded them to iPhoto from my camera, deleted them from the camera, and started editing.  Then POOF -- they disappeared.  Whaaaaaat????  Thank goodness, my son had installed PhotoStream when he was was here.  It took several minutes, but some of them came back -- not all.  So these photos are the ones which were saved.  Thanks Brendan!

PhotoStream would not allow me to duplicate or move them back to the original Event, so I did an end run around it.  I created a new folder on the desktop and dragged them over to that, then dragged them back to iPhoto.  Aren't I clever for a non-techno-geek?  I very rarely have anything go wrong with my Mac, and I would still take it any day over any Windows computer you might offer me.  But every now and again, something really bizarre happens.  I guess this is something ordinary people are not supposed to understand -- just one of life's little mysteries.

 We had about two minutes of sun this morning of an overcast day, and I snapped a bunch of photos really fast.  Then this afternoon -- the glitch with the computer.
These are the ones I was able to retrieve.

A lounge has become a popular option for empty nesters and childless households. It is a great spot to hang out in the morning with the laptop and the morning news or in the evenings with a cocktail and the evening news.  If you have company, it is a good place to hang out before you serve the dinner in the dining room. 
We have this little table which is a "two-top" just for us, and we have most of our meals here.   
 When company is here, the place settings go away, and the appetizers go on the table.  The table and chairs can be shifted slightly.  
The view from the other end.

 We enjoy this setup a lot.  Obviously this is not ideal in a family setting.  I hate to tell you, but children do grow up and leave home.  ;>))

 So here we have my aunt's slipcovered sofa, a table from Pier 1, and a rug from J&M.

This is probably my favorite spot in our house, other than my bed.

Do you have a favorite spot in your house?  Enquiring minds want to know!

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24 February 2014

SOME TWEAKS IN THE KITCHEN and a few little goodies from IKEA

We went to Ikea in Atlanta on Saturday
The loot

Cute striped napkins
and red striped candle

A tray, some jars, and two candle plates
which I think make swell chargers
Ever tried their batteries?

Want to see the stuff in place?

I think these candle plates make great chargers.
See the new rug peeking through down there?
More on that later.

The spice drawers moved back to their original position to make room for the cookbook shelves.
You can see the rug a little bit here, too.

We moved a few things around.

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23 February 2014

THE COOKBOOKS HAVE A NEW HOME -- well, some of them anyway

Finally!  A majority of the cookbooks have a home.  

Still one cube with nothing in it!  Can you believe it?
But I rearranged this morning, got it all filled.

These did not hold all the books!
Back to the drawing board.
Maybe sometime I will tell you about our adventure in Hot-lanta yesterday.  Not today.  This post is all about the end result.  We did get the three high gloss red little Expedits from Ikea for the cookbooks.
Sweet Husband was hard at work in my studio when I decided to make an appearance this morning.   

This protective tape has to be pealed off.
When I came straggling into the kitchen about 10:30 this morning, I discovered Sweet Husband in the garage, hard at work.  He put them all together, and this afternoon, I tried to organize the cookbooks.

This had to go away with the reshuffle

The view from the DR

They did not all fit -- boo hiss -- but this at least gives me some breathing room for the Domino effect.  You all know what that is:  you change one little thing and everything else around it changes, but that was by design in this case.  Try to follow this, OK?  I get more room in the laundry shelves for some stuff in the kitchen cabinets and some stuff in the so-called pantry.  That frees up more room in the kitchen cabinets and the so-called pantry.

This is not a one-day job.  I am only showing you what we got done today.  Please come back over the course of the week to see how it all shapes up.

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22 February 2014


We had quite an adventure today when we decided to hotfoot it on over to Hot-lanta to pick up those little red EXPEDITS for the cookbooks.  

It all started when I read the following link:  


Within the story on how to make all these really swell things out of a humble IKEA classic, was contained this startling news!!!

Ikea is discontinuing the EXPEDIT!!!  It has already  started in Germany…  tragic.  It will all be over in April.


This fabulous iconic shelving unit is the darling of record collectors and scrapbookers because it is sooooooo sturdy.  (Translation:  beautifully engineered -- the shelves don't collapse under the weight of the vinyls.)  I want one for my remaining design mags out in the studio.  

Now here's the thing:  before reading these articles, I had already called Ikea trying to find out if I could just order and pay over the phone and then go pick them up at my leisure.  The answer is NO, you cannot.  They don't work that way.  She did say that you cannot order them online in spite of what the website says because THEY ARE BEING DISCONTINUED!!!

Hence, today we hotfooted it to Hot-lanta.  

Please come back tomorrow and I will show you what we bought.


18 February 2014


I have finally finished the window treatments for the den upstairs (usually called the Bonus Room by homebuilders in the South) which we have been working on for a while.  It is now mostly done, except for replacing the carpet, and slipcovering two chairs and an ottoman.  We bought very little for this room, reusing all the furnishings that we already had. 

That was how the first paragraph of this post was supposed to go.  These curtains should have been a cakewalk, a little project done in an afternoon…   

To recap, this indigo coffee table was painted again (and swapped places with the other one, having been in the LR before), and the stained built-ins were rearranged, reattached and painted Linen White like the walls.  The green laminate countertops were disposed of and replaced by these boards which I painted.  

We found a very nice rug for the sitting area at an estate sale, and I bought two new lamps at Home Goods.  At Christmas, I gifted Sweet Husband with a couple of small things for the other end of the room which is his office area. 

The best kept secret in DIY home decorating has to be the use of alternative sources of fabrics for curtains and soft furnishings because you get a whole lot of yardage for the money.  That 'soft furnishings' term means slipcovers, table covers, bed dressings, pillows and upholstery as well as window treatments.  Those 'alternative sources' include sheets, bedspreads and coverlets, duvet covers and tablecloths.  

Thanks to places like Home Goods and online sources, affordable tablecloths are everywhere now.  Many times this fabric is somewhat wider than the standard 54" width of most home decorating fabrics, allowing for a nice full look which is certainly what you want with curtains.  

Here, I have used two tablecloths (each cut in half) at about $20 each, banded with some of the denim I bought (for the wing chair slips) about $8 per yard.  I did line these panels with flannel backed drapery lining (because this tablecloth is a fairly lightweight cotton) which makes them hang better and look more finished.  These panels are stationary and attached to a board rather than a curtain rod.
Here are the frames I used for each window.
This upholstery stapler (DUO-FAST) was one of the best investments I have ever made. 
I made these several years ago for shirred gauze window covers I did for the master bath.  When I decided to change that for something else last year, I removed the gauze from the frames, washed it and stored it in case I want to use it again.  I pulled a lot of staples, and of course, I saved the frames.

I padded the worktable with an old quilt anchored with painter's tape,
and this is where I did all the cutting and pressing.
It is impossible to do a decent job on curtain panels on a regular ironing board.
Use the floor if you don't have a big table.
These frames just happened to fit the windows in the den which is above the master bath.  Nice coincidence, yes?  And you all know I never throw out things I might be able to reuse, a legacy from my father whose favorite excuse for saving everything under the sun was, "I might need it sometime!"
For assembling the small one, I used the vanity table for a sawhorse!
You do what you gotta do!
There is a little fly in the ointment when it comes to using pre-made pieces like tablecloths. These are not always cut straight, and therefore will not be in perfect square when folded and measured.  There may well be places you will have to mark and recut in order to get the panels straight.  Just warning you!
I measured and sewed the pleats across and along the back row of zigzag stitches which connect the two layers of fabric.
That is also where I placed the staples.
That allows the fabric to fall off the front of the board like a waterfall.
Since this is at the top, it does not show unless you are standing on a ladder conducting an inspection.  

The wider frame was first wrapped with the dark blue denim so that the raw board does not show since these panels for the double window are not joined in the middle.  This rests upon the window frame.  I wish you could see it better but I still do not know how to get a good shot straight into a bright window.
Things went haywire when I stapled the panels onto the wider frame.  One side would not hang right.  I pulled it this way and that, stapled and pulled staples and redid it twice.  Finally Sweet Husband pulled all the staples.  I decided to use a rod instead, but then I could't find the one I wanted.  I said, "Did you use my last gold curtain rod with the fleur-de-lis finial for another garden stake?"  (He does this all the time in spite of my hissy fits.)  He went out and circled the yard, came back and reported, "No, it's not out there." We never did find it, so I pouted for a while.  Then I decided I would try that frame again.  Tomorrow.

So today, success.

These holdbacks were in this house in the master bath when we moved in.
Of course I saved them, even though they are not my favorite thing in the world.
I will look for something better, but for now, they get the job done.

Well, what do you think?  This fabric is the same as the four pillows (on the sofas) which started out as eight napkins.  It is Ralph Lauren, but I was unable to source a name or number for the pattern itself.  

So this is why you are not reading this till today.  I also had to go through my stash and locate these holdbacks.  They are not fabulous, but I already had them.  This project was supposed to be a lead-pipe cinch (I always wanted to say that ;>P), but it turned out to be a pain in the royal patootie. 

Have you ever used alternative fabric sources for any decorating projects?  I would be interested to hear about them, and maybe we could share them in a future post.  

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