27 April 2014


French Balance Scales
(the website's photo)
Being a woman of my word, today I will show you what came home with me on our last road trip. It is a very stormy day, the squalls having moved in around lunchtime, and it is dark as night. Off and on, it pours.  I think we may be in for a rough ride for the next few days, but from what I see on TV, so is a great deal of the country.  Be safe everybody!

Back to the trip. If you have read my blogs over the years, you may remember that I have had a rather rocky relationship with my husband's family over the years. 

I did a lot of research, and I wrote about what constitutes a toxic relationship in several posts on my previous blogs.

If you missed these posts, here it is in a nutshell: anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself or lesser than what you know yourself to be -- you need to put some distance between you and that person or people.  (And by the way, that goes for certain bloggers, too, not just family and  friends.)

FORCE is the brand name.  This is the maker's stamp.

In the last few years, I relented (a little) and met them on neutral ground for short visits because my husband asked me to.  Having been through the whole aging parent scenario myself and having been a peripheral part of the same thing with other older relatives, I know it is one of the hardest things in life for anyone to deal with -- watching your strong parent become the one who has to be taken care of.

Breaded fish tacos

So off we went, driving through a veritable monsoon through Houston, and spent four days with them.  I did feel it was a great imposition on them even when they insisted it wasn't.  Neither one is very mobile now, which is hard to see since both were always fit and athletic. The night before we left, my FIL fell at 4 a.m. and my husband had to pick him up.  He was rattled to the core.

Sweet Husband and The Colonel

Sweet Husband and some sort of folk figure, I suppose.
We only got out this once, to a great Mexican restaurant down at The Pearl Brewery downtown called La Gloria.  

Right after we left heading home, my father-in-law had to go to the hospital, and now the family is having the inevitable discussions about how it is probably the time for moving closer to one of the kids or assisted living, etc.  

My MIL's father is the one who found that old nail in an old board on the beach.

I told my husband I would make this trip with him so he could have this visit, but I also wanted a little vacation time on the back side because it would probably be my last road trip before I get involved with the knee surgeries.  A long car trip with prolonged periods of sitting is very, very hard when you have sore joints and severe arthritis. 

Chile con queso
at La Gloria

When I vacation, I like to shop and see things I don't see in my daily life.  I like to look at fine antiques, especially European ones, visit interesting bookstores, art galleries and museums, and sample a lot of good food and wine, the taste of which is not the quotidian.  That is exactly what we did for several days on the way home.  We had a good time, and found a couple of things for the house along the way.

...but it kind of gets lost on the black granite!

So, I put a board under it:

I think this one was probably used by a produce vendor.

The French balance scale from Fireside Antiques in Baton Rouge has found a home in my kitchen.

The other thing we found is a French elevation drawing from Inessa Stewart in Baton Rouge.

This rode home on the back seat, covered with a cheapo clearance curtain panel from Pier 1, atop the ice chest and my largest suitcase.

The Master Hanger looks like he is giving thanks it didn't fall!
Here it is in context.

So hard to get a good picture when I shoot toward the light.

We think it fits in wonderfully well.
That hall tree came from Fireside, too.

Some of you asked me what I bought in Fairhope -- well not much, because there was not a lot of room left in the car!  I have never known the meaning of packing light -- rather, it looks like The Royal Progress when I go anywhere!  Since we had already acquired that huge heavy picture which took up the whole back seat and the scales which were pushed way up in the boot of the car behind the luggage, there was not room for much else.  All I bought in Fairhope was one of the wicker candles (in "French Basil") which you already saw in Aubergine and two pretty French linen dish towels (in blue and white) also from Aubergine because it was all I could put in my suitcase!

I enjoyed sharing my road trip, the bloggers meeting, and some of what I saw along the way with you in the last few posts.  I always like to read about your trips, too -- there is a lot to be said for armchair travel, don't you think?  Do you watch Anthony Bourdain on CNN?

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26 April 2014


I told you I like pretty vanities, so here is another as seen through the shop window at Crown & Colony in Fairhope.  They have three shops.

Isn't she lovely?

a religious figure

French Deco leather sofa and two chairs

At Aubergine, a whole bunch of confit pots...

... and copper.

A wooden cask...

...and an old wooden pitcher.

Cool Italian table.

Wonderful candles.

Fabulous chalky finishes 

Italian cabinet;
faience oyster plates;
covered jars.

I like the rounded ends on this one.

This piece is a beauty, isn't it?
And there's another bottle rack.

Meanwhile, back in Crown and Colony,

Old bowling pins, and another baboo piece back in the corner.

Nice take on a Welsh dresser.
I like the dimensional ceramics -

They had a cute bamboo piece, too.
These last ones are from their third shop, the Architectural and Garden Antiques location over by the Fairhope Inn.

I like it all -- the finish on the cabinet, the corbels, the mirrors...

Sorry I only got the distal end of the carousel horse!

Be still my heart!

They called this a tabernacle.

The tag said this is a French plant flat.  I thought it might be some sort of sifter.

Enjoy your armchair shopping!

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