25 July 2014


That big chunky bracket?

We hung it in the foyer over the painting.

I moved the squashed ginger jar up there, secured with some glue dots so it doesn't jump off.

There is a whole lotta wall here in this little entryway.

I had to rearrange the stuff on the shelf.
The teapot came out to play.

I think I told you before:
my goal is to cover the walls with blue and white porcelains.

P.S.  Watch for news about my little giveaway soon.  It is a little something from me to you -- as you know I do not have sponsors and never will.

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23 July 2014


Picking up the story where we left off last time, we have moved some things around again.  I pointed and Sweet Husband moved them, that is.  

 Over a decade ago, right after my mother died, we tried (for four years!) to sell our (previous) house so that we could move to Fairhope.  The sale fell through, and the move never happened.  While we were trying to sell that house, I bought some new furniture, planning to be in a coastal area soon.  

A lot of it was white, including these two sofas, that Swedish-style table above and a number of other things.  You may recognize this room -- it is the upstairs den where Sweet Husband hides from me retreats to enjoy his sports on the big TV.  

Remember those two French dish towels I got on my last trip to Fairhope at Aubergine?  I made them into some covers for these comfy pillows we use for lounging while watching the telly.

This bergère and ottoman used to be my reading chair in the Master Bedroom.  When I had to make things a little more spacious in there while I needed the walker, etc., we moved it up here.  We like it here, so it is staying.  (And anyway, the husband says he is not moving it back down.  It was here to start with.)  I need to finish the rest of the slipcover, the part for the body of the chair.  It has only been four or five years...

The plates on the wall, the vases on the brackets and that Imari lamp are all estate sale finds.  Quel surprise!

We do enjoy this room since we lightened it up last year.  You might remember it was a hideous burgundy.  (shudder)

 We moved the Tiffany lamp upstairs to the smaller bedroom.  (You might remember that this room used to be paper-bag brown -- ick!)  

The Swedish table and Tiffany lamp were at the window to the left.

I hope that I am getting a piece from my late cousin's estate which will necessitate a little rearranging in here, but it is not a foregone conclusion that it is coming to me.  I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Come back next time to see where we hung the bracket from last week's estate sale.

I am going to give away something very soon, so you need to check in regularly to see what it is!

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22 July 2014


You all know I love estate sales.   (My living room above is a testament to that little fact.) I have been seriously jonesing for a good estate sale experience since I could get out of bed and stay upright for a couple of hours.  Well, actually, I have been able to walk quite well from the get-go after the knee replacement, but stamina is the issue.  I get tired easily, and while we have had some pleasant outings, when I run out of gas, I am just empty, not on on 'reserve.'  I guess this endurance thing will get better pretty soon -- I certainly hope so.  I have things to do!  Places to go!  People to see!

Saturday, we visited an estate sale, but what I wanted was already gone, even though they had only opened the doors about an hour and a half before.  

It was a painting of a pair of giraffes, beautifully framed in ornate gold leaf.  There were many elaborately framed paintings in this sale, but that was the one I wanted for Sweet Husband.  Here's why:  Saturday was his birthday!  I had given him something else as well as treated him to a couple of nice lunches out, but I really wanted to score that painting because he likes giraffes and has a few in his bathroom.  When we missed the boat on this one, he said, "Why don't you paint one for me?"

This is a photo I found when I was looking for giraffe images to study.
The photographer's name is on the lower left.

I tried drawing them first, and quickly concluded that I am not very good at drawing wildlife.  (Understatement:  they are pitiful.)  I did lots of research trying to find some good images to study, and I found out lots of interesting facts that I never knew about giraffes.  Did you know that male giraffes are bi-sexual? Look it up on Wikipedia if you don't believe me!!!

But I digress..

I did find a couple of nice things at the sale, though.  There was lots of pretty furniture, but I didn't need any of that.  We found another bracket, big and chunky and heavy, and a Fostoria American cake plate.  We went back on Sunday and got both for half price.

Here is the bracket...

...and here is the cake plate.
The American Brilliant glass bowl was a big birthday present a few years ago.

But did the plate stay here?  No.

I didn't bake a Sweet Husband a birthday cake this year -- I confess I went to Savage's Bakery over in Homewood, the best source in town for a scratch cake if you don't make it yourself.  Sweet Husband likes German Chocolate, and it was our lucky day -- they  had one left at 3 p.m.   It is delicious!

The cake didn't get that cake plate, but here is what did:

a pile of the marble grapes I have been collecting.  I have moved around a bunch of things, that is to say, I DIRECTED the moving around of a bunch of things.  Well, I actually did do the little things like this myself.

You will have to come back next time to see our latest reshuffle. Even a sore knee and a low energy level can't quell my desire to rearrange the furniture, apparently.

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17 July 2014


The beauty of being retired is enjoying the liberty of eating breakfast when it is almost time for lunch if you want to.  

Meals have been easier and far simpler than they used to be, especially since I got my new knee not quite six weeks ago.

The lemon muffins came from a mix, unheard of in my earlier days. The sausages were a special from Publix, which lasted several days.  Just cook them all at once, and thaw and heat what is needed.

 We consume a lot of fresh fruit, because I was encouraged to eat healthy during the healing time.  I have become a good smoothie maker, but occasionally we just need some MEAT!
This tole tray which you saw last year came from an estate sale along with a smaller version of itself.
It was in my Boho Bath until I hung up the painting in there in that spot between the lights over the sinks the other day.
Now it is in the kitchen's breakfast area, facing the other one.
By the bye, this aqua-checky tablecloth also came from the same estate sale last year where I found that little Frenchy secretary, also in this part of the kitchen.

Notice the smaller tray above the mirror.

I am still kicking myself for only buying four instead of eight of these plates last year.  I already had some other peacock pieces in this group, and for some weird reason I bought only four plates. Dumb, dumb, dumb.  Now they are online at Horchow, selling for far more than they were at TJMaxx.  Wouldn't you know it...

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14 July 2014


I have been slowly trying to get back into my lady-of-leisure groove, as opposed to the recovering-patient grind.  The knee is still pretty sore off and on, depending on how much the therapist has pushed me.  I have two more weeks of home visits, then a checkup.  I might have to continue then as an outpatient with therapy -- we'll see.

please forgive the glare -
certain times of the day it is relentless

Meantime, I have been getting artsy again.  It seems to help distract from the knee discomfort to find something to do which I can get lost in.  First, I made a drawing, trying to get a feel for what I wanted for the piece.  I knew I wanted to increase the 3-dimensional aspect, adding some more things to the canvas besides paint, and I heavily textured that in places.  I may try some more layered collages next, although  I really like doing the faces.

I added a vintage brooch from the 1960s, an onyx earring and a silk millinery flower to the hat.  (I used to have a hat like that!)  I think she looks rather loverly while she appears deep in thought.  I also think I might want to fiddle with her hair a little more -- but otherwise, she is done.

Where to hang her?  Come back later, and you'll see.  Hint:  she will join her sisters.

P.S.  Here she is in her new spot, at least for now -- in my Boho Bath.

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06 July 2014


The last estate sale we hit before my knee surgery produced these new brackets.  They were a dark brown finish, not at all to my liking, but they are well-made, and on the back there is a sticker from some fancy little antique shop in Charleston.  I knew I could fix the color, and the style would work with what I have going on my dining room.

The first two sets came from Home Goods at different times, and these repeat the "neoclassical" elements which ties them all together.

I first painted them with my favorite Modern Masters "Warm Silver" that I get from the Ben Moore paint store, and then brushed over some areas with the gold gilding wax I got from Amy at Maison Decor.  Now the finish is quite close to the other two sets.



They are perfect for my blanc de chine lotus ladies which have been stashed in a cabinet for a while.

I like the grouping.  What do you think?

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