02 August 2015


The outfit du jour
I had a birthday yesterday.  It was a really big one, one that my old friend Rosie said "sounds so harsh."  That's a good word for it, all right. I am still having a bit of trouble with it, so much so that I think I can't bring myself to say it out loud yet. I sort of whisper it in the mirror incredulously to myself.

Don't blame me--
Sweet Husband took this!

Then I feel a bit low-down and self-serving because I think that there are so many people whose lives have been cut short over the last years, through no fault of their own, whose families only wish they could have lived to hit this milestone. 

On Friday at Primeaux
we had lunch out
had just gotten my present

Nevertheless, I have taken a lot of weird selfies in the last couple of weeks, something I rarely do, both with makeup and without.  Anyone besides me ever notice that the dumb iPhone photos make you look all weird and blotchy even with makeup?  There are spots and red places and bizarre lines and stuff that are not really there?  I promise you, I am not making this stuff up.  I think that little device is a work of the devil.   

that iPhone also makes your nose look fat
I do NOT have a fat nose
and I do have eyes
which actually seem to disappear in some photos

Just for posterity, I took a few snaps yesterday morning on the big day of me with zero dolling up.  No makeup, no hairdo, no help at all.  You will never see them, those "befores", I can solidly assure you.  I have noticed that I do this every few years.   My son asked me once if I did this so that in case I ever disappeared and he had to identify the body it would be possible!  Probably.  Or maybe it is just my warped sense of morbidity and masochism. 

The husband said, "Look sexy, give me a come hither look."
This is what he got.

This will be the last post about this damn birthday, I think.  Yes, I did get that pretty sparkly thing that goes on a finger from Sweet Husband, and yes, I do love it.  My cousin from Marietta came over with her husband, just for the day, and they took us out to lunch.  They also brought me a beautiful orchid and birthday card.  I promised that I would sincerely try not to kill the orchid.  

I first popped it into this PB lantern, but I have since moved it.

Today I put it in the silver wine chiller out in the foyer on the hall-tree.   Updated photo later.  



  1. Happy Birthday! You have beautiful skin.

  2. I thought about you on your big day, but wasn't sure you wanted to be reminded so I will not wish you a belated Happy Birthday. So great to see you smiling in photos. You are wearing heels! Your knee must be doing great. Dianne

    1. Thanks! This hot dry weather has been great for the joints -- no pain. I am enjoying it while it lasts.

  3. Happy, happy birthday, Ellen...I know which birthday this one is...you have no need to worry, my mouth is sealed! I can say with certainty you do not look a day over 29 years old...
    Celebrate all month.

  4. I wanna see the sparkly! I have never tried an orchid before, but they sure last longer blooming than fresh flowers. I always look at them at Trader Joe's. You just always have the most beautiful eye makeup.

  5. Happy Birthday, Ellen! Honey, no matter what age you are - you're gorgeous! Just look at you sporting that darling outfit! Main thing is you're happy and pretty spicy too! That's always good. You didn't show us your ring! Enquiring minds want to know and see.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Happy Birthday, Ellen! You look fabulous, you have a brilliant smile and a great sense of style. Numbers don't matter, you're gorgeous!


  7. oops, my post vanished, will try again later, unless it turns (unedited) up in your mailbox!!!

  8. You are so hilarious Ellen, and beautiful! I just try to avoid mirrors altogether!


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